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No value of c-log on 1dx2 and 5d4

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Ha, his reasoning for lack of C-Log is complete BS. As Squig says, he's basically just told everyone who paid 5k for a C100, or more for C300, that they paid for a 'sticker'. Right... and there was me contemplating paying for that sticker...

The probable reason is that Canon cheaped out on the processors to save money, or haven't worked out how to draw the heat away from their DSLR, so in 4K it's not possible due to extra processing step. Or – and call me cynical – Canon left it out on purpose to protect C-Line and save development costs :astonished:.

Fine, it's primarily a stills camera, but just say it as it is (like Matt Frazer from Panasonic would - he's awesome and honest). Enough of the BS, Canon, it's like listening to a politician not a camera manufacturer, and trust me, we've all had enough of that :anguished:

Can't wait to see what Panasonic deliver with the GH5!! You know that everything they can put in, they will put in, in order to deliver the best tool they can for filmmakers. Paid update for VLOG like last time? Maybe, but will still be way less than half the price of the Mark IV. I feel so happy with my decision to stick with Panasonic bodies, investing in lenses and equipment to go with their cameras, as I know when it comes to the next upgrade cycle they will have my back.

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2 hours ago, mercer said:

Is it possible to get the code for Canon Log from a 1Dc firmware update, reinterpret it, and then just load it as a picture profile through EOS Utility? I guess if it was possible, I wouldn't be the first person to think of it. 

No, for the same reason there is no ML in the 1DC.

There is no firmware. The 1DC needs to be sent in for firmware updates. You need to do some seriously illegal stuff to get it :)

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6 hours ago, Luke Mason said:

His speech pattern and body language changed when confronted about the lack of C-log, it clearly suggests elevated stress and anxiety, which implies that he didn't know the actual reason behind the lack of C-log, and he was making up an explanation on the fly in front of the camera.

I particularly like the bit where he bullshits about bullshit.

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14 hours ago, Gregormannschaft said:

These things make me laugh. He's a PR rep, not a technician, or a camera man. He get's his job by being good in front of a camera, friendly and personable - not tech knowledge. That's no excuse, he should know what he's talking about, but this is why he clearly doesn't.

I feel sorry for the guy ... he didn't have any input in the product he now has to sell hard. I mean, he can probably sell millions of cams just by being very convincing as long as you don't have any difficult questions.

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50 minutes ago, kaylee said:

interviewer: so why doesnt the 5d4 have clog

canon guy: *stammers*


man i thought he was about to pass out~! like hillary having one of her seizures 

Some people aren't meant to be in front of the camera. I've worked in PR and had a similar experience of spouting nonsensical sentences. Even the easy ones he's speaking in tongues: "It's a...if it's not broke don't fix it kinda...technique"

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I wish Sony could be that honest. He says "Lets be honest, the camera cant do it".

Instead Sony releases god awful Log and 4K in cameras that cant even handle it. I remember my first 4K Sony which was a smartphone and a sign comes up saying "The device will over heat after a little while"..... what??? Then why did you include it?
And then they do the same in their real camera.. that costs thousands of dollars... wtf is up with that?

Thank god Panasonic are smart enough to keep the specs down to a somewhat functional level. So does Canikon.
I would hate for it to be the norm among manufacturers to release cameras with 100 features and the caveat of only 12 actually working.

And as mentioned so many times before. That's why Canikon takes it slow, like Apple to name another example.
They release stuff that works and works very well instead of a bunch of empty promises.

(BTW, the smartphone was the same phone that according to Sony was "waterproof". Not water resistant but "Waterproof".
And they encouraged you to use it for under water photos... yea bad idea.
It leaked and Sony gave no explanation, they just stopped marketing it as waterproof.)

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