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How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"

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27 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

19 likes yet! (I believe a few others are already part of the past). It's incredible... So, here is why the scammer thought he could do what he actually did. Adolf Hitler should have thought the same... Nice job of yours, indubitably! You somehow helped him to sink into this slough. Please, I abstain myself to have your likes in my posts, thanks :grin:

Please leave Adolf out of this.

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As bad as this is, in my opinion you should hold a bit back @Ed_David. I get the feeling we get back to medieval age when I read that we should "embarass him" and "destroy his reputation", especially

Unfortunately, Ebrahim, when you chose to steal from other people, you risked ruining your reputation. I think this thread should remain on the forum, but locked, onced the matter is resolved. Yo

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6 minutes ago, Ed_David said:

I just reviewed my private message exchange with ES.  I was being a dick.

I suck.

I'm out.



You're not being as much as a dick as you think.

You're having fun - being honest.

But unsure at who's expense.

Which is making you nervous.

It's a gamble. You've staked your claim on this being bullshit.

Relax and see how the dice fall.

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27 minutes ago, bamigoreng said:

Please leave Adolf out of this.

I beg to agree to disagree. Where are you located? I imagine it is a cultural issue, correct? In some parts of Europe, no special ban as legal distress.

I stand, in context with the previous support, it is a good analogy.

Ebrahim did what he did because there were people supporting his actions. He was much self-confident on this. Almost 20 people to stand his first post in this thread ends in the perfect example of it. Kudos to you if we find a better one ;-)

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4 minutes ago, Ed_David said:

I just reviewed my private message exchange with ES.  I was being a dick.

I suck.

I'm out.



I was able to read those screenshots before you removed them Ed. It was a bit more than what you lead on eariler.

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"False" means that he is not telling the "truth" now. It has no necessary relation with his previous posts. What is strange is that people were pushing him to get to the "truth". And what they got is this "confession", which seems to be very far from the "truth". It was even given when he was willing to refund the money anyway. OP asked to wait a few days. This "confession" is only what people wanted to hear to close this whole saga in their heads. 

Given the circumstances, I will refrain from posting here any longer. I actually regret I did. I hope Andrew gets back soon. He semmed to be reasonable to deal with the situation.

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7 minutes ago, bamigoreng said:

Ed should post private message exch. again.

No it is pretty stupid of me.

I was getting all walter white.

If I did as he said, kept my nose out of it, it would have been better.

I did kind of threaten him.

I mean, not with violence, but with ruining his career if he didn't refund the scam ones money.

But with that said, I'm talking to a person who stole $800 from three people.  I'm pissed as hell. I'm trying to use my leverage to help them.

It was in the heat of the moment.  I should have thought about what I was doing.

But again, I am doing this to a criminal.

This isn't some innocent person.  

This is a person who has ripped off three people.

I'm not condoning what I did, but I understand why I threatened to ruin his career if he didn't refund their money.

It's basically catching a robber and shaking them to the ground, but without the threat of violence.

And in the end, another forum member as you may remember did threaten violence.

And ES also threatened violence.

I really reached out at ES at one point to try to get him to confess so the other guy didn't send his friends from Cairo and beat the crap out of him or kill him.

I don't know what goes down in Egypt, but I assume people have been murdered there over less money.  Who knows.

Anyway I waver between sympathy for ES and complete anger.

I act before I think.

I am an idiot.

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27 minutes ago, Grimor said:

Only need someone who translate. Maybe the script of "ES, The Movie" (a Eoshd colaboration production).

Or new Bourne coming up feature, with Matt Damon in Egipt

Ok. I sent the letter to my Arabic friend who has translated all of my work I have done on the migrant crisis and she says this looks like some rubbish written by a kid. I did not even give her context. Her message said "its something about a stolen camera, but it looks like it was written by a child".

I could ask her for a word for word translation but that would make me look stupid.

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2 hours ago, Emanuel said:

To my eyes, there's no reason to mea culpa on Ed's side -- what the hell!

They are right - extortion is illegal too.

And I did promise to ruin his career.

But I did that off the bat.  That's more a threat.  Not extortion - there was no deal made.

He probably wouldn't have confessed per Andrew and the IP address thing I am pretty sure - he already had his excuse.

But believe me, he messaged me literally 10 minutes after I contacted his friends on instagram.

And still, really, the chance of him sending the slr viewfinder is probably zero. And refunding everyone is zero.

The only way to really get it back is to continue to reach out to his friends and family.

That really did sting him.

But I'm not.

I went too far.

And I gave him my word I'm not going to reach out anymore to his friends.

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2 minutes ago, tweak said:

What the hell is going on here? Don't tell me some people still somehow think he's telling the truth?...

i gave a sympathy message just in case...

... but I am certain this is a purely and poorly executed scam.

Either way, I am fascinated about the questions it raises about trading expensive kit and human nature amongst 'digital communities'.

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It doesn't matter what you think or what any of us thinks. None of us have all the facts yet, none of use know what the IP data is like, none of use have seen all the PM's. When you start convicting people in the court of public opinion, assiging guilt and threatening people it is very dangerious. I know what your opinion about what happened is but what about the off chance you are wrong and ES is also a victim in this too. Maybe it is someone close to him that he cares about and doesn't know what to do, who knows none of us do with absolute. That is the problem.

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