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Craft Camera is coming!

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Well, atleast they have actually been working on more than digital renders... like some mock-up modelling over Christmas...


https://www.facebook.com/thecraftcamera/ | https://twitter.com/thecraftcamera

-- Scott Bragg @ https://www.instagram.com/cscottbragg/ | http://www.betweenpixels.tv , maybe they were like 'hey... https://twitter.com/Between_Pixels/status/434420623016615936 ; can't we do something like that?' | Involvement in Hollywood production Neighbors 2: https://www.facebook.com/betweenpixels/posts/952790714790894 | Other guy at betweenpixels called Reid Craft... http://reidcraft.tv/collections#between-pixels

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Just checked Whois - www.craftcamera.com is registered to: E.Saawadi, Mansoura, Egypt Yep, I'm just kidding.

They definitely have a lot to prove with execution and image quality, but they get an A for innovation. I really like the mechanical ND sled, and the hot swappable lens mounts.

For a laugh, i'll break down this email from a salesman's/ executive producer's point of view. "Greetings! - denotes all times of day and suggests something festive is entailed. Yes, we ac

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4 minutes ago, AaronChicago said:

You would think if it was a big scam to cash in on deposits that they would have at least made up some sort of amazing specs sheet.

Maybe not a scam. Like John said, making cameras is very difficult. Maybe they simply failed.
Or they just have the by far worst communications policy in history.

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2 hours ago, Jonesy Jones said:

These Ebrahim jokes are going to get old..... so far not yet though. :)

If Ebrahim is selling a Craft Camera anytime soon I'm going to buy it off him through Western Union. :)

Onto the actual project, I don't know what they have against doing a development blog or something. Vague details don't go down well. 


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Ah, yeah, that was 'good fun', lol. :lol: Luckily I got out pretty quickly, then they pulled the Facebook site, so even 'backers' couldn't inform eachother how things were looking, although I see that apparently they ultimately did give a statement and should've issued refunds last month. Maybe they finally won some money with gambling, it was the plan all along! Though admittedly, the modular design cinema camera was pretty dope. Like a Kinefinity system, but for cheapskates. Maybe Blackmagic could take the concept and run with it.

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