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  1. Yeah, the price-info is outdated and there are some bad mistakes too . E.G. RED's Epic was not available untill november 2010 ! So the "Epic-movies" from 2009 & 2010 like "Social Network", "Book of Eli" and "District 9" was shot on RED ONE ... ;-) And remembering the Canon-DSLR-movie--discussion I noted that the later Blomenkamp "Chappie" uses 5 D mark 3 mixed with Epic Dragon and others ! But the cameras/brands are very observant, looks right to me - they made a good overview !
  2. Regarding what films are shot with - such as 5D Mark3 (or not ?) - I found a very interesting article here : http://filmmakersfans.com/kind-of-camera-used-for-movie-making/ >> Actually, which camera is used for movie making? Added on July 27, 2015 Which camera is best for making films? If you are new to the filmmaking, you must thought about this ever once. A cameraman/filmmaker is selecting a film camera on the basis of proficiency in the technology, his flexibility and the basis of project: Okay, then which camera is best for making the films? Check out below, you pro
  3. PS : Thanks again everyone for stopping my Raven-mania; I owe You all an icecream, so next time You're in Denmark PM first ! NB : Yes, I know You want Peppermint choc chip, Squig ! ;-)
  4. Glad You enjoy it jgharding ! ;-) Hope to find one soon myself ... Actually, in March a Scarlet-X was sold for $ 4.000 at reduser.net (with Side 1.8" SSD Module + Side Handle + AC Adapter + EF Mount), but presently the prices on reduser & ebay suffer from wild spring fever, people asking $ 14.625 for a bit more than was sold for $ 4.000 ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-Scarlet-Lightweight-studio-package-/201565501300?hash=item2eee3d7774:g:6wUAAOSwyQtVlrxJ Yes, it's an auction and I'll kick in where I can, so people don't get used to see this insane pricelevel ... Finally I must than
  5. OK, here's where we should help these guys ...! NOT by supplying deposits, but by turning to competitors of the dominant RED, BlackMagic, Canon & Sony ! I don't mean TerraTech (they'll do fine alone), but Panasonic, Samsung, Fuji and so on . Maybe LG would be the perfect partner with their low prices for many high-quality-devices ? Or ... Dare I say it ? ARRI could sell this camera by a blink of an eye ! ;-) (We really do need some more, better & happier emoticons !) I think these companies want a bit/bite of the cake and it would give healthy competition, heghtening
  6. "How do we change the world ?" someone asked Solomon the wise . "By creating it everyday !"
  7. I'm posting all that sh.. here so there is an UNCHANGED COPY AT EOSHD.COM if someone at CraftCamera edits the terms ... And for people to easier see it and discuus the small print !
  8. Actually mercer did approach Your subjects earlier, but I think there is one thing in particular everyone should take a closer look at and those who have legal minds can if needed warn us about any "future-incidents" and their eventual right to KEEP the deposits ... "Now the party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part." Here's their VEEERRRYY long contract, I mean TERMS & CONDITIONS ... CRAFT DIGITAL SYSTEMS INC. TERMS & CONDITIONS Craft Digital Systems, Inc. (“Craft,” ‘we,” “us,” “our” or terms o
  9. Actually 13 stops is high for Global Shutter; the Terra5K has 13 stops for Global and 15 for Rolling shutter ! And at 120 fps I have to agree that it's cool - and I was against it ! But still a possible scam ...
  10. Really ? You see Denmark use 24 hours; not AM/PM - and how many timezones has US ? 24:00 may be more military-like, but we avoid mistaking "AM-meetings" for "PM-meetings" ! At least we keep the thread active ... and up front !
  11. 12 more (or 13 hours) to go, this is going to be exciting ! I'll bet an Ice-cream on it's a legitimate company with a forgettable strategy ... At least it's cheaper than Raven and I get a free bonus in the SM-club ! Plus a freee 1-cent donation for the politically incorrect ($)
  12. OK, I just learned Magic Lantern RAW came out June 2013 ... So now we all know !!! And let THAT be a lesson for kids ... I apologize for my peasantly ignorance, how stupid of me assuming that RAW was enabled from the start in autumn 2009 ! So, it took them 4 years to make RAW without audio recording ? And till this day only 1 = 5DMK3 can shoot fullHD, stabile ? But apparently 5DMK2 makes footage good enough to be part of famous films ? Without ML RAW ... or RRROOOAAARR ? BTW ... does Magic Lantern still disable auto-focus in movie mode ?!?!? And what else haven't You told
  13. Excuse me, but I know what you were talking about ...And I'll bet an Icecream on that these 5DMK2 had their Magic Lantern turned on as well And searching for specific 5DMK-3-movies (more famous than an tarctican horrorfilm) didn't give useable results + Nikon seems to be usefull too !
  14. Actually, Im looking into NIKON's D810 instead of CANON 5DMK3 (But I still think that filming might be easier with a RED Scarlet-x MX !) These 3 are the current top-candidates on my - as You can see - very flexible list ! Remember, I practically "begged" You to stop me from spending a Raven fortune and I thank You all - no exception ! ;-) NOT EVEN AaronChicago & Jimmy who tried to "tootsie-frootsie-icecream" me into buying "a "Boeing 747" ...
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