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  1. I can't see how they abandonded the indie market. This beast is still SUPER cheap. And if you need something cheaper you still have the previous models (from BMCC to URSA Mini 1 and the Pocket and Micro). I own a Pocket and I love it (even if the LCD and battery are crap), but I can't understand the hate for the Micro. For me it's clearly the way to go. And I believe they think the same way, as clearly the URSA Mini is the way to go for them (the Major is pretty dead). It seems they learned fro their mistakes and that's why they didn't announce new cameras at NAB last year. Announce things if you can actually ship them, that's the way to go. If they announced this now, instead of saving it for NAB and steal the show it's because they have something else in mind. Clearly, It can't be URSA or big model related, so meybe a new Micro model with new 4K sensor, extra modules...
  2. Well, I thought this before but now I think it's obvious the BMMCC is the Pocket's successor. I can only remember JB saying it isn't, but nothing officially.
  3. Yeah! That's the next market I'd like them to get into: gear. Like gimbals for Micro and more accessories.
  4. Of course this is not a camera for everyone (I don't understand so many complains all over the internet). But it's pretty amazing what they achieved, and it will sell pretty great with its intended public. Also, I like the form factor. Maybe they will take a note or two for future prosumer designs.
  5. I think the "DSLR revolution" is over. With great proper/affordable video choices, I think it's time to think this product is great for video, and this product is great for photos (which I'm sure the Mark IV will be), not an hybrid product that doesn't excel at both.
  6. I guess not releasing a Pocket 2 or Pocket 4K disappointed a lot of people. I think this is a clever move. Now how will choose the current Pocket (I have one) with its crappy LCD and battery life, over the Micro+Monitor combo? Even if it's 500$ more, and you get Global Shutter now! For the Pocket's purpose, I think the new Micro form factor is an improvement and more versatile. Maybe next year will get a Micro 4K (not Studio, but Cinema).
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