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Kinefinity 2016 Nian new product launches


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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Basically an ARRI Mini killer then. :grin: Dang btw, that one has gotten interesting. Too bad it's not really an accessible system for normal human beings. Which means... there's still market segment left for the taking. Hint - hint. I think something max Sony A7-range (but preferably GH4/NX1/BMMCC) priced as an entry level might get more people trying out Kinefinity products and upgrade within their system line-up as they grow.

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Well, I appreciate you bringing the new product launch to our attention. :) I wasn't aware.

Atleast the name is officially out. TERRA. Hope it won't be as shortlived as Spielberg's series Terra Nova that got hyped and dropped.

-- 5 and 6K. Well, so much for a fun little camera on a budget. xD

-- 15 stops, mmmkay... dual gain... like Varicam? Ok, now we're talking again

-- dang, sick HFR, 5K at 60p, 4K at 100, 3K at 150 and 2K at 200p

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I can translate it for you guys.

Terra 6K has the same sensor as KineMAX 6k

Terra 5K: 5K 60FPS, 4K 100FPS, 3K 150FPS, 2K 200FPS

Has option of global shutter, native iso 800

15 stops DR with rolling shutter and dual gain mode

13 stops DR with global shutter

The Dual gain feels like a HDR thing?

RAW 12bit + ProRes 10bit internal recording, KineLog3, 2.5" SSD

About the same size as a 5DIII

HDMI out with type A connector (big connector), 3.5mm Mic in

SDI and XLR are there as well, it seems like an external module

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Yeah I've loved the look of these guys and always wanted one. Their Golden 3K cineform on the 6K is my dream format to work on and it would allow me to use my Nikon glass on a native mount. Tempted to get a loan and buy two just to rent them out, no one is doing that in east coast USA and a ton of cinematographers I think would be interested in trying them out. Hopefully this new camera pushes the prices of the old one's down.

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