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Petition for Samsung NX1 hack

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17 minutes ago, caseywilsondp said:

having used it with the a7s, that's just untrue. 422 8bit with big bitrates gave a hugely malleable image that virtually never banded (and we're talking about using it with slog2, a super flat image). I can't speak for the gh4

also, whats unweildy about prores lt? however, for the nx1, I'm not sure the price is worth the extra bitrate. while people have said its 422 over hdmi on the nx1, i don't see the color improvements i would expect if that were the case.

not being an engineer i can't say for certain what bitrate is actually being spit out, but it is an improvement over the internal files particularly in shadow detail and virtually eliminating macroblocking. highlight detail is also a little bit improved, but not much. if I didn't already have the shogun I probably wouldn't go out and buy it, but because I own it the little extra improvements are worth the extra weight on my rig.

anyways my post wasn't about the usefulness of the shogun, it's about keeping peoples expectations when it comes to higher bit rates in check.

That is strange, I had macroblockin with the Atomos when I used it could be older firmware or something, whatever it was its just not worth to pay 1500 - 2000 dollars for an external recorder when there is already someone who managed to hack higher bitrate on the NX1, all the benefits you get with the Atomos will surely soon be available inside the camera, the HEVC in the camera if its following the standard set for HEVC, it should come with 10bit, 12bit and 422 + 444. There is also a MJPEG codec in the camera, my prayer to the heaven is someone manages to replace it with the MJPEG2000 codec and enables RGBA4444

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Posted Images

Time limit hack works for NX30, NX300 and NX1100 for all video recording formats including 60fps 1080p. NX30 and NX300 shows 3579139 for total duration for all videos, if last two digits are decimal points, it will roughly equate to 34.67 GB corruption mark. 34.67 gb converts to 35502.08 and 35791.39 mb converts to 34.95 Gb.

NX1100 had a time duration showing instead of a constant, different times for different formats. NX1100 does not have an AE button, but substituting the Trash button worked to gain access to Dev Menu.


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4 hours ago, SR said:

I wonder how the higher bit rate affects the 120p 1080p mode. Any tests?

Just wait at least until 6th April :-) But I think the improvement will be significant. I just made few 120fps shots yesterday - those with shallow depth of field are very nice without any macroblocking... but others are where is everything is in focus are quite awful (especially in shadows). 80mbits are clearly not enough and it is most visible in 120 fps mode. 

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12 hours ago, SMGJohn said:

I have used the Shogun myself with the NX1 once on a short film, I did not notice much differences or gains so I just shot without it on difficult shots.

I think the NX1 only spits out the same bitrate its set in the menu out on HDMI, I might be terribly wrong but its what I think based on personal experience with the shogun and the NX1

With Shogun 8-bit 4.2.2 the problem of banding and macroblock it is still evident on in one color backgrounds. The problem turns up in the time of color correction.

Composizione 1_00277.png


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9 hours ago, SR said:

I wonder how the higher bit rate affects the 120p 1080p mode. Any tests?

not 120, but here is 60fps 1080p internal vs high bit rate


3 hours ago, lucabutera said:

With Shogun 8-bit 4.2.2 the problem of banding and macroblock it is still evident on in one color backgrounds. The problem turns up in the time of color correction

I'm not entirely sure the camera is outputting 422. 8bit 422 on other dslrs produce much less banding which leads me to believe the nx1 is outputting 8bit 420 over hdmi. 

macroblocking is precisely what increased bitrate will help us with, however.


600 mbps:

clearly here is some jpeg compression from the upload and its a major crop of the origional, but the difference i think is clear.

higher bit rates = less macroblocking and more fine detail.
it will not significantly reduce banding, we need 422 and ideally 10bit+ for that.

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480p25 MJPEG vs HEVC - NX1

So I decided to test in internal MJPEG versus HEVC at the same resolution and framerate, obviously the HEVC will have lower bitrate than the MJPEG one, regardless I found some interesting results, hopefully the forum wont compress the PNG's to death, but the MJPEG has noticeable more grain details compared to HEVC whether this is the codec or simply lower bitrate for the HEVC is hard to tell. Still the HEVC shows the same noise characteristics it does in 80mbps, it simply smooths them out.

I filmed them in GammaC and GammaDR with HQ video setting in camera, 1/50 shutter, F/2.8 and ISO1000, exposed to 0, all images were given the same simple curve adjustment in photoshop to raise shadows.


GammaC settings:

Red X1.00 - Green X0.95 - Blue X1.00

Sharpness -7

Contrast -3

GammaDR settings:

Red X1.00 - Green X0.95 - Blue X1.00

Sharpness -10

Contrast -10


MJPEG - GammaC


HEVC - GammaC




HEVC - GammaDR




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