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  1. @sekuDo you mind telling me where i can find this small adjustable clamp?
  2. Hi BTM,

    Any chance to get your apk working on the EOS M50 via wifi?
    Can we do the same to get some log info from the camera? 
    ...could be useful even for ML development.

    1. BTM_Pix


      I haven't got a camera to do anything with but it would be possible to analyse the traffic between it and their official app and replicate it. But it would also then need a higher level camera with more features (such as EOS-R) that you would want to see if you could activate its features on the M50.

      So the answer is technically yes but no in all practicality without having the cameras and a lot of time. Neither of which I have at the moment ;) 

      The process is not low level enough to be of any benefit to ML developers though.

  3. Aaaand it can be better. It runs EOS firmware. Not a Powershot firmware like the EOS M5 and M6. https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/commits/f6e763a002080605887dcc4a5c882b626fe97553 If the last EOS M to run an EOS firmware (the first one) is now shooting RAW 2.5k with ML. I only can expect good things for this toy... Raw with this Dual Pixel focus would great in such a little camera. Saddly the battery sucks.. Is there a battery grip?
  4. Any word on cost and when it will become available? I really dig your project!
  5. I hope Btm is still working on that. How easy would be to create a new color profile to match other cameras (or luts) with this controller? If i get close to have Canon colors or a Fuji Eterna on my gx85, I'd never sell it!
  6. It doesn't have a clean HDMI output... oh my... https://***URL not allowed***/canon-m50-announced-canons-finally-goes-4k-mirrorless/
  7. Well... I didn't lie! But it looks like these guys came up with a very clever mod for the sony Rx0 (1 inch sensor): https://www.back-bone.ca/product/ribcage-rx0/ With a Speedbooster i think we can have something close to 2x crop (or you can enjoy with your c-mount lenses like on bmpcc times). Unfortunately this price is hard to justify..
  8. Is this project alive? I still love the idea. It would be great have a Red, Canon and a zillion different kinds of color profiles
  9. Wait a sec... Can we plug mics on the phone and record our "proxy videos" with good sound? That would be awesome for cameras with no mic input!
  10. You can't go wrong with Fujinon TV (c-mount) lenses. You can build a really nice matching set from 8mm to 75mm. All Fujinon Tv Cf will cover since they are for 1 inch sensor. I already have the 35,50 and 75. The 12,5mm 1.4 will cover for sure. And you might experiment with 8mm or 9mm for smaller sensors. One should work. All of my fujinon lenses are sharp even wide open. People used to compare them with the Zeiss Tevidon.
  11. That's great... It would be awesome if we could use your controler on the cheap chinese m4/3 Yi M1 camera too. It's also controlled by an phone app and open sdk (http://open.yitechnology.com/mobilesdk.html) And in the next firmware version will have full manual control video.
  12. I just wasn't expecting you to have a 22mm and the awesome 24mm. But gladly you have so the comparison was even fairer. Nice! So can i assume that the EF performance on a M body is almost like a native lens? Make things easier to build a set! Maybe soon we will see some (good, please) Speedboosters popping to make things even better.
  13. Just spent the last 30 min (or more) in your channel, Mattias! Just really really great videos! Thank you!!
  14. That would be great! Many thanks!
  15. Hey! Do you mind teIling me which lens has the the faster AF performance? A 22mm native or a 35mm f2 ef adapted?
  16. Great info and beautiful images, thanks! I didn't know about the small buffer in RAW. So even if hacked, it's not going to be that good for RAW video? That's sad. I use my Eos M1 with c-mount lenses and it produces beautiful videos in RAW.
  17. I know... But there's a small chance that some guys manage how to port CHDK in these cameras: https://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=13014.0 Not easy, but possible!
  18. Wow man... Panasonic should hire you! You just unlocked a world of colors for these cameras! Would be possible to create a color profile to match Andrew's Eoshd C-log for ALL Canon cameras (it's not a real log profile soo..) ? How cool would be have a Red and a Canon color profiles to easily match cameras?
  19. If the M5/M6 are just mirrorless 80Ds, the hardware is awesome for RAW video. But for now we don't have a Magic Lantern port for these cameras... (different system, more like point and shoot Canons). As is... Even 1080p is poorly implemented by Canon. ?
  20. What a amazing find!! I'm using cinelike d on my g7 but now more than ever i want an gx85 or gx80. Finally the "cheap" panas with 5 axis got good colors! Is this the only thing that we can expect from this hack? I mean... can we hope for higher bitrates, anamorphic modes and other gh4 features? Thanks!!
  21. Yeah... For sure. But you don't have a m4/3 camera with a Sony sensor, 4:3 aspect ratio, good 2k resolution, good colors for that price ($450 with kit lens). I think it could be a fun camera B (or even C!). And i still think a hack would be possible...
  22. The chinese m4/3 Yi M1 shoots a 4:3 2k image but at 30p.
  23. Wow... harsh words. I really like Max's videos. One bad advice doesn't make his channel worthless.. The guy seems to have good intentions. Ps: And i enjoy your videos too... especially for the color grading part. Take care!
  24. I'm still waiting for a mirrorless canon that can shoot RAW at 1080p. If the EOSM is really a mirrorless 80d as some people say, it might be the one! My c-mount lenses are waiting for it!
  25. Hey Rich, Just wanted to know if it's possible to create something similar for the a6300/a6500. The overheating issue is the only let down in these cameras. Thanks.
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