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Sony VG900 and Ninja


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It occurred to me today that this is the closest we have a to a full-frame BMD camera at the moment.

Sony VG900 using CineGamma + Atomos Ninja external recorder using DNxHD or ProRes. I say VG900 simply because A99 has far fewer usable lendsoptions, and the poor form-factor for video, comparatively.

Cost is 3000 for VG900 plus 700 for ninja, plus drives on top and Canon batteries for Ninja. Result is probably nicer to use than BMD due to many buttons and handle etc, so less need for a rig.

4000 pounds or so in total, not bad for full-frame pro-res, as long as the HDMI out isn't crippled or fudgy.

I remember the shots using FS100 output seemed to give little benefit for some reason...

It's probably only 4:2:0 8-biy out though, but let's hope not.
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I agree. All the clips on youtube show moire *in selected shots*, I remember some really bad things with overhead power lines and chrome strips on cars. Also, disappointingly, the DR was seemingly not very good. What help are cinegamma and 4:2:2 when you have to deal with this? Almost every video from the FS-700 looked much better, and I don't care for slomos.
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Hmm that's a shame if they've screwed it with line skipping. Obviously it's a great way to speed up sensor readout and get slow motion without a crop, but the aliasing does get get bad once you're skipping a lot, like at 400 fps plus on FS700. FS700 is great for AVCHD!

I suppose we will have to wait for FS1000 with full frame or something like that then?
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Let's face the facts: it's a full frame videocamera for 3k.

If it was a video dedicated sensor (low megapixel count, pixel binning, 800 iso as base) it would have been a blackmagic with full frame as first post said.

BUT.. BMDCC is already an incredible bargain, how could sony put at the same price a hugely greater bargain?!
they had to cut on something, and sensor was the only possible thing.

we clearly see the option: for 3k you can go for smaller sensor (way smaller, 2.5 crop factor!) with perfect processing, or you can go for full frame beauty with hybrid processing and its obvious limits.

up to you the choice: better editing or better bokeh?
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