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  1. It occurred to me today that this is the closest we have a to a full-frame BMD camera at the moment. Sony VG900 using CineGamma + Atomos Ninja external recorder using DNxHD or ProRes. I say VG900 simply because A99 has far fewer usable lendsoptions, and the poor form-factor for video, comparatively. Cost is 3000 for VG900 plus 700 for ninja, plus drives on top and Canon batteries for Ninja. Result is probably nicer to use than BMD due to many buttons and handle etc, so less need for a rig. 4000 pounds or so in total, not bad for full-frame pro-res, as long as the HDMI out isn't crippled or fudgy. I remember the shots using FS100 output seemed to give little benefit for some reason... It's probably only 4:2:0 8-biy out though, but let's hope not.
  2. The first picture of Sony's new full frame camcorder is up: [url="http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/first-pictures-of-the-fulll-frame-e-mount-vg-900/"]http://www.sonyalpha...e-mount-vg-900/[/url] Specs should be announced tomorrow. I wonder if it suffers from Moire like the VG-20. If not, it could be a force to be reckoned with -- I believe that it is the world's first full frame camcorder.
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