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  1. I came here to read about Nikon raw and end up questioning about forum policy. Honestly I like this forum but calling someone an IDIOT because he said that the topic title is misguiding is simply offensive.
  2. I couldn't agree more. All Oscar winner movies this year have been shot with Alexa 2.7K sensor. If Hollywood doesn't need 4K more than DR why should we? I literally love my 2.5K BMCC format and DR. I've dealed with the form factor easily (I use it on tripod or Ronin so no need to handle it), I love the SSD cheap storage I just miss more FPS for slomo. A BMCC II with 2.5K and 120 fps would be a killer camera! I wrote about it on BM forum but little response from users and none from BM.
  3. I'd say A video B raw the wood shelf on the lower right has much less detail in the shadows in the A frame. right or wrong video quality seems impressive, but the real test is in high detail moving images.
  4. Scorsese is not a reviewer of gear. And I would not criticize Bloom if he advertised coffee. But really, no more OT It would be nice to see some dynamic range and compression tests from the onboard camera. I would still consider spending 3K on a drone without camera but that can lift a A7S or a BMPCC rather than this, or maybe I don't see all the advantages of it.
  5. Tired of seeing PB on more and more commercials. It doesn't matter if the things he says are true or not (you'll never be objective in an adv.), it's just.. everywhere, from TVs to cranes to drones... credibility has a toll to pay: being neutral. Sorry for being OT, I won't continue on this branch.
  6. What we would be supposed to do when we click on "Comment this article" ? This place is to share our pov based on what we actually know. So what is really funny is seeing someone criticizing people who are expressing their opinion about a new product. Btw, saying "there are bigger sensors", bigger display or lower price and so on is not something that requires testing before.
  7. I don't see any reason for all the love people show for this camera. The vintage look of Andrew's shooting is 99% from lenses and grading, not from the sensor. Put an old russian M42 on 5D and you have the same look (or even more vintage, and at cheap prices). As for handling, I hardly cannot belive that somebody claims superior handling than BMPCC! You want a grip? you can put whatever grip you want with the BMPCC and make it similar in size and weight to the D16. This camera is very limited in its possibilities, and the things it does can be obtained with other more versatile tools. So, as Andrew said, a bit expensive as a 2nd camera (I would say 3rd camera). If you want it for fun it's ok, but if you have to work with it definitely it's not an option for me.
  8. I thought the topic was BMPC 4K.. am I wrong?
  9. I am not debating about the final price of this stuff, I cannot argue about it until I know the quality of the product by comparing different reviews. So, pricing is not the problem.   What I'm talking about is this volounteer campaign. Usually it works in a different way, and there's good reasons for it.   I could think of being an early buyer, but:   - I don't need the 50mm, no matter how it's good or priced - I want to send the lens back and get money back if I'm not atisfied with it - I don't want to feel obliged to make a movie for SLR magic    May I disagree with slr idea of volounteer? :)   PS If their fear for "evaluation" copies is that they don't come back (as somewhere else stated) there's many solutions for it, including a 1 month trial, after that you send the lens back and they give you your money back, otherwise they finalize the transaction.
  10. So volunteers are basically early bird buyers who cannnot return items, cannot select which ones they want (forcing to buy the 35mm is quite absurd) and have to make a short video for free giving SLR commercial rights on it. In return? 20% discount on the whole package, plus probably shipping and taxes which bring the price at starting point, if not higher. Forgive me if I cannot be so enthusiastic about it as others..
  11. You're right, so 4K costs 3200+3200 + VAT means a bit less than 10k.  More than double the BMPCC.   Than you have to add battery and monitor and/or EVF, you reach FS700+4K recorder price, but FS700 has nicer speed ranges and best mount possible.
  12. All of these manufacturers get close to optimum but don't reach it.   3 Blackmagic models and none of them satisfies me completely (stops, sensor size, rolling shutter, weight, there's always something wrong).   2 Kinefinity models and they seem to get it right but, honestly, price is almost double.   x Canon cameras that make the job but not out of the box and not without limitations.   Personally I think that the first company that puts on the market a camera with the following specs:   S35 sensor size FullHD 12 stops Raw + ProRes or Cineform normal SSD internal recording 2000-2500 $ price   will sale tons!   I think none of us needs 4k, nor wants to use Compact Flash, nor wants to buy add-ons to make the camera work, nor wants to struggle with crop factors, and most of all none of us goes for Raw if dynamic range is limited.
  13. @HurtinMinorKey: KineRawmini is NOT fullframe
  14. @andrew: I was talking about final price, BMCC is unbeatable.   As for the other features, it depends on everyone's personal need.   Personally I wouldn't care of Cineform output and of 4K (for at least two years), while rolling shutter is important, you're right about that.   Anyway, BMCC lets you be in the Raw professional era for less than 3k (and BMPCC for 1.5k), while KRmini lets you enter for more than 5k euro, giving you more, so prices are quite balanced.   Above all, it will be a serious competitor in the brand new market of Raw cameras below 5K, and the extra features are worth the money.
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