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Schneider-Kreuznach anamorphic projector lens


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I've had my eye on this Schneider-Kreuznach anamorphic projector lens lately:

I managed to find a specs PDF here:

The problem is that I don't know enough about anamorphic lenses to know if this lens would even work. It seems nice and compact and kind of cool looking but I realize that's not enough to go on. :-) I noticed that it doesn't have any way to focus it (as far as I can see). I don't know if that prevents it from working or if it just has some kind of fixed distance that gets added to the initial lens focal distance or...??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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It may well work, and might be sharp, but will be horrifically unpleasant to use unless mounted to a strong rig. the messing around to make it sturdy and usable will end up costing more than a more usable/desirable lens IMO. these things are bigger and heavier than they look in the photos. and i imagine you wont be able to focus any closer than about 2-3 meters
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Look through some of the older threads. I seem to remember in the past month or two that someone used one of these old projection lenses and liked it very much. Also, Andy Lee seems to like these lenses a lot. I'm sure that he could tell you something about this one in particular. But for most people, the size, weight and twenty or thirty-foot minimum focus distance are pretty big deterrents.
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nice glass focus is by adjusting the plastic nob at the front...
for a focus pull it would require 30 turns plus getting your hand in the shot not a good choice unless it is less than a 100 euros
sankor 16d
look for lens with those numbers in some go cheap in proper auction
min focus is 5 feet which is good.
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I've got one & it's sharp as hell. 50mm on a GH2 is good, and it doesn't quite vingnette with a 35mm taking lens, although the knob is visible.

Now about that knob, it feels like you could hook a follow focus system up to it directly as it is indented & might fit the gears if they're fine enough.... and that would allow you to pull focus.

I got my lens for $30. For that price, how could I say no?
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$30!!! Holy crap! Yeah, how could you turn that down indeed. And I thought $119 was cheap.

So I have so questions for you if you don't mind me asking:

1.) Is the end threaded? if no, do you use a Vamp-clamp or something else?

2.) Is this unit small enough to use without a rig? I once saw a Bell and Howell projector lens stuck on the ends of 50mm and the guy was just shooting hand held. Is this at all possible?

3.) When you shoot with it, how do you focus? Is it possible to turn the focus on the Anamorphic to infinite and then just focus with the base lens? Sorry, I'm a total newbie and I don't quite understand how this dual focus stuff works.

4.) what's the closest focus distance? Seems like having to be at least 5 feet away from the subject at all times is kind of excessive. Is it the same for all Anamorphic lenses?

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I use Schneiders alot and this is the best one you can get

stunning super sharp glass (like Canon L series glass)
Very smooth ' like butter' focusing ring...... very easy to use
This lens is as good as any Panavision 35mm cine lens optically
its is less than 3 years old and superb modern ultra sharp glass

here is the Schneider on my Tecnoir Cinema Rig
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  • 5 months later...

I took some pictures of the Tecnoir holder and Schneider anamorphic lens with various taking lenses while out and about playing with it.  On a Sony NEX-5N, f/1.8 at 50mm will vignette, as does f/2 on the Helios 44-2.  I'll post the stills from the shoot later.


Another interesting thing is that shot in stills mode at 4:3, the unsqueeze ratio I have to use is 1.5, while it's 2x in 16:9 movie mode.


Canon EF 200/2.8 (works, but focusing is very, very finicky due to shallow DoF)



Canon FD 50/1.8.  Works great, but vignettes wide open.



Helios 44-2.  Works great, nice flares, but vignettes wide open.



Tamron FD 135/2.5.  Works great, too.


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  • 4 months later...

These Schneider projection lenses caught my interest and curiosity. Following Andy Lee's advice above, I got one with a big focus ring... the 80mm Cinieux Super WA MC model. I'm waiting on some longer rods and haven't shot any video, but I thought I'd share my initial thoughts.


Positives: This thing is SHARP. Very sharp. It also seems to work fine at fast f-stops, which is really nice. The focus ring on this model is smooth and professional. I was able to use a 45mm on a gh2 without vignetting. Lastly, it's a good fit for my cavision 4x4 matte box.


Negatives: This is a a big beast of a lens... big and heavy(think of a Canon 85mm 1.2 lens).The minimum focus distance seems to be around 8-10 feet(3 meters). I'm not sure if this is common, but my anamorphic lens has a .5 magnification factor written on the side. That could make a difference. I tried a +2 diopter and the results were extreme. The focus distance turned into roughly .2 meters, like a Macro lens that didn't move much. A +1 diopter should work better for close-ups. With the diopter, the bokeh did look amazing.


More details to come...

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i am selling some of my collection of Anamorphic lenses as I have too many!

these are the smaller verion than the one Drew has - These focus down to 6 feet without a diopter


Schneider THE KING DADDY - they are THE BEST anamorphic lenses you can buy right now modern new German Glass.

The Glass is amazingly sharp as new in these lenses and prefect for Canon 5D Magic Lantern RAW


They come with Tecnoir 15mm lens support holder that keeps the lens correctly horizontally aligned

by locking the rear in the correct position and ready to slide onto your 15mm rod rig


I have 4 Schneiders that have mint as new glass available NOW for sale with Tecnoir lens holders at a superb price of £349.00










Tecnoir is the only company that has designed and manufuctred a lens holder for the Schneider Aanamorphic lens for your 15mm rod rail system.

The Tecnoir lens holder fully supports your lens and BOTH ends for maximum stability while filming on your 15mm rods

plus it has a locking ring that clamps the rear of the Schnieder lens into the correct horizontal allignment - you do this once - lock it and forget about it - prefect allignement every time you film with this lens.


I have 4 Schneiders that have mint as new glass available NOW for sale with Tecnoir lens holders

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C'mon Andy


The MFD for these units is 3m or 10 feet. Unless specifically modified by you.




i am selling some of my collection of Anamorphic lenses as I have too many!

these are the smaller verion than the one Drew has - These focus down to 6 feet without a diopter



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Got any clips with that lens, Andy? ...oh yeah, and how wide of a taking lens can you use with that thing on a GH2?


I'm kinda curious as well, particularly as to how wide can you go on a full frame sensor like the 5DmkIII. 


Another question that I have and that perhaps Andrew could answer is....if this lens is so amazing, how come it's not mentioned in his book, as a matter of fact he indicates that people should stay away from "funny colored" projection lenses....thoughts?

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A 6 ft. minimum focus with smaller new Schnieders isn't unrealistic.The ISCO projection lenses Schnieder makes with the blue star are popular because they are small and have a minimum focus distance of 5 ft. You can read a good write-up of those here: http://444-films.com/the-last-iscorama-anamorphic/


Vid-Atlantic is selling these for $850 right now (http://www.vid-atlantic.com/lensshop.html). Their demo footage is impressive.


I'm not sure about other versions, but the 80mm Cinieux Super WA MC model would not be ideal for a FF sensor. To avoid vignetting, it would probably only work from 85mm and up.

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Please refrain from perpetuating this mistruth


Look at the specification, which is the same for the ES models 




"Shortest projection distance 3m"
I own several of these and the spec is correct.



A 6 ft. minimum focus with smaller new Schnieders isn't unrealistic.

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