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    JordanWright reacted to Palanza87 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    So having shot with the bmpcc4k now for most of 2019 figured I'd share a finished video if anyone is thinking about doing wedding work with one. 
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    JordanWright reacted to mercer in How Can I Be A Young Director?   
    No worries. Sometimes I wonder if ZachGoodwin is a real boy or a character someone has created. With that said, I'll play along... I think the point of the "hometown" documentary was supposed to be a simple assignment to get you working on a quick and small film. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the demise of the project. But if there is a business or even an interesting person that would allow you to make a film about them and it intrigues you, then go for it.
    I think the greater point you need to think about is that a filmmaker needs a film to make to be a filmmaker.
    I always thought you wanted to be a narrative filmmaker, so why not spend your time making 60 second short films? Write it, cast it, shoot it and edit it. Then wash, rinse, repeat.
    Good luck.
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    JordanWright reacted to kaylee in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    ppl who are against socialism in america are 100% cool with being called racists for no reason now, nice work guys: you blew it — your favorite insult has lost its power. bernie sanders has just won the iowa primary by a wide margin. yes, really
    the actor at the baftas is a profoundly insecure, virtue signaling fool. he wants attention for no real reason, and now hes getting it, so credit him for that!
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    JordanWright reacted to jonprimo1 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Hey I know this for the 4K camera but I wanted to post some 6k camera stuff and get your thoughts. First is a music video I shot last year I thought was ok and the 2nd video was a shoot I did with my DP and model and I really pushed it. It’s just a test currently my editor is editing it and I will get it colored. Enjoy!
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    JordanWright reacted to Andrew Reid in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    I don't think many white men feel the so called privilege.
    Which is why we end up with protest votes at election time.
    The whole political correct thing doesn't connect with ordinary people.
    Politics is obsessed with skin colour, not the gaffer on a film set who just happens to be born in a country where white people are a majority.
    Why should he feel ashamed just for being part of an industry?
    I don't think anybody who works in the film industry should be shamed into believing they are part of an institutionally racist conspiracy.
    Some of the most incredible countries in the world are monocultural. Japan is about as close to a monocultural society as it gets and where is no shame in it. In fact Japan is arguably all the more unique and special for it. Are we suggesting Japan should now be reduced to 40% to 50% native Japanese people, in order to represent a greater number of skin colours and cultures? No.
    Discrimination against majorities is as wrong as discrimination against minorities.
    This constant shaming of talented hard working creative people for being white males has gotta stop.
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    JordanWright reacted to Kisaha in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    That was a better performance than Joker.
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    JordanWright reacted to Andrew Reid in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    Joaquin P in full on weird mode.
    Does he really have to insinuate that most of the audience are racist?
    Just accept the award, be thankful and fuck off.
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    JordanWright reacted to Turboguard in Blackmagic Pocket 4K media & power thread -- the best alternatives   
    I don't know if I can add anything useful here but this is my set up and I can run a full day on 3 Sony batteries. I also use the black 1TB T5's for consistent look.
    I LOVE this set up!
    (don't mind the apple plug, I took this for my instagram back in december for my Instagram)
    (Also, I know the cog is on the zoom, so no need to point that out 😂)

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    JordanWright reacted to IronFilm in Why is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 still not surpassed?   
    Because an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with sensor size?
    *something* *something* compensating for *something* *something* *something* 
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    JordanWright reacted to Geoff CB in Voigtlander Lenses   
    One of my favorite lens brands, metal, clean focusing! Feel free to post tons of images from multiple mounts!
    Voigtlander 40mm f2 SLII on Nikon Z6

    Voightlander 20mm 3.5 SLII on A7rII

    Voigtlander 28mm 2.8 SLII on URSA Mini 4.6K

    Voigtlander 90mm 3.5 SL on URSA Mini 4.6K

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    JordanWright reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Maybe she is using one of those fiendish pocket size remote controls for it that give her full control of all the camera's functions?
    I understand that they begin shipping next Friday.
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    JordanWright reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Black Magic Pocket OG 2019   
    I used my P4K and OG Pocket together over the weekend. I used the Super Scale feature in Resolve to bring the OG's footage up to 4K. It's not quite as detailed, but can easily intercut with true 4K stuff in the eyes of the client. Very happy with the results.

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    JordanWright reacted to mercer in Sigma Fp review (part 1) and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    Great lens. I briefly had it a couple years ago but had to sell it. I've been looking for another good copy ever since. @JordanWright has some great work with it shot on his P4K.
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    JordanWright reacted to rawshooter in Sigma Fp review (part 1) and interview - Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!   
    I can also warmly recommend the Tokina 28-70mm/2.8 which is a bought-up and continued Angenieux design:
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    JordanWright reacted to Video Hummus in Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed   
    McKinnons video was not a very good demonstration of the 1D-X Mk3
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    JordanWright reacted to mercer in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K   
    Click the top one and make sure you have "color managed" selected.
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    JordanWright reacted to zerocool22 in Why is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 still not surpassed?   
    physics prolly. I am not a huge fan of the lens though.
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    JordanWright reacted to SteveV4D in The video that shows Blackmagic Pocket 4K RAW image quality is same as GH5S 400Mbit   
    I own the GH5, GH5s and Pocket 4K.  Despite the limitations of the Pocket 4K, I shoot with it as my primary camera for various reasons
    Colour Science is better... the image looks superior in the majority of shots.  Blackmagic colour science is better.  Sure there are some shots where it is hard to tell the difference, but equally I find many where the BM is the clear winner.
    BRAW... for me less about pushing the image and more about speed of editing and the flexibility to change ISO and White balance in post.  Sure, I get it right most of the time, but the are moments, where I do not for various reasons and this is such a bonus.  I hate editing H264 files now after editing BRAW.
    Better menus.  
    Punch in focus during recording
    Larger screen.  Even fixed, it's so much easier to shoot with.
    Being able to shoot 75 fps in 2.40 aspect ratio or 60fps in 16.9 without loss of quality. On the GH5s you are stuck with 8 bit 60fps.  
    Being able to record to an SSD.  That has helped a lot when editing at venues I am filming at for a rough cut.  Also on CFast cards, which feel solid to hold.  SD cards are so flimsy and I have had to retire a few for falling apart 
    Application of LUTs is much better.  You can embed and have more to choose from.  
    Mini XLR input.  
    I should point out, I've been using Panasonic for 8 years and have been a huge supporter of their cameras.  The GH5 and GH5s still get used on nearly every jobs I am doing.  Usually as B cameras, though the GH5 steps in if filming in wet weather or where IBIS is needed.  They are great cameras, but I love the Pocket 4K more despite the limitations.  
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    JordanWright reacted to Andrew Reid in Super Speed Zeiss cine glass (vs Contax Zeiss)   
    An interesting watch from Media Division:
    Zeiss Super Speeds vs Contax Zeiss
    Literally hours and hours poured into a video like this.
    The total opposite of the Northrups.
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    JordanWright reacted to Andrew Reid in The importance of lens rendering / look at slower apertures   
    Shooting with the new Sigma 45mm F2.8 for L-mount, I realised the same thing I did when I first shot anamorphic at F5.6.
    Beautiful rendering matters, not just wide open, but at slower apertures.
    This doesn't get enough attention!
    Sometimes I want to see that background, and not have it completely creamed out, but neither do I want to give up the '3D' look or beautiful out of focus rendering and fall-off.
    What is the best rendering lens at F4? I doubt you'll find answer on Google.
    Let's test.
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    JordanWright got a reaction from Emanuel in Speedbooster for BMPC6K   
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    JordanWright got a reaction from Super8 in Speedbooster for BMPC6K   
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    JordanWright reacted to Andrew Reid in This guy is a genius   
    One of the best YouTube channels I know
    An interesting experiment
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    JordanWright reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Seems plentiful stock of them new as well, unlike the Pocket4K.
    As someone who has been working his bollocks off creating an intricate workaround to get remote focus over bluetooth working for the 6K this doesn't please me at all !
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    JordanWright reacted to billdoubleu in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    This was quick math, but seems accurate:
    1.89873417721 (4k DCI)
    2.02531645569 (4k UHD)
    2.70042194092 (2.8k Anamorphic)
    2.89330922242 (2.6k 16:9)
    4.05063291139 (HD)
    Round the numbers as you please.
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