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  1. Another possibility... you could use a softbox and grid on your light panel to soften and control the light, then have it push through a second diffuser frame/panel etc. The grid will help combat the spill. I bought this frame for around £35 on amazon a few years back. Unbleached muslin on top of the standard diffusion.



    quick and dirty test with the setup :)



    Best of luck mate :)

  2. Foam-board can be purchased on the cheap and it makes for a great a bounce.

    I would also recommend some Unbleached muslin. Wraps around the skin nicely.








  3. Unfortunately it looks like they have cancelled plans to release the S6 in MFT mount. The MFT mount would allow a speedbooster to be used -  also certain mirrorless only lenses (meike cine, fujinon zooms, slr magic primes) would have been mountable. 



    [Update] I think I delivered wrong information. The correct information is, we are heading to exchangeable lens mount design now. We think it possible to do EF/PL mount exchangeable but M43 is of too short flange and it will be more sensitive. Considering the limitations of the issues below we won't spend time working on it. But it doesn't mean it's impossible for 3rd party.

    Even with the exchangeable lens mount design, if it can't meet our requirements finally we will not encourage user to do this.

    We made efforts to try to bring M43 to S35 version. It seems that M43 didn't consider active lock since beginning. If we revise the mount to active there is a lot of slim area. I don't think it's robust enough.

    Since it can't do active lock and eND, we decided not continuously spending efforts on it.


    A damn shame!



    In very good condition. Used with Sony camcorder for less than 10 months. Works with Panasonic and most other LANC compatible cams. 

    Product Description 

    Remote control can be set-up for Lanc (Canon/Sony) and Panasonic cameras. - Lanc/Panasonic switch- Stand-by push button (for Lanc only) - REC/STOP push button - Multi-speed Zoom knob - Zoom-direction switch - REC/STOP LED (for Lanc only) - Zoom direction knob (by software) 

    Box Contains 

    The MVR901ECPL 

    Features & details 

    For Lanc & Panasonic Camcorders 

    Helps Control Zoom 

    Multi-Speed Zoom Knob 

    Feel free to ask any questions. Happy to sell on here via DM. UK only. Thanks






  5. 29 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    I've also come across a workaround today for the ProRes issue that could be uses with one of these so I might take the plunge after I've researched it a bit more.

    Do you have a link for the workaround? Really interested in that aha!


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