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  1. This camera is obviously not marketed towards everyone. I don't know why so many people get hysterical over not needing 12k, 8k etc... They (and many other companies) still have so many great affordable options out there. 


    The false rumours have nothing to do with Black magic. Pure speculation...

  2. 37 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

    What would be the point of it if you couldn't crop into the center for MTF lenses? Don't really see the point to use the mount when there are more AF adapters for E-mount and will be more future lens choices for L and Canon R. I would love a Z-mount but I know that doesn't have a shot in hell of happening.

    Most people want MFT for the flexibility. I and many others would want the MFT mount, so we could use lenses that are made in mirrorless mounts (x mount, e mount, mtf etc) from companies like Meike, Fujinon, SLR Magic etc... the majority of these lenses tend to all be made for super 35/FF while also available in a MTF mount...allowing them to cover the full sensor, unlike the majority of Panasonic and Olympus lenses. There's also many different focal reducers readily available. 


    As I stated earlier, the two Fujinon MK lenses would go nicely on a super 35 Blackmagic camera!


    I would also prefer E Mount, although I believe sony do not licence it out to other companies.  Probably would have to be a dumb adapter, like Kineifinty...


    Anyways If it is a camera announcement at all, it will most likely be EF mount...

  3. 11 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

    I would be highly surprised to see any new MFT mount cameras from BM. I honestly think they are going to do S35 and FF moving forward. Just a hunch.

    Yeah definitely don't expect it to happen. Would love a mft mount on super 35 as it's such a versatile option! 

  4. I mentioned that the GVM RGB lights that I owned were unusable in Tungsten mode. They are now releasing mark ii variants of their rgb lights that now have dedicate tungsten leds. ArtVideo Productions has some great in depth videos on their lights. 



  5. 1 hour ago, androidlad said:

    Related, but not really directly correlated.

    Dynamic range is a measure of a camera system - how far it can see into the shadows and how far it can see into the highlights. Dynamic range can be measured objectively, but even then there's a subjective component as each and every viewer will have their own noise tolerance threshold. This governs how much of the shadow part of the dynamic range they find actually usable.

    Latitude is related to dynamic range, but it is also scene dependent. Latitude is the degree to which you can over or under expose a scene and be able to bring it back to a usable exposure value after recording. It is dependent upon dynamic range, which is going to set the overall boundary of by how much you can over and under expose, but it's limited by the scene too, and how bright and dark the scene itself goes.

    Say a scene has a range of brightness of 5 stops (a typical Macbeth chart for instance), and let's use a camera that has a 12 stop dynamic range. If we place the scene in the middle of that camera's recordable range, we have 7 stops to play we can we could over or under expose by 3.5 stops and still recover the scene.

    But if the scene was a real world scene of actor against a sunlit window and the range of brightness of 15 stops, you don't have any latitude at all - no matter how you expose that scene you're going to loose shadow or highlight information.

    So yes, latitude and dynamic range are related, but different. Latitude can't really be used to infer how much total dynamic range a camera has.

    You could've at least quoted or linked where you copied this information from... 😆



  6. 54 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

    I have not, will check them out.

    Well I was hooked on the trailer for the cinematography, so this might be the case here.



    By B-roll I mean the the shots where there are no actors involved, like following a part of a train, or a piece of car. There is a lot of voice over on this movie and it is always on those parts. Yeah I need to finish it, its good news that the first half is meant to be incoherent, maybe I will like it better by the end. (I think I was at the part where he was lost in the cave, with the ping pong battle, which was quite weird as well, and not sure why the film needed these scenes).

    Legendary screen writer/director Paul Schrader updated his book 'Transcendal Style' a few years ago. Would recommend looking up the book and his opinions on slow cinema etc... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2018/05/paul-schrader-non-narrative-film-diagram-lynch-kiarostami-ozu-1201966364/amp/

    Sometimes the academic discourse around this genre can be more enticing than the films themselves. (Bela Tarr comes to mind) 




  7. 1 hour ago, zerocool22 said:

    I also like what the safdie brothers are doing. (good time, uncut gems) They have this raw energy thing going for them. 

    Fully agree. Both films are fantastic! I really like how they use many real life workers and first time actors in uncut gems/good time. Adds to the rawness! Will be interesting to see what they do next, as they've just signed a deal with hbo for the next few years.

  8. 1 hour ago, zerocool22 said:

    Started watching long days journey into night yesterday, did not finish yet. But I expected more though. I like the long one angle camera scenes, but there are far too many long B-roll shots with an voice over(which comes across a bit lazy) and I feel a lot of scenes could have been cut entirenly(or maybe im not far enough into the story to understand). But the film is not an easy sit through as I was confused a couple of times, but not the kind of confusion memento gives for example. But great cinematography and the cast is great also, this kind of filmmaking does require a cast that can hold its own, but I guess I am a bit lost at the storytelling itself. 

    You could check "Too Old to Die Young" which has similar long shots, but was for me anyways an easy sit through.

    I also like what the safdie brothers are doing. (good time, uncut gems) They have this raw energy thing going for them. 

    I agree that it's not the easiest film to watch. Many films that are categorised as slow cinema are not Friday night flicks as such haha. You have to be in right frame of mind.

    You can see in this and his first feature (Kalli Blues) that Bi Gan is influenced by Tarkosvky!

    Have you seen any films by Tsai Ming Lain, Jia Zhangke,  Pedro Costa etc? They also create films within the realm of slow cinema.

    Is it possible that trailer sold you something it's not? 

    When you say Broll? Do you mean flashbacks? The narrative is meant to be incoherent throughout the first half! I would recommend finishing it and maybe researching it afterwards? It might make more sense...took me two times and after watching a few videos on the film I began to understand what the film was trying to say ( I think) haha. 


  9. I have owned 4 GVM lights. Sent 2 back and sold the other two. The problem with all their RGB panels is that the bi colour mode is useless. Anything except 5600k is so far off it's ridiculous. You can see a few videos on YT that highlight the problem. Unfortunately you almost always get what you pay for...


    The 50rs does have a decent output and the RGB is pretty good... Not as saturated as more expensive lights or using gels, but it gets the job done. Again tho, the fact it is unusable in bi colour mode really takes away from the other capabilities.

    Neweer also have very similar rgb lights. With slightly higher output... cheaper on Amazon too



  10. Another possibility... you could use a softbox and grid on your light panel to soften and control the light, then have it push through a second diffuser frame/panel etc. The grid will help combat the spill. I bought this frame for around £35 on amazon a few years back. Unbleached muslin on top of the standard diffusion.



    quick and dirty test with the setup :)



    Best of luck mate :)

  11. Unfortunately it looks like they have cancelled plans to release the S6 in MFT mount. The MFT mount would allow a speedbooster to be used -  also certain mirrorless only lenses (meike cine, fujinon zooms, slr magic primes) would have been mountable. 



    [Update] I think I delivered wrong information. The correct information is, we are heading to exchangeable lens mount design now. We think it possible to do EF/PL mount exchangeable but M43 is of too short flange and it will be more sensitive. Considering the limitations of the issues below we won't spend time working on it. But it doesn't mean it's impossible for 3rd party.

    Even with the exchangeable lens mount design, if it can't meet our requirements finally we will not encourage user to do this.

    We made efforts to try to bring M43 to S35 version. It seems that M43 didn't consider active lock since beginning. If we revise the mount to active there is a lot of slim area. I don't think it's robust enough.

    Since it can't do active lock and eND, we decided not continuously spending efforts on it.


    A damn shame!



    In very good condition. Used with Sony camcorder for less than 10 months. Works with Panasonic and most other LANC compatible cams. 

    Product Description 

    Remote control can be set-up for Lanc (Canon/Sony) and Panasonic cameras. - Lanc/Panasonic switch- Stand-by push button (for Lanc only) - REC/STOP push button - Multi-speed Zoom knob - Zoom-direction switch - REC/STOP LED (for Lanc only) - Zoom direction knob (by software) 

    Box Contains 

    The MVR901ECPL 

    Features & details 

    For Lanc & Panasonic Camcorders 

    Helps Control Zoom 

    Multi-Speed Zoom Knob 

    Feel free to ask any questions. Happy to sell on here via DM. UK only. Thanks






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