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  1. Just now, thebrothersthre3 said:

    Yeah, as I suspected. Their numbers are lower then most companies claim. So 11.2 stops seems really low on the XT3 but when they are rating the FS7 and Ursa Mini at under 13 stops, that changes it. 

    And that's why I doubt Z cams claimed 15 stops; usable stops is what matters!

  2. 16 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    Wow! That does make the camera even more interesting 

    Looked up the link for the curious:




    Supports 3D LUTs, ones you can upload yourself? If so I'll be tempted to buy this monitor myself. 


    they also have a 7 inch sdi version for $329, amazing!

  3. Forgot to mention ifootage, their cobra 2 looks decent! Anyone used it?


    I've used the sirui 204 along with a manfroto head...would recommend sirui over manfrotto all day in terms of tripod/monopod legs! 

  4. Monopod and fluid head work fine together, as long as the rig isn't ridiculously heavy and you don't expect it to be a perfect tripod replacement... Some of them can double as a hi hat which is a nice bonus! 

  5. 3 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    This is a listing of all the cameras they rent, it is just one of the rental houses I go to often that are the same. They don't list Varicams, and don't have one in house. They are just not popular in this area. So I am not making this shit up like you imply. So maybe where you live they sell or rent like hotcakes. But not in this part of the Midwest. And they shoot a surprisingly amount of Movies, B footage here in the Cincinnati area. It is cheaper to do it here for one reason.


    Tbf they don't have the FS5 listed either? 

  6. 11 minutes ago, maxmizer said:

    No I'm saying that most of the old cinema lenses (randomly 85%) in possession of the PRO are s35 ... the LF sensor is for those who fall back on cheap lenses derived from photography, and only marginally to the new FF cinema that are expensive .
    From your previous question: Sony FS5 / FS7 / F5 - Varicam LT- All Blackmagic- Canon C100-200-300 ... all have lower or equal costs (varicam LT).

    Well those cameras line up with the mavo, not the lf. I said large format. (Equivalent of 35mm or larger). So all those cameras you mentioned failed to meet that criteria. if you want to buy a great super35 camera there are many excellent options. But if you want to venture into the large format realm, the mavo lf is much more obtainable than competitors large format cameras.

    You seem to have missed my reason for bringing the cost into play. The Mavo/Mavo lf will likely have quirks, but the at the price there is nothing that can match it spec wise (Lf) with the same size sensor. 


    I personally find the colours from this Mavo Lf footage to be much more pleasing than the venice footage you posted. 



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