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  1. 13 minutes ago, maxmizer said:

    Perhaps the mistake for many is that the large format is a plus, when it is not so ...
    the S35 sensor is still the format for cinema ...
    as a whole, it is not up to par, despite the company's effort to be ambitious.
    Then the market will do its part ...Attention to buyers could be a very expensive firm card.

    So you're saying large format is not useful in any way?


    How can you make such a sweeping statement without using the cam?

  2. 11 minutes ago, maxmizer said:

    This comparison is completely wrong, for accessories and quality ...
    The two cameras are on two completely different worlds ...

    I never said it was as good. Can you name another company that have a large format cinema camera with similar features, under £15k? Even £20k? Otherwise, no this comparison isn't wrong. This camera is obviously not aimed at Hollywood studios... It is priced competitively for what you get. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    I asked Canon Rumors about the redirecting to EOSHD of his URLs.

    Apparently we disrupted his little tie-up with Canon's PR department, when I jokingly asked people to join the EOS R give-away so we could give it to Magic Lantern to play with. Their PR people cancelled it ?

    Or was I joking? I can't remember ;)

    Anyway, he is trying to ban us from viewing the site now, by using a script on his server that detects if you have visited a Canon Rumors link on EOSHD, and redirecting that link back here. Along with a lot of fishy ad trackers on there which analyse your web browsing history and past purchases.

    If you don't like this email him.


    I am sure he will come to his senses eventually, and maybe even give one of his EOS Rs to Magic Lantern ?

    In the meantime if you want to link to a clickbait made-up Canon Rumors story from an EOSHD forum post, I'm not going to stop you, just use an URL shortener like Google's

    This should bypass their blocking. Try going to this Canon Rumors article via my shortened link for instance: https://goo.gl/Krp6W5

    Clicked on the link and it comes with a dead link that says hello ? wow they're playing dirty aha! 

  4. From m43 rumors source

    'The camera is the perfect working tool. It’s worth the high price of $3,000, I guess from what I’ve seen. Lying in the hand like the legendary E-1 (see picture on top). It’s even better balanced than the MKII. You hardly notice the little extra weight. With the 300 F4 as well as with a 45 F 1.8 the camera sticks in your hand as if glued on.

    The sensor exceeds all expectations, as does the stabilizer. The camera has 3 types of high res shoots. What really pleases me is that finally the charging via 15 V USB port works. Then I can finally charge my Powerbanks via solar cells while hiking in Nepal and then connect them to the camera. But the best will be the extremely high data transfer rate when transferring live data to a server over the air.

    The charger charges the battery extremely fast, thanks for the investment of an additional $4.80 in development. for those who have waited a long time, the mc-20 also comes. So, look forward to the launch of the camera at the end of january 2019 and 2 more “small cameras” next year. You will smile when you see them.'


    $3000, damn that's a hard sell. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    You sure you are not talking about the "7.5+ EV"? That would have to do with how far, low it can focus down to. Which sounds pretty crazy low to be honest. Like even -4 is crazy.

    I'm pretty sure its the IBIS, the current EM has up to 6.5? The extra stop would be for the new handheld high res mode? 


    Just had a quick look on their website... looks like it mean IBIS! (EM1 MK2)


  6. Wooden camera also make a few items that are very similar to the misfit atom... They have zip box and zip box round that can clamp to the lens...


    They also have the zip box pro which is out soon. it attaches via clamp or rods.









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