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    Juxx989 got a reaction from u1film in Viltrox EF M2 on BMMCC? Metabones alternative?   
    Firstly Thank you for your service... so it just becomes as dumb speed booster huh?.... they all sold out from amazon and all the ebay orders are like 3 weeks estimated shipping  just to send back if it dosent work...(I dont have any other M43 cameras like a GH4 to use it on)  
    Perhaps they will work it out with a firmware update but they probably think the BMPCC market is small potatoes so there is no urgency. 
    Im experimenting with a different route
    Since.... I already have a nice selection of Canon FD lenses...
    50mm 1.4,
    80-200 F4 L,
    24mm 2.8,
    50mm Macro 3.5, 
    The only thing im missing is a wide so I found a FD 15mm 2.8 fish-eye (made in 1976?)   Got a Cheap $100 FD speed booster to MF3.... and this is by far the most money ive invested in a FD lens ($200) the classic wide angles are rare and not cheap.
    Cool thing is even with the speed booster there is very little distortion in the BMPCC image it kind of reminds you of anamorphic lenses that bow ever so slightly on the edges.  
    Still got 3 weeks to decide if I want to return it all and go and go Metabones+ a used Sigma 18-35 1.8 ( Friggin $800+)
    Cool thing is If I can find a cheapo A7S someday I have a pretty complete set for FULL Frame camera lenses ready for action!
    We shall see.   Thanks again for the news on the viltrox
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Emanuel in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    More stuff Looks good to me I believe this is the person that started this thread
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    Juxx989 reacted to u1film in Viltrox EF M2 on BMMCC? Metabones alternative?   
    unfortunately it does not seem to work with bmpcc at this point. it does not show f-stop (cant control). 
    Seems like It cannot recognize lens at all. 
    Lens i tested
    ・Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens
    ・Tamron SP 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di-II VC
    ・Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 DI VC
    3lens above work well with my gh4 (except stabilization)

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    Juxx989 got a reaction from IronFilm in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    More stuff Looks good to me I believe this is the person that started this thread
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from IronFilm in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    Found this video of bloom Talking about it 
    Figured you'd Dig it.
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    Juxx989 reacted to no_connection in When clipping is awesome   
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    Juxx989 reacted to Kisaha in NX2 rumors   
    @Trek of Joy So true, great comment.
    @timmyturntable "glad I bought it, nothing else is worth trading for it yet" class here too...
    Like @lucabutera said, after the mobile phones exploded in poeple's pockets and coats what happened? Samsung increased its profit in the mobile department! If they offer that spec list (that will never happen, we are just having some fun here) for 3.000$, tell me who isn't going to consider one of those? Instead of the , let's say, the new 90D that barely will have 4K..
    Come one, NX1 was an unbelievable machine, in more than one senses (continuous 78 minutes video, for some this is significant), no over heating in the worst conditions (I know!), unbelievable ergonomics (subjective, but not really!), great JPG engine, colors, AWB, DIS and DUAL IS with some lenses, the unique workhorse S lens and dead cheap very sharp pancake primes, etc. What you were buying back in 2014? 16mgpxls GH4, 16m,gpxls Fuji (not even doing any video) 70D, and 7D, and a6000.. Come on people..
    All I can say is, glad I bought it, nothing else is trading for it yet, and now I am spending money on other stuff, rather than consider buying my 3rd or 4th camera after I abandoned NX1 (or never bought it!).
    P.S actually I bought a 3rd and 4th camera. A NX3000, NX500 and another NX1! Guess what, I do 3-4 camera low budget jobs, I give the smaller cameras to all my relatives to take pictures, and everyone is happy (me too!).
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    Juxx989 reacted to IronFilm in Some Guidance Please...   
    I'll prepare now your back's eulogy.
    Have shot a fair amount with a RED ONE (which is kinda similar ish size), and OUCH
    You'll need a very very big gimbal indeed!
    Basically of the ones I listed, the only "small" cameras are: GH5S/EVA1/Terra. 
    The rest of them you'll need to take a totally different approach to how you'd do it with a NX1. 

    Note I said GH5S, not GH5

    Really?! I reckon Varicam perhaps has the "best" image right now. (and EVA1/GH5S is somewhat inspired by that)

    Maybe  you haven't watched enough camera tests of them? Here you go, watch this:

    Anywho.....  a bit more seriously, I think their image gets a bit underrated. Look into the LC709A LUT, and hang out on dvxuser (because the F5, and even FS7, only very rarely gets discussed here as EOSHD is a different market niche) before making a final decision on Sony.
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    Juxx989 reacted to keessie65 in new updates NX1 ???   
    On Facebook now discussion about a new NX-3 is coming. Who knows more about this rumour?
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    Juxx989 reacted to keessie65 in Stabilized lenses for NX?   
    I used the PZ version 16-50 with the Pilotfly H1 (8bits) works pretty well. 
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from webrunner5 in Some Guidance Please...   
    @IronFilm Ok that FS7 test video has convinced  me I've watched it like 6 times.      
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    Juxx989 reacted to cojocaru27 in Nice NX1 Work   
    hi guys, i have travelled to Patagonia a month ago and put this film together. Was also shot entirely on Samsung NX1. Would love to hear your thoughs :
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    Juxx989 reacted to Martin Kuipers in Viltrox EF M2 on BMMCC? Metabones alternative?   
    So the Viltrox EF-M2 is getting al the positive reviews from GH5 users as a metabones speedbooster alternative with autofocus and auto Iris controls!
    Now I am curious: has somebody tested this adapter with the bmpcc / bmmcc? 
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from jonpais in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    Geez with all this great low light tech it seems to have created an aesthetic problem for me... Blown out street lights and signs seems you have to try your best to keep light sources out of your shots or strange as it  may be ... Use an ND filter @ night  ?
    welcme to the new word
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Emanuel in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    Geez with all this great low light tech it seems to have created an aesthetic problem for me... Blown out street lights and signs seems you have to try your best to keep light sources out of your shots or strange as it  may be ... Use an ND filter @ night  ?
    welcme to the new word
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Francesco Tasselli in Installing the hack   
    @BopBill Hey sir its running great now... thanks for the training wheels treatment  its alot zipper than the other hack 
    Now I need to go shoot something   
    -Download and Install this First
    Click this link with left mouse button, and new page opens and there is download button.
    -Then install this
    This is the second part of installation prosess:
    Instructions are in the ZIP-file
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from Cinegain in Mr Phillip Bloom Interview Indie Hustle 2018   
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    Juxx989 got a reaction from PannySVHS in Mr Phillip Bloom Interview Indie Hustle 2018   
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    Juxx989 reacted to Oliver Daniel in Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15   
    The GH3 is my longest standing camera to date. I had it for 3 years, as in that timeframe, I spent my gear budget on lighting. 
    I now have a GH5, preferring this as my professional level A-cam to an FS5 with a Shogun Inferno. 
    I've shot 5-6 music videos on the GH5 now, only 1 has been released. Please note, this video also has some A7S2 and A6500 shots in there. 
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    Juxx989 reacted to Juan Melara in A better way to grade Ursa Mini CinemaDNGs   
    Hey all,
    I've just finished up a new grading tutorial especially for any of you shooting CinemaDNGs. It actually works with any CinemaDNG, not just limited to Blackmagic cameras.
    In the tutorial I show you how get access to the full dynamic range, richer colours throughout the full range, and all in a curve thats a lot nicer to grade than BMD Film.

    Feel free to leave any feedback or questions and I'll do my best to help you out!
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in Old Fords NX1 +Pro Mist Filter   
    The green cast is more prominent than I imagined. But it is apparently pretty notorious on some of Tiffen's diffusion sets. You were able to grade it out pretty well though, so kudos on that. Was it difficult to tell if you had a good exposure using it? 
    That issue aside, look how many stops you gained, I would at least say 1-3 easily. You were able to retain all the details in the shadows without any crushing, and your specular highlights particularly on his cheeks are not clipping. The rolloff seems pretty smooth too, but I'm not sure if this particular filter is attributing to that aspect. Diffused lighting will cause the same effect, its hard to tell. Cast shadows on the face seem pretty widely dispersed.
    Overall, I'd say the filter is a success. Would you agree? 
    As far as a matte box. I've gone through a few, including a cheap plastic one, and I would only reccomend one that swings away. Otherwise the effort of having to move it off the rail supports is probably just as involved as screwing off a round filter every time you want to switch a lens.
    Also worth considering is your overall weight and footprint a matte box adds to your rig. It looks pretty damn cool and really helps cut out flaring, (with flags) but not the best solution when you want to be a bit more inconspicuous and nimble. I have both systems for various situations, which works out great, but it can get pretty costly. You don't want to cheap out in this area because you definitely get what you pay for. 
    Here's the matte box I have which is on the cheaper end of the spectrum but not exactly cheap as in build and feature set:
    (I paid about $50 more for mine so the above is actually a pretty good deal) 
    Again, you'll need a rail/rod system, but that is fairly inexpensive and it gives you the option of also rigging up a shoulder mount/handle bar. 
    There are cheaper options out there but you'll take a serious hit on quality and features. In my opinion that would end up being more cumbersome than helpful. 
    There's also this, which would be a mix between round and square filter methods that attaches to the end of your lens:
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    Juxx989 reacted to لطفي بوعكاز in Should I buy a Samsung NX1 now May 2017???   
    After 2 years Iam still in love with it, I won't buy new one now I'd probably wait for Canon 1DX mk2 to get cheaper on 2nd hand market until then I still do low budget music videos so the money is tight can't afford yet to get bigger better..at the end for normal people's eyes it's the story, framing, lighting that really matters not pixel peeps. 
    here's my latest video shot in London with NX1
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matt Kieley in Drake Boen Micro Doc (Editor's Cut)   
    Last month I completed a short doc/promo for MMA fighter Drake Boen, directed by Edrei McCabe, shot and edited by me. The final version utilizes archival footage of past fights and doesn't have film grain, but I prefer this version, which I've dubbed "The Editor's Cut". It was shot mostly on the Canon EOS M with ML (H.264 with 3x Bitrate) with some Panasonic G7 (with focal reducer). Lenses used: Canon FD 50mm 1.4, 28mm 2.8, 35-105mm 3.5, and the Tokna 17mm 3.5. Edited with Premiere, graded with FilmConvert.
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    Juxx989 reacted to kinoseed in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Here's something done with NX500 + Rokinon 12mm + something which has: "made in USSR" 44mm, written on it + small LED panel
    footage was shot at DC / 90Mbps / no audio

    Happy holidays to all
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    Juxx989 reacted to Matthew Hartman in Petition to keep NX alive!!!   
    @Kisaha I think this is the healthiest way to count your losses, whilst looking at the future in a more positive way.
    The truth is, there are plenty of NX camera's and glass still in circulation, albeit less than in 2014-2016 and I personally haven't seen a lot of mentions that these products are even close to nearing the end of their build life.
    The magnesium build, the OS, the proccesor chip, the sensors, the glass and machinary in the lens systems (which I believe were outsourced and rebranded by a big lens maker) were built pretty robustly. Like I said before, Samsung was definitely trying to put a stake in the ground.
    I've owned other Samsung products that were considered mid-range, and as functional as they were they didn't have premium builds by a long shot. Samsung reserves this for their top-tier offerings, say like the recent Galaxy line of smartphones. World class. 
    "I think directly or indirectly the other companies(canon, sony, etc)  made it clear to big reviewers that they would not appreciate coverage of Samsung NX1 and maybe they would forget to send you the next product for review or forget to invite you to the next swanky New York sony event.."
    I would venture to say this is most likely a real thing. Even in the cases where the reviewer claims impartiality, you have to remember these companies are sending them free gear in exchange for a favorable outcome. They're not doing it because they like giving away free product to seemingly cool people. 
    And even if a company does not explicitly imply favor, the reviewer knows that if they give a product a poor enough review, or praise a competitor's brand too much, this could pontentially hurt their chances of receiving more gear from said company in the future. For a lot of top tubers, this is the very backbone of their channel, hence income. When your livelihood is on the line, of course you're going to lie a little. I think most of us would. 
    The key is not seeming extreme or too obvious with it. And you'll notice that channels that do don't last very long. A "favored" view here, a couple dings on secondary less important features here. This gives the illusion of being impartial and the manufactures chalk it up to the price of doing business, which is still going to be less costly than hiring an advertising agency to drive a full scale marketing campaign.
    These manufacturers, including Samsung, are only concerned about brand perception as it relates to sales, not as it relates to trying to give you a quality product because they personally care about you or your own business. No one should be naive about this, and yet consumers wrap up their indentities into these products, and really blind themselves. 
    The only time this formula is broken is when a CEO or other top executive takes a personal interest or pet liking to a product and wants to share that with the world, which is what many suspect the NX line and more specifically the NX1/500 to have been of the previous CEO, which demographically speaking was more intimate and familiar with "older" tech and reportedly loved photography.   
    The RED camera was one of these pet projects by the then CEO of Oakley, a popular sunglass/surf/skate brand in the 80's/90's, who again was very fond of videography and wanted to and had the resources to shake up things in the then celluloid dominated film industry. But these are largely outliers. As impactful as they can be, they tend to be very rare as business objectives are not the driving catalyst. 
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