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  1. thanks I know about twixtor just haven't explored it further but how higher of a shutter do you have to be to get it right? at 30P my shutter is 60 in normal mode. Another new NX1 100% video footages, the night shots just 1 small LED light with ISO 400 the rest all natural lighting.
  2. another project still with the NX1! this one made me Realise how good of a camera it is, I asked a friend to help me with 2nd cameras (Sony a6500 with speedbooster and canon L lens) there's about 10% footage of that maybe you can tell? sorry for late reply but here it is
  3. Thanks everyone, the 10 bit isn't what's making me upgrade, there's little difference anyway, it's really 14bit and above that you start to see some real difference which will be worthwhile for color grading giving you extra headroom so you don't need to worry too much while shooting if you're exposed correctly or not. it's really high framerate at 4k. even my output is in 1080p, the 4k downsampled to 1080p gives you 4:4:4 pixel sampling which is the highest 1080P you can get. however because it's limited to 25fps, in music videos which is what I do most, it's not great. music videos ne
  4. Thanks guys, it's really not my best work with this camera because it was done on a run and gun basis we didn't have enough time for filming but it's a combination of experience and really this forum what made me learn about this camera. I use Gamma DR with -4 con -4 sat and -10 sharpness and +7 master black level with 16-235 color space... I learned never to shoot when the sky is clear blue to avoid banding, so as you can see lots of clouds is good idea, I avoid plain walls in the background to avoid microblocking "even using higher bitrates" my ISO never goes beyond 250 this is my own t
  5. After 2 years Iam still in love with it, I won't buy new one now I'd probably wait for Canon 1DX mk2 to get cheaper on 2nd hand market until then I still do low budget music videos so the money is tight can't afford yet to get bigger better..at the end for normal people's eyes it's the story, framing, lighting that really matters not pixel peeps. here's my latest video shot in London with NX1
  6. thanks, NX1 with 16-50 premium lens, the sharpness is -10 but since I prefer more of a flat look I use a Tiffen black satin filter to reduce 4k sharpness, pilotfly gimball, I use 0-255 because I find better skintones with it somehow redness in cheeks shows more with this mode for me but I add -15 contrast and -3 brightness as suggested in this forum to work with premiere. gamma DR with -3 con -4 saturation and 15 MBL, I tend to expose for the sky because It brings more drama to the scene but you'll need extra lighting on your subject because he would be underexposed otherwise. This was done al
  7. at 120mbps I didnt have my fast card at the time. will try again tomorrow 180mbps
  8. I just want to share my experience with getting rid of the blocks artifacts especially on a sky, I've found out that it's all to do with ISO value! when using the gamma DR profile and a low iso this introduces very ugly blocks or artifacts on the blue channel so I tried with a high iso either 500 or 800 and turns out it reduced this by a large margin if not completely. however high iso means overexposure, so ND filter must be used, if you're shooting a talent then you'll need to reflect light on your subject too. The picture shows you the difference, look at top left corner, I've maximiz
  9. after week long extensive tests, I finally come to conclusion that I'd use Gamma DR standard with -15 sharpness and MB15 for a uniform and flat skintone look, this look is good when the actor has no makeup but for more gritty look I use gamma C which gives more color depth especially on cheeks are more red than the rest of the face however I recommend makeup to smooth the face "BB CREAM" works nicely. I didn't like -4 sat and -3 contrast nor -4 contrast and 0 sat because no matter what you do you can't return the pure black back on, if you adjust black level or contrast it affects the ent
  10. also it doesn't remember the settings, you need to apply the setting each time the camera turns on and off.
  11. I spent the entire day testing 0-255 vs 16-235 vs 16-255 and thanks to the tip for "brightness -3 and contrast -15" that I can for sure use 0-255 in premiere cc 2015 and wont have any clipping, while maintaining the full color for exporting in DNXHD and also maintain the Legal color for Youtube and Vimeo. when I used 16-235 I did a test while reducing exposure and it looked very nasty in premiere with banding everywhere, looked very clean in 0-255. with 0-255 you can recover superwhites, like clouds for example, the detail in shadows is much more and the blocking, artifacts is not t
  12. I just downloaded resolve but it doesn't recognize the h265 videos coming off the NX1, how did you get it to work?
  13. Hi I really liked your short on the ferrari video, it's so well done! I just have a question for the NX1 and that's ISO setting, are you trying to always use the lowest iso "100" or with gamma DR you're using always a higher iso. because in order to use film convert, you need a flat profile. but in cameras like RED that shoot RAW iso is always high.
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