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  1. 10 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    I´ve seen this test how the GH6 excels in holding onto colour under various conditions. It beats a GH5s by far in lowlight regarding colours, also providing much higher resolution in these super lowlight conditions. @Attila Bakos has recognized the Fuji XH2s having a lack in colour resolution, blurring the red channel. It seems indeed that the GH6 sensor and image pipeline is something extraordinary and very impressive. Like @deezid stated, it needs a true zero sharpening setting though, as footage is a bit on the crispy side, like Lumix S5 or S1, needing a -1 in Vlog, like the S1H is providing. For me it additionally need Prores LT, also Prores for UHD, not just Cine 4K. Plus it need a S16 crop mode like the GH5. Then I would be willing to pay good money for it.

    I'm not sure about zero sharpening but I have the GH5, GH6 and S1, the GH6 is less "sharp" than the GH5 in 4K. There is far less artificial sharpening, even when I set the sharpness of the GH6 at +5, the GH5 at 0 is still sharper. However the Open Gate 5K of the GH5 is still beautiful, there is almost zero sharpening and noise reduction, the image is very "organic".
    The issue I have with the GH6 is the new noise reduction algorithm (called 3D), it makes the low light really cleaner than GH5 but it also smear details in some areas of the image in low light even at ISO 200 (a bit like the Samsung NX1 but much less aggressive), even with the NR set at -5. I think there is no miracle, we speak about a M43 25MP sensor so some concessions must be made, but I was very surprised to see the GH5 retaining better details (the trade off is the noise).
    The 5,7K is a different beast, it uses more sharpening and a bit less noise reduction (the footage is sharper than the 5,9K and 6K of the S1), however there is a little crop in this mode and nobody speaks about it.
    For me the big advantages of the GH6 are the new color science, the 4K 120fps and the very good stabilization making (almost) possible handheld walking video.

  2. 8 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    I was using 3 cameras when I was doing weddings photography, 2 NX1 and an NX500 with a speciality (oddball lens) on it. All these cameras were on me at all times, but never both video AND photo. Still can't comprehend how you do it. I always have a partner/assistant with me, even for the easiest of jobs..

    Sometimes we were 3-4 people for video and 2-3 for photography..

    An 24-70 as a workhorse was the most used lens usually, 24mm is good for small group photos, and 70mm is an alright focal length for portraits. The oddball lens on the NX500 could be the amazing NX fisheye or the pancake 16mm..the workhorse lens was the 16-50mm (24-75mm equiv) and 2-2.8f. unique lens and always negated the need for the Sigma 18-35, as at those mm (at 32-33mm to be precise) the NX is 2f, with an incredible I.S, both wider and longer. With the other NX I was usually using the amazingly small 45mm 1.8f for more "artistic" portraits. This lens has a ton of character, especially for the silly price..

    Just a different way of doing similar things, I guess!

    I still use my NX1 with the 16-50mm S and 45mm f/1.8, the colors and character of the 45mm f/1.8 ... Oh my god.

  3. 2 hours ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    I re-watched that video.

    True, Shane was able to keep the autofocus mostly in focus. If I were able to get as good continuous autofocus as he does, I probably would buy the 24mm (or the 20-60 zoom) and stop entertaining any thoughts of getting an a7 IV.

    I have unfortunately been unable myself to get anything close to that level of AF performance with either my S5 or my S1.

    On the other hand, I only have the Panasonic 24-105 f/4 lens. It was one of the first lenses that Panasonic released for the S-Series of cameras, so maybe the more recent prime lenses just focus better??? (I have updated the firmware on my bodies and my lens to the latest firmware release).

    I think in bright scenes with a lot of contrast, shooting in the standard profile, you might get useable autofocus. 

    On the other hand, I have shot scenes in V-LOG when it was still rather bright but less contrast (overcast skies, or in open shade), and the autofocus was just completely unusable.

    Most of the times that I have tried using autofocus, it works around 75% of the time, but then I end up having to re-do shots to get it right. This would be a scenario where I am doing something similar to a focus pull on a slider shot, where I am focusing on a foreground object and when I slide past the object and I want it to focus on a background object.

    Or if I am panning (or tilting) from a foreground object to the talent's face. About 75% of the time it will transition ok, otherwise not.

    The tough thing for me is that if I then quickly switch it in to AF-S (which is usually more dependable), it STILL might not focus on the talent. 

    Anyway, it is frustrating.

    V-LOG is very bad for Autofocus. You should try HLG (almost the same DR) or even CINE-V, the AF is better than with V-LOG.
    Also, the more DOF you get the better is the AF so it is not very surprising than lenses like the 24mm or the 20-60mm (on the wide angle) perform better than lenses longer than 30mm.

  4. 5 hours ago, sanveer said:

    I thought his review was so exaggerated. He was like "when ypu want the best impossible image, M43 is dead". Whoa, it almost seemed like he was dumped today or yesterday. 

    Undone is the guy who claims the Sigma 18-35mm has better AF than the Summilux 10-25mm on the GH5. I recall he also said the A7SIII 4k video was sharper than the A7III. He clearly biased for Sony and destroys anything about Panasonic. About his S5 review, the only thing he said about the IBIS was the S1 is clearly better without comparing to Sony or anything like that. 

  5. 18 hours ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    Does anyone have suggestions for a follow focus or something / anything else to help with manual focus, either when shooting on my Weebill S gimbal or when hand holding?

    I can do manual focus pulls "ok" (better than the AF-C can do them), but then the camera gets shakey because I am supporting the weight of the body with only my right hand and using the left to focus.

    And I have noticed that when shooting with my S1 in 6K mode, the stabilization isn't as effective. 

    Saw a video by Paul Byun where he suggested using a nucleus nano on a weebills s, but that looks like you would really make it even harder to keep the gimbal and camera free of shaking.

    Anyone have any success with either plugging the gimbal directly into the camera body and using the wheel on the side of the gimbal to pull focus? or by mounting the available motor to the gimbal and using it to pull focus?

    Thanks in advance.

    You noticed the IBIS is less effective in 6K open gate or 5,9K ?

    The IBIS in 5,9K is fantastic. So good you can simulate slider shots in post.

  6. I can't agree more, especially for the S1/S5 and the NX1. I still love to use my NX1 in good light at base ISO, colors and sharpness are outstanding with the 16-50mm S.

    The S1/S5 are also great, image quality is IMO superior to the Sony A7SIII.
    I like to use the S1 6K mode combined with the wonderful IBIS and the 50mm S PRO to shoot dolly like footage with awesome quality.

  7. 21 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    @Beritar Then you might like the 200mbit hack for HD on the G9. You can find it in this thread and let us know about your findings.:) I like the 4k on my GX85. I imagine the GX9 to be about the same. It crops in more than the GX85 does because of having 4MP more in resolution. But it also is the newer sensor from the GX8 and GH5. I imagine the GX9 to be the perfect compact HD camera with its new 100 and 200mbit modes, coming from the hack.

    I only use 4K because I watch my videos on a big TV. I downloaded some clips with 20 and 100mbits in 1080P but I don't see a major improvement. I also compared some of my old 4K videos with my GH4 and the GX9 is really worse noise wise. I think it's a pretty bad idea from Panasonic to use such a crop on a 20MP M43 sensor. 

  8. On 12/23/2021 at 9:58 PM, PannySVHS said:

    Darn it @Grimor. Having 100mbit HD on the GX85 would have been.. Well, would have been still the same HD which lacks the natural beauty one gets with HD from a G6 or G7. GX85 HD looks a bit underwhelming and brittle compared to those two. GX9 on the other hand might be a winner. Any experiences with the 100mbit and 200mbit HD from the GX9?

    I have a GX9 but the 4K mode is disapointing to say the least. I can live with the 1.25x cropping, however because of this crop, the noise is everywhere, even at ISO 200. It could be awesome if it was possible to remove the crop in 4K. This little camera is almost perfect otherwise for daily use , pocketable with small lenses, good IBIS, nice colors etc.

  9. 1 hour ago, stephen said:

    S5 can shoot 5.9K internal but with time limit and in 10bit 4:2:0 h265. This codec is difficult for editing, so I never use it. 4K is good enough for me.


    Sadly, S5 is limited to 5K internal, this is the "6K" photo mode but the resolution is "only" 5184x3456 with no way to use things "like IBIS Boost". Only the S1 can do 6K and 5,9K internal.

  10. 1 hour ago, Django said:

    Interesting, well looks like even the mighty S1H has got some pretty glaring limitations..

    At 6K 3:2 mode the S1H has a whopping 29.7ms of RS. Barely usable outside of locked shots.

    Anamorphic shooting aside then, it is certainly possible to compare (16:9) IQ:

    S1H has 5.9K. A7IV has oversampled 4K from 7K.

    In 16:9 4K/5.9K RS averages at 24ms. That's about what the A7IV does.

    10-bit is 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2. Win for the A7IV.

    4K60p is cropped on both.

    Sony has latest-gen PDAF with tracking vs contrast AF.

    Sony has SLog3 & S-Cinetone profile. Not sure about the Panasonic.

    Anything else concerning IQ?



    I prefer to get 5,9K and 6K open gate than 4k oversampled to 7k. Furthermore, I don't know about the A7IV but the A7III and A7SIII have massive noise reduction, I think the A7IV will have the same. The IBIS on Sony is almost useless, it depend if you use your camera for run and gun, but the S5/S1/S1H are miles ahead for stabilization. About LOG, Panasonic has VLOG, DR and colors are top-notch

  11. 19 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    I was a bit worried that this thread hadn't mentioned Panasonic yet!

    Don't base your judgement of Panasonic autofocus on say old GH3 era experiences, it is a hyperbolic exaggeration to now call it "terrible".

    The G9 / GH5mk2 / S5 / etc are all top notch video autofocus if you were to ever compare it against that past. If they'd came out back then, people would've been blown away by Panasonic's autofocus and been praising it to the highest extent!

    And the pricey Panasonic lenses doesn't matter, as Sigma is there too. 
    L Mount really does have all the bases covered:
    1) high end luxury premium lenses with Leica 
    2) high end but practical lenses with Panasonic 
    3) mid range priced lenses with Sigma 
    4) low end cheapies from China with manual focus lenses (half a dozen lenses priced sub $400 on B&H alone, and it is still early days, more to come soon for sure)

    I love Panasonic, I have the GH5, S5 and S1 with very good lenses. The S Pro lenses are magnificent and the S5/S1 image quality is great. However The AF is just bad, even with the firmware updates. Even the old NX1 is faster in video.

  12. On 6/24/2021 at 1:56 AM, Silenkiller said:

    I think you are confused a bit. He is a gear reviewer from a purely technical standpoint and probably the best there is on YouTube. Can't even begin to understand, what is so hard to understand, about that one.

    I watched two reviews from him. The Panasonic Leica 10-25mm and the Sony A7SIII.
    On the first video, he said the Sigma 18-35mm with SB had faster AF than the 10-25mm.
    On the second video, he said the 4K of the A7SIII was sharper than the A7III.

    Why not ...

  13. 1 hour ago, seanzzxx said:

    @Beritar the OP stated they're using a Pocket 4k, which does have a native DCI 4k sensor, so your remark is not really relevant to them (just to avoid any confusion ahead of time).

    Yes, my mistake. Thank you for pointing that out, I never used the Pocket 4K. I thought it was the same process.

  14. I remember Andrew and a german site said DCI 4K was slighlty softer than UHD on the NX1 (and GH5) because the size of the sensor used on DCI 4K was a bit smaller than UHD. However, the rolling shutter must be a tiny bit better on the DCI 4K, again because of the size of the sensor used with DCI 4K.

  15. 14 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

    Panasonic should release a S5S (lol) with Sony's 12MP sensor in A7SIII but without a mechanical shutter and a internal ND solution. Throw in some kind of internal RAW of some kind and it will be attractive vs A7SIII even without Sony level AF.

    With a good telephoto it can take great pictures. But, I agree. Panasonic should make a future video centric camera more like a FX3 than the GH5S.



    LumixSync_copy_2019-12-22 14:20:14 +0000RawFile.jpeg

    LumixSync_copy_2020-04-08 22:53:51 +0000RawFile.jpeg

    LumixSync_copy_2020-06-13 23:37:10 +0000RawFile.jpeg

    LumixSync_copy_2020-08-04 21:51:54 +0000RawFile.jpeg

    Great pictures, Pana Leica 50-200mm ?

  16. 9 hours ago, Thpriest said:

    Anyone used both the S5 and the Sony A7Siii? My heart says S5 as an upgrade from the GH5 but I have a client who only uses Sony and having a Sony could mean more work. But I've hardly ever seen anything that I like shot on a Sony DSLR (colours and texture). Whilst I'm loath to have 2 systems I'm thinking of maybe just getting an A7iii with a Tamron 28-70 to get work with this particular client (agency with lots of clients) and getting a S5 for my own jobs for my clients (events, weddings etc). Other than the AF on the Sonys (amazing) I'm just not convinced they are better than Panasonic.

    I'd be selling all by m43 gear (GH5, GH5S, loads of lenses etc) and would take advantage of being able to discount all VAT.

    Any thoughts are helpful!

    90% video 10% photo. Lots of run and gun and I like to get everything right in camera for minimal tweaking in post.

    I used the A7SIII, the S5 and the S1. I returned the SIII because of the noise reduction, colors, IBIS, MP and sharpness.
    I don't need the 120fps 4K 1.1x and the fast AF-C. My S1 and S5 with the S Pro 2.8 have very fast AF and good enough AF-C. And even if Sony has more lenses I prefer the Lumix ones. I had/have the 24-70mm GM, 70-200mm GM and 50mm Zeiss Sony 1.4, the Lumix Pro equivalent lenses are better (sharpness, bokeh and 3D pop).

    About the S5, it's a great camera, but the S1 is even better (slightly better IBIS, better EVF, 6K internal next year etc ...) !

  17. 51 minutes ago, TomTheDP said:

    It’s a camera that uses strong noise reduction. Not something you’ll see with Arri or RED or anything made for Cinema. Of course it works if you want a super clean image. Not very organic looking though.

    I agree, I had the A7III and noise reduction was very strong. I tried the A7SIII one month ago and even if the image is cleaner, there is still a lot of noise reduction. My S5 and S1 keep more details (although noisier). 

  18. 26 minutes ago, MrSMW said:

    ...and a few days later, I'm keeping it after all.

    In fact, a pair of them are going to be my main workhorses as I intended.

    I have been trying to find a workaround and not just a 'kidding myself' fix, but something genuine.

    I looked at both the HC-X1500 camcorder and the bridge camera (for my static manual and occasional but important AF needs) but just know that based on my current 1" sensor Sony camcorder, the footage is going to be shite. And it's still contrast detect, so nah.

    Back on to the stage comes a used XT3 body and I already have a Fringer and 17-50mm f2.8 Sigma so for all my static manual focus needs, et voila and for the 1 minute or so on each job when I also need AF, et voila encore.

    As I may have said before, I love this camera (the S5) in every way except the weird pulsing in AF mode but otherwise there is something just 'right' about it. That combo of size, weight, ergos, dials, buttons, operation and of course quality of both video and stills files.

    Just need some projects to use the bugger on now...

    I love the S5 as well. Coming from Sony FF , it's nice to have good IBIS and to get ride of the ugly noise reduction at high ISO. And the 50mm PRO is the best 50mm lens I have ever owned (even better than Sony Zeiss Planar).

  19. 50 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    At the expense of much worse rolling shutter, laughably bad AF in 2020, a downspec EVF, no raw, few native lens options and so on. The L-mount has a ways to go before its a competitive system with the E-mount and it doesn't look like they're ever going to get the AF sorted. Pretty much anything can produce a great image these days, if you need more than just a body, Panasonic FF is the worst choice among the big players - far behind Sony, Canon, Nikon and even Fuji. 



    There is advantages and disadvantages on both cameras (the S5 will get the 5.9k raw update too), in the end it's about user preference. As an hybrid shooter, I much prefer the S5. 

  20. 18 minutes ago, PannySVHS said:

    @Dave Maze I think S5 puts out a better image for half the price in a prettier body. Now I wanna see your face drool all over that beauty. 🙂 

    Camera 1 is Alexa, right! I betcha!  Well, you guys watch yourself and guess.:)

    No doubt about the better image, better IBIS too.

  21. 22 minutes ago, deezid said:

    Yep, like expected. The A7s3 looks quite garbage in comparison to the Canon R5/6 and Panasonic S-series.

    Sony didn't really update their horrible processing since 2015. 

    Luckily for Sony, they have some popular Youtubers with biased reviews.

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