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  1. 10 minutes ago, hyalinejim said:

    They're all relatively wide shots, so not too taxing for IBIS. As long as you're using it to steady handheld shots, like here, I'm sure it'll be fine. But Wong's videos show that it's just not a substitute for a gimbal in the same way that a GH5 or S1 might be - if you really need to do a walking shot but don't have a gimbal.

    I'm impressed by the highlight retention in the market scene - mixed light, low light and garish light sources that tend to blow out are all handled nicely and it looks very natural.

    Me too, I really like the dynamic range of these Panasonic FF cameras. About the IBIS, Gerald Undone used a 50mm without walking on his video and the footage looked jerky.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Davos said:

    No 4K 60 10 bit. No All-I. Instant show stoppers for me. This is before you get to the AF which just doesn't cut it these days. Plus the IBIS doesn't look great, given they're targetting this at vloggers with flippy screen and size, another miss.

    I agree with Gerald Undone's assessment that it's a strange combo - will ultimately support anamorphic but no 4K 60 10 bit and All-I?

    Missed opportunity all round. Strange choices by Pannasonic. As an aside the leaked specs didn't match up.

    Based on the video, the S5 IBIS is worse than the S1H but seems good enough. The A7III is helpless though ...

    I would like to see a comparison between the GH5/S5.

  3. 5 hours ago, dgvro said:

    Sorry, I forgot to explicitly say I don't mean anything to do with lens OIS whatsoever. Just IBIS - just in-body.

    And I don't buy into the rated X.X Stops specs stuff since that just doesn't tell much of a tale at all for video, as I discovered with my XT4, it certainly has a bunch of "Stops of stabilisation", but their quantised and robotic way of moving the sensor ruins many of my video shots.

    So I'm still sort of wondering - is the S5 better than the S1/H in this regard and were those any better than the GH5?


  4. 10 hours ago, SteveV4D said:

    I'd hold off on buying a used S1 now.  Something tells me there will be a few more on the market soon and this will drive the price down further.

    S5 has the same dust and water proof resistance as the S1, its just not as capable in freezing cold conditions according to reviews.  

    Whilst improved AF is coming to the S1, I doubt it will be to the standards of the S5, as the camera hardware was designed for this improved AF, whereas the AF is just getting some software improvements.

    Is the IBIS better on the S1.  I've seen different and conflicting reports on that, some say the same, others say not as good.

    S5 will by the end of the year output 5.9k, albeit via a crap HDMI port.

    If I bought either the S1 or S5, neither would be A cameras.  More B or C depending on needs.  So the limitations aren't a big deal.  I would need to see how the overheating performs in real world cases before deciding.  If it does manage 30 mins and can quickly record afterwards, then its not a deal breaker for me.

    Yes I would like to see a comparison between the S5 and the GH5 IBIS. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Lux Shots said:

    It's better than the GH5. The GH5 had 5 stops with Dual I.S. 2, while the S1/S1R and S1H had 6.5 stops with Dual I.S. 2.

    Take a look at my video testing the IBIS with the S1H and Panasonic 24-105 f/4. 


    Certainly not, I have the GH5, the A7III and I had the S1. The GH5 still has the edge for stabilization.  Maybe the S1H is better for IBIS, but not the S1. The A7III IBIS is the worst by a large margin.

  6. 4 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    So 60p is a 1.5 crop after all.  Not good.  30 min clip limit.  Not good.  Micro HDMI.  Not good.  Lower resolution screen and EVF not good.

    Small size is nice for me, 10 bit 60p is a step up and AF whilst not on Canon or Sony level showing improvements.  Vlog is included.  Well done Panasonic.  Time to stop charging extra for it.  Some great specs in a small size.  Future Fireware update adds DCI 4K.. thats good.  But why wait...

    Hard to know what I think of this camera.  Like the other fullframe mirrorless, it has some great features mixed with some notable misses.  

    Not sure whether its worth the upgrade to fullframe or not.  I may hold off for now and see if a GH6 is announced by March next year.

    And the IBIS is worse compared to the S1 ...

  7. 3 minutes ago, Mustafa Dogan said:

    As an S1 owner, I feel punked because of this S5. I mean even the V-log L upgrade which S1 buyers had to pay, is now included for free. S5 has practically every feature of S1 in a lighter and smaller body plus a better full articulation. Only the EVF and LCD is substantially better in S1. Honestly, if I had known that just after a year this S5 was to be announced, I wouldn't have bought my S1.

    For me, the bigger and way more important announcement is that the 1.8 compact primes are finally coming. I hope they will be smaller than Sony's FE primes. At least not larger.

    My S1 will most probably going to be listed to be sold next week. If the S5 comes out good, the used market value of S1 will drop significantly this fall.

    I think the S5 has only 5 stop IBIS without dual IS and worse electronic viewfinder compared to the S1. I was ready to buy the S5 but if the IBIS is not as good, I will stay with my GH5 for now ...

  8. 1 hour ago, herein2020 said:

    I agree, when I got my GH5 I did a lot of research and discovered the Voigtlander 17.5mm f 0.95 which has become my favorite video lens of all time. The shallow DOF that you can achieve on that lens is incredible and it turned my GH5 into a lowlight capable camera. For real estate and landscape I got the Olympus 7mm-14mm which nicely aligns with my Canon 16-35mm FF lens.

    The main thing I dislike about the GH5 is the highlight rolloff...I'm not sure if it is so bad due to the sensor size or some other factor. I know my C200 with it's S35 sensor has incredible highlight rolloff. If the bad highlight rolloff is due to the sensor size then I would agree a larger sensor would be better but still would not need FF. If it is just due to the sensor in the GH5 then there is hope for a MFT sensor with better highlight rolloff. 

    The MFT size has plenty of benefits over FF such as better battery life, lighter weight, no overheating issues, better rolling shutter control, much smaller lenses, easier for gimbal work, etc. This is why I wish Panasonic were announcing a GH6 right now instead of an S5; a GH6 with 4K120 and better highlight rolloff is far more interesting to me vs investing in yet another camera and lens system.

    I have yet to be in a situation where my GH5 simply could not get a job done that could have been completed with a FF sensor. The one place though where I will always prefer my 5DIV over the GH5 is photography.

    I have the GH5 and the A7III and I find the highlight roll off of the A7III worse compared to the GH5. In most gammas, the highlight rolloff is terrible (better with S-LOG3 though)

  9. On 8/6/2020 at 3:31 PM, herein2020 said:

    Gerald Undone has done it again, incredible review of the R5 and R6. I am also so glad someone finally pointed out that you cannot do backup recording with either camera and that record limits in 2020 are stupid...so many people seem to not care about those things. He also reached the same conclusions that I reached......they aren't true hybrid cameras without an external monitor.


    A surprising finding though was that the DR isn't any better than my 6yr old 5DIV.




    I like to watch his videos, but sometimes I think there is a serious issue with his reviews and conclusions. He said the Sigma 18-35 was better than the Leica 10-25mm for autofocus. I had both and the Leica CAF is way better, no comparison. Also, I found very strange than the A7SIII was sharper than the A7III in 4K on his review. 

  10. Like @heart0less I can see jittering on my 120hz screen.

    Motion interpolation on TVs is maybe a good way to test motion cadence as well. Bad motion cadence results in a lot more ghosting artefacts and throbbing using the motion interpolation. A7III's videos look ugly with it while GH5's videos are better (again even with IBIS off).

  11. I have the GH5, A7III and NX1 and I shoot in 4K. I'm very sensitive to motion and I always found the A7III 's motion cadence very very bad. I thought it was because of the high rolling shutter but my NX1 (hacked) has worse RS, and yet the motion cadence is better. Among them, my Gh5 has the better motion cadence (even with IBIS off), frames are still sharp even while panning. 

  12. On 3/21/2020 at 10:12 PM, deezid said:

    Still In development, but results are great and match between S1/S1H HLG and V-Log

    Made for HLG with Rec2020 gamut on the A73.

    Can you get the same highlight compression with your HLG LUT for the A7III ?

  13. On 11/1/2019 at 3:07 AM, iam_andy said:

    Keep the topic alive! I this camera is actually still years ahead of most cameras! For the price of $500 on eBay you can have a camera near the quality of an FS7 or a RED!

    From what I have read on this post it seems having 3 customer picture wizard profiles makes it appropriate to switch as needed. I have found that moving the Hue to -6 also improves the tone of the image and so I set all 3 Custom Profiles to the same settings (-10 Sharpness, -3 Saturation, -5 Contrast, -6 Hue) except for the RGB sliders. So in bright contrasty light, I may use Custom 1 with the settings of R: .88 , G: .86 , B: .87 to bring down the gain on the sensor (to my basic understanding) and in Higher Dynamic Range Situations, May go to Custom 2 with the boosted settings of R: 1.88, G: 1.86, B:1.87 and Finally I have a Custom 3 profile with R: 1.44 , G: 1.43, B: 1.44. This is a bit more contrasty but still with a wide DR. All of these Settings also are running on 16-235 and Black Level at +15.

    The results are pretty amazing just from playing around. Makes me want to find all the NX1s out there and hoard them! 

    Thank you for your settings, I still enjoy my NX1 more than my A7III for videos.

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