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  1. ​Hey Ed, I have been following your work with the NX1. I just used the NX1 around the world for one of my customers (have been shooting in NY, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Paris with it. We will make a 4K projection in a few month using only the NX1 (and maybe a few FS7 shots but very few). So fare I can only say that I am much more confortable using the NX1 than the GH4. I wouldn't compare it to an Alexxa though. But what would be the point ^^
    EDIT: Considering the whole debate here about technology, I should add that IMHO the NX1 gives you this 4K look, that I just didn't really see with the GH4 (looked more to me like "ultra HD ready" or 2.5k). Also it is a question of color science. I just couldn't get what I wanted from the GH4. And then the autofocus - especially with the 16-50mm S. For me it is a game changer. Makes my life so easier.

    ​Did you use 4k or UHD with your NX1 ? Reviewers have shown that the image looks a lot softer in 4k. The quality has been improved in 4k since the last firmware or the UHD is still better ?

  2. ​Thanks!Is the quality of the 120fps mode the same as the other 1080p modes? Or is the new 1080p Pro mode only available at normal frame rates?

    Andrew: How noisy are the shadows when you push the Master Black Level to +10? I recall that the results weren't that great when pushing the GH4s Master Pedestal up (in fact most people said that the Master Pedestal adjustment of the GH4 is pretty useless) but considering that the NX1s blacks were almost completely free of noise, I imagine that they still look very decent when pushing the black level to +10?

    ​Here is a test with the two modes (30fps and 120fps) and yes Pro mode is available with both frame rate :

    Thanks Andrew for your tips, i will try it but i haven't seen difference between Gamma DR and Standard mode.

  3. Thanks for the write up Andrew! 

    The NX1 seems to do a lot of things right, but isn't quite there... yet. I'd like to Samsung fixing the existing issues first before focusing on new features. 

    Two questions about the NX1: 

    How does the new 1080p Pro mode compare to other 1080p cameras?

    How's the 4K rolling shutter compared to other cameras (A7s, GH4 etc)?

    ​The new 1080p Pro mode is really good and the 120fps mode is better to that of Gh4.

    The 4k rolling shutter is bad but if you move or pan slowly, there is no real problem.

    However,  even with the GammaDR, im not really impressed by the dynamic range, the highlights burn very easily.


  4. I have the Gh4 and the NX1 and i see no more aliasing or moire on the NX1 (I use -10 sharpness but there is at least as much as details than when i use the Gh4 with sharpness at 0 and NR at -5). But since the NX1 has more details than gh4, you can see moire or aliasing more easily with a 1080p display.

    Try to zoom on your videos with your media player or to use the view at 100% and the aliasing will vanish in the most cases.





  5. The two last firmwares have improved HD video, DOF, 4k DCI (not tested, if anyone can confirm ?) and fixed some bugs.
    UHD is great in good light, better than GH4. But we really need control over noise reduction on low ISO. In low light or in dark areas of the image, some details are washed away, the GH4 is noiser but retain really more details.



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