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  1. 5 hours ago, Inazuma said:

    Using Windows, had no problems with playback early last year when I tested the nx1 out. Smooth experience. I wish I could like the image as much as you do. Would save me a lot of money. 

    Same experience in Windows for me, playback is still as smooth and good as ever.
    The 4k image quality is  the best i've seen so far (i own the A7 III and GH5) especially with the 16-50S and 50-150S. 

  2. On 26/03/2018 at 11:10 PM, Young said:

    There is something to be said about the A7III that goes beyond specs – I own the A7III and I own the A7rIII and I used to own the GH5 and after som extensive testing I must say the A7III is lacking. It's a fine camera, certainly at the price point. Small but by no means insignificant things make it less useful to me however. For starters the 4K full frame may be very detailed and sharp, but is plagued by a weird shimmer and a subtle stuttering when moving the camera and it seems to me it has more moiré than the A7RIII, barcode artifacts notwithstanding. I also find that the pixel binned 4K full frame readout from the A7rIII is more pleasant to the eyes and I think it has to do with better motion cadence, less rolling shutter and more efficient IBIS (that 0.5 step makes a big difference in real world usage without stabilized lenses). Not saying the A7III is not a good video camera, but I do prefer the image produced by the rIII. It would be interesting to hear if someone agrees/disagrees. I know the camera isn't available yet in the US, but here in Sweden and the rest of Europe it's been in stores for some time now.

    I think you're right about the A7III stuttering. 


  3. 1 hour ago, Django said:

    i can't compare with the RIII but i haven't really noticed any particular cadence issues or significant rolling shutter on our copy. haven't really worked with the raw footage yet though.

    we did just get in some Batis lens and boy the IQ when paired with the A73 is something special. starting to see the potential of this new sensor..

    Your Batis lenses have OSS ? Maybe the combination of both the IBIS and OSS reduces the stuttering and the "bad" motion cadence. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, ntblowz said:


    A7S2 is still better at lowlight, A7III get muddy and lose of detail at real low light setting.

    4K A7III is more detailed than A7SII, but on 1080P A7SII is much better.


    I was close to cancel my preorder because of the pixels issue and the massive noise reduction, but if in addition there is really a bad motion cadence and stuttering ...

    This high noise reduction is applied even in S-Log 3 ?

  5. 5 minutes ago, Simon Young said:

    Remember I said I got a copy without the blinking pixel row when I swapped the first one? Well guess what, the replacement has them as well. Sometimes they pop up, sometimes they don’t. It’s fucking abysmal. And another thing I noticed is the motion cadence is a lot worse than on the A7rIII - a lot worse. It almost seems like the processor can’t handle the downsampling of the 6k image and it just gets horrible. As soon as you do a pan this weird almost shimmering effect turns up. Add to that the stuttering from the lacking computational power of the thing and the image gets shitty, no matter how good the low light performance is.

    If Sony don’t issue a firmware update within a week regarding the pixels I’m returning it for sure. Guess it was too good to be true. I really wanted to like this camera. 


    The A7rIII on the other hand, is a true beast.

    Very bad news about the motion cadence and the stuttering ...

  6. 1 hour ago, Matthew Hartman said:

    Sigma just released an entire Art series for the e-mount. I find the Art line comparable to Samsung's S line in many regards. 

    I think this is just prime lenses.

  7. 12 hours ago, M Carter said:

    Seeing how this thread is populated by many NX users... what's next when the gear begins to fail, gets damaged, etc?

    For me: 4k for 1080 delivery is a massive editing gamechanger for corporate interviews; the NX1 4K works fantastically for this use. Footage is very clean, and I've grabbed B-roll in factories and offices up to 2000iso; sometimes needs NR that high, sometimes is fine - 4k to 1080 often solves many noise issues.

    APS-C looks fantastic with my Nikkors and even antique 1960's Canon FL primes. Really dislike going smaller sensor.

    AF with the kit lens is pretty amazing on gimbals and steadicams. Another huge game changer, my Kessler/monitor setup is getting dusty. I can knock out ten b-roll shots where I used to get one out with the crane.

    Fantastic stills camera for well-lit shoots; the EVF just kills for fast-moving action stills or changing light.

    Fantastic camera with studio strobes using the EVF and Nikkors, screen set to "framing mode" - when there's enough focusing light. In dimmer situations with packs and heads, Nikkors are a no-go if I'm shooting 5.6 or slower. Don't have one of the fast native zooms, but plenty of Nikon bodies for those situations. Still on the fence about finding the 50-150, it's still a pricey-ish lens, but would make the NX more useful with still gigs. But I do mainly video. But then when I do stills, I get hired for really tough gigs, lighting big factories, 5 packs and a dozen heads, stuff like that, so the more tech, the better.

    The main things for me are APS-C, that crisp 4K, 60p and 120p available, great for nonprofit/hospital kids/drama - and truly functional AF on a gimbal. The biggest issue for me is I'd love some Sony-level low light capability, that stuff is gorgeous. Wouldn't mind 4K at 60p, too. I could consider full frame, not excited about 4/3. Maybe I should be.

    So if my NX gets stolen tomorrow, what would make me a happy camper? Used NX? Sony-something? GH5S?? (My next camera may be the BMC 4K studio and a 4K recorder, for higher-end gigs and keying - but that's another shooting scenario, I'd still use the NX1 often).

    I still have my NX1 too and i still prefer the 4k it produces to my GH5. I only use the GH5 for wildlife and some events, the combinaison of great IBIS and the lightweight of the M43 telezoom lenses is hard to beat. However, for everything else, i use my NX1 with the 30mm, 45mm, 85mm and the 16-50mm S.
    I will probably go to Sony with the A7III but i can't see a lens similar to the 16-50S or as good as the 50-150mm in the Sony system, the lack of good and affordable zoom is my main concern.

  8. On 29/09/2017 at 11:47 PM, Kisaha said:

    Video is my profession, but photography is my hobby, so I would choose a true hybrid. Samsung NX1 ticks the most boxes for me.

    H265 video, 4K/30p, 1080p/120frames, DIS, a nice collection of native lenses (10mm fish eye, 30mm pancake, 45mm, 16-50S the ones I most use).

    28mpxls BSI APS-C sensor, 15frames, great ergonomics (if not best in class), a modern AF system (even for video, but it starts to getting old now, still relevant though), great battery life, great touch screen, UI.

    That's why I have two!


    Indeed, the NX1 (with 16-50S/50-150S) produces the best video quality i have ever seen.
    I like my GH5 for IBIS, 6K video, V-LOG etc but i prefer the 4k video from the NX1 (color, sharpness and contrast).

  9. 2 hours ago, Emanuel said:

    Filmmaking is a combination of circumstances for sure. But, I don't think it is the case of glass here, we both bet ; ) To my eyes, the secret there is on post production, I'd say. Once he says he's not using any NR on post, I guess grading can help him out too. Without mention he refers he's overexposing V-log 1-2 stops in-camera, so maybe that's there a good trick to handle it. Have you already tested the tip?

    Yes grading is the key =), but in my case, even crushing the black or overexposing V-log don't help with 3200 ISO.

  10. From Cinema5D : "We were presented with a ISO 6400 video sample and noise in the picture was very evident. On top of that, when shooting with high ISO settings, the camera will automatically reduce noise internally. This feature cannot currently be turned off and can only be controlled via the menu with high/mid/ and low settings. "

    Hope the NR will not smears out fine details like on the NX500/NX1 ... I will not buy this camera if it's true, it's my biggest complaint about my NX1.

  11. Hi, i have both lenses. The 50-150S OIS is better than 16-50S. The difference @50mm is signifiant. If you plan to use your lens for handled video, the 50-150S is the way to go.
    Furthermore, the 50-150S @150mm F/2.8 has a great bokeh.
    The first two pics are taken with the 50-150S @150mm F2.8 and the last one with the 85mm@F1.4




  12. 8 hours ago, Sten said:

    do the math - for UHD 4K, the NX1 needs at least 120mbps (70mbps x 1.77x crop) to match the NX500

    I own the GH4/NX500/NX1 (with S lenses). The NX1 is the better of the lot for 4K, sharpest and cleanest below 800 ISO. The GH4 is very good too, you gain details at high ISO compared to NX1/NX500 but at the cost of grain. The NX500 is cropped, vastly softer than NX1 and the AF is not reliable (this is why lots of videos posted on the net with this camera seem very soft; the problem is the AF, quick but often innacurate).

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