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  1. 24 minutes ago, SMGJohn said:

    We gotta remember here, H264 suffers at low bitrates whereas the HEVC biggest strengths are just that, at low bitrates! 

    But the higher you go with the bitrate, the HEVC starts to suffer and loose against the ageing H264 and this simply comes down to the way HEVC is designed for, streaming and low bitrate use. Its not meant to be used in video cameras and for high bitrate use they specifically states it.


    Here they do a huge comparison of the x265 versus the x264 and it shows, low bitrate it shows strengths but at high bitrates it does funky stuff.

    Again here we see it once more, it destroys fine details in images even with the specific setting grain on http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=172458

    Now the x265 is constantly under development the x264 was not perfect at its beginning either, but the NX1 uses early HEVC version unless there is evidence of it being updated in the firmware. HEVC is basically made to look good, not keep info which is why we have camera specific codecs to do just that.

    Very interesting post, the HEVC codec destroys fine details and even if the bitrate is very high, we will not see a big improvement. So the only option is a hack who allow to use a different codec ...

  2. 120fps is good at low iso (meaning that you need a lot of light, being the shutter speed to be set at about 1/250). I find it usable up to iso 400. Higher than that and it becomes mushy. I still haven't understood if nx1 applies nr by default to higher iso videos...

    Sadly, it's pretty clear for the default NR. If only Samsung could release a last update for the NX1 with the possibility to set NR settings ...

  3. I haven't seen a lot of "UHD 120FPS" or "raw video" requests on DPREVIEW. Most people want some realistic features like 4k crop, UHD 60fps, the possibility to resize the af square in video or raw compression for photo.
    Samsung has a serious lack of lenses : not enough lenses below F1.8, not enough long lenses. They only have one lens announced, a 300mm F2.8 and its almost one year since the last lens came out. The NX system doesn't appear to be the system to buy at this time and the lack of marketing and availability doesn't help.
    The NX1 is a great camera which can become better and better and this is its strength.

  4. I bought it for 1500€ two months ago but i'm not upset, it's the tech market.
    But i bought it for video, so i will be upset if they plan to release a NX1-LX with better video features after they said they listen their customers about frequent firmware update. Most people can't spend 1600$ in a new body every six months.

  5. then you'll definitely not like the highlights on the NX1, which are worse.  

    ​I agree, i have both cameras and the NX1 highlights are really worse. I get better result with GH4/CineV profile (CineD is awful).
    However, like j.f.r. said, both cameras have poor DR and the NX1 has better resolution and colors.

  6. Some people have bought the NX1 with Rhode mic($220 value), SD card, Lightroom 5 and $51 back for only $1300 at Adorama.

    There is some NX1 + 16-50pz lens for only $1,299.00 on ebay : http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/331509548707 
    ( you can see at the top of the page : "The original item has sold for US $1,299.00. We have selected another similar item below)

    And Fotohanskeuzekamp has an offer for €1999,- for the body and 16-50S lens http://www.fotohanskeuzekamp.nl/producten_zoeken/nx1/1/pagina.html.

    It's great but not for people who have bought it some days/weeks ago ...

  7. My impressions so far with the NX1 compared to GH4 (for video use) :

    - Image quality is better, even if you turn sharpness all the way down, there is still a lot of details.
    - Autofocus is better too. With good light, the AF is really fast and can track a subject with continuous autofocus. But in low light the NX1 is about equal to the Gh4.
    - The swallow DOF, 1.5x crop in photo and video (2.3x for the Gh4 in video).
    - The 16-50mm S : thanks to the F2 aperture @16mm, it's a great and sharp all-rounder lens.
    - Better slowmotion quality.
    - ISO 100 available and almost noise-free until ISO 800.

    - The rolling shutter is worse than GH4 in UHD (but very good in 1080p), if you shoot without moving a lot, no problem, but if you move or pan, it is bad.
    - The Dynamic range is good but you must be carefull with the highlights, the zebras are not accurates. The NX1 has probably more DR stops in shadows than in highlights (unusual).
    - Noise reduction setting not available yet (starting at iso 400, the noise reduction smears details a bit).
    - The OIS of the lumix 12-35 is better (compared to the NX 16-50mm S).
    - The focus square can't be moved with the buttons (only with the touch screen) and can't be shrunk during video recording.
    - H265 not supported by a lot of editing softwares.
    - Heavier (pro zoom lens are heavier and larger too).

    In conclusion, i like them both, but for me, it may be easier to use the GH4 for now.
    When the editing softwares will support the H265 and when Samsung will solve problems that can be corrected, no doubts the NX1 will be the king ;).


    ​Seriously, you can tell video quality from this? So far, all the video clips from this NX500 posted that I have found (and I have looked), including those from reviewers, are based on somebody waving around the camera shooting literally aimlessly, often in poorly-lit settings. Le's wait for a video from someone who actually knows how to shoot video, or at leat knows to hold the camera steady.

    ​I don't know but based on the videos posted on several websites, for now, i'm not impressed
    I linked this video because there is not a lot of NX500 clips at the moment.
    Hopefully, there will be better videos sample soon.

  9. For me, the evf button is totally disabled both during recording AND during video standby. If you want to change that, you have to be in still capture mode.


    If there is a way to have it working during video, please let us know.

    ​It's the same for me, that's what I thought.
    I think Brian Luce and The Chris can switch Display/EVF only in still mode and not during video recording.

  10. ​I have 1.2.2

    With the display/EVF, are you talking about the EVF button not switching between the LCD and EVF?  If so mine works fine. I definitely have the AF indicator and SAF works fine as well .

    ​Do you also have the Af indicator and the possibility to switch bewteen the LCD and EVF during video recording ?

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