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  1. 1 minute ago, Mattias Burling said:

    Ok, must be rare or only in certain situations then. Because I've shot every which ways, many times in iso1600-6400 and it hasn't happen. Will run some tests with weird exposures to see if I can provoke it. Only way to deal with things like that imo is to understand and avoid it, otherwise we couldn't buy any cameras at all :)

    Shooting the natural film simulation with less contrast and saturation will bring it out on the X-T2. (this was the days pre-internal FLOG)

  2. 2 hours ago, Snowbro said:

    Will you guys return this if sony releases their supposed "pro" apsc model that should have all of this + ibis, better battery & maybe 10 bit 4:2:2 internal? Obviously the fuji will have better colors, but color is easier to fix in 10 bit. I just wish fuji had some faster os lenses, it would be cool to use this as a travel/lightweight cam to pull out and get some smooth shots (not walking). Having it on a gimbal all the time could get annoying, especially when the battery dies fast & you have to rebalance. The end product that pros have been able to get with it is no doubt impressive. 

    Andrew, can we get a new sub-forum where we argue the specs of imaginary cameras versus current ones? 

  3. I was on a construction site shoot this weekend where a perfect shot materialized suddenly after we had just packed up the camera for the day. I pulled out my iPhone 6s and recorded it in 4k 100mpbs with Filmic Pro. Add a little simulated motion blur in after effects and you are golden. I've cut in filmic pro iphone footage to videos before and no one has ever noticed. Great iPhone gimbals are $130 now. These kinds of situations are where I see a phone being useful for filmmaking. 

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