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  1. no 4k 10 bit out by the looks of it, bummer
  2. Am really hoping Canon's clog3 can handle 8 bit better than Sony's slog3 can... The c200b looks tempting but I think the touch screen monitor for af may be really useful
  3. Can you shoot RAW internally on the Sony fs5?
  4. sorry was being a tad facetious - mainly doubting the reliability of any af system - if it was an important paying job and I needed to get focus 1st go I would put my money towards a focus puller rather than rent another camera and hope af worked everytime
  5. i'd be interested to know as well - there were reports of the 18-105 having bad distortion particularly at the wide end in 4k on the Sony fs7 as its processor wan't able to correct this by software in camera. Was fine in 1080p though. Is this also the case with the a6500?
  6. Ha - Mitch has nothing to do with the GH5, he's looking after Varicam and DVX200 and presumably this new camera. He's not prone to hyperbole and is super helpful fella, but I get your point
  7. back on the dvxuser thread, Mitch Gross who is Cinema Product Manager for Panasonic USA says that it will be an innovative camera...make of that what you will....
  8. dvxuser source has added "The info I have says this wont be a particular innovative camera. It's more a mix of already existing functions and features. Plain vanilla these days at a decent price. Look upon it as a competitor to the FS5 or C100 MKII with the added 4k functionality compared to the C100 MKII. The camera will use Panasonics 10-bit codec and a Sony sensor specially made for Panasonic." was hoping for but not expecting the Varicam sensor...
  9. I'm talking £3-4k not $, I'm in the UK, and no I'm not looking to buy the latest and greatest - I tend to wait a year and buy used cameras once all the initial glitches are sorted... Have no idea how much this new Panasonic will cost or what features it will have - this is all speculation on my part - am not sure where the EIS suggestion has come from, IBIS is a great thing and to be honest Panasonic's version of it is a lot better on the GH5 than Sony version I tried on the A6500. Sony are on catch up there. The DPAF on the Canon's is really useful at times and they have a step up on panasonic there. Is great there will be another choice in this price bracket - the FS5, C100 and I'm sure this new Panasonic will all have strengths and weaknesses - choose what suits your needs more from the fella at dvxuser "The specs I was given is from a trusty source but hey it can contain a few faults for sure. The codec is a 10-bit 4:2:2 format with lower quality options at hand. There are a few similar features to the DVX200 also"
  10. I would be amazed if they put the Varicam sensor in at that price, is mainly wishful thinking on my part - but I guess if they really want to get back into the C100, fs5 territory they need to come all guns blazing...I have no worries over Panasonic reliability, have had their dvx100 through to af100 and gh cameras and never had an issue I use c100 as my main camera still and as you say it just works - am sure their next iteration c100 mk3, c200 or whatever will be good and integrate well with their new zooms - but I also expect it to cost a lot more. I'm not going to spend more than £3-4k on a camera again, what we have already is good enough for most work, and tend to rent if I need higher frame rates...still not been asked to shoot 4k yet
  11. If they can somehow squeeze the Varicam sensor into this camera and sell for $4k - the price of a Canon c100 mk2 - then it will blow everything else away...Canon won't offer anything of comparable spec at a price anywhere near that, that's not their way.
  12. A well respected member at dvxuser wrote this earlier "Just got this info about the new camera. It will have a S35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range. 4k up to 60fps. 1080p up to 120fps. All the usual stuff like ND, SDI/HDMI out. The body is very light weight at about 1 kg. Media used will be SDXC cards with dual slot capacity. The camera pars can be broken down and the shape of the camera is a mix of C100 and FS5. As is the price in the league of a C100 mkII." Would be pretty amazing if true
  13. Personally I think the Varicam has the nicest image after Arri and the dual ISO is what takes it above those others you mention. Would love for it to be cheaper but would rather spend a bit more and get soem of that Varicam colour science and DR than a gh5 with xlrs & nd
  14. Yes I'd expect it to be more like double that...am excited for this camera, am hoping it's more a 'mini' Varicam than beefed up GH5
  15. no it doesn't have dpaf but as with most Canon's is no slouch with af in stills mode
  16. yes seems a lot faster and more accurate than the Canon 750d Iv'e also got...haven't tested it thoroughly but so far am pleasantly surprised
  17. ? the af works superfast for stills
  18. I'm afraid those Manfrottos are junk and definitely not a real 'fluid head' - I had the 503 and hated it...now have a Vinten Vision Blue and it is a huge difference. More expensive but you kind of get what you pay for with tripods, as mentioned above get the very best you can afford - it will last many cameras so long as you get a decent one from the start. Lack of weight may be an issue with gh4, most tripods have a minimum weight needed to get true balance. Your budget is too low for any real quality but you may be able to get a used head fromMiller or Vinten or Sachtler if you can stretch your budget a bit more
  19. Oliver or anyone who has actually used the 6500 in 4k with slog - how easy is it to see the image, focus and expose when the screen and evf is dim - how bad is the dimming?
  20. http://www.canonrumors.com/crop-factor-change-for-4k-canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-included-in-coming-update-more/ this latest rumour could make the 5d mk4 a viable option
  21. No cave here but don't know many pros who rely on auto focus enough for it to be as high up the list of essentials as you seem to believe - also the A7s2 has crap af for stills and video, it's the A7r2 that is better but still nowhere near trustworthy. Also an A7s3 is going to cost double what gh5 is, hardly in the same price bracket
  22. it seems Cinema5d have now taken the article offline.... https://***URL not allowed***/panasonic-gh5-lab-test-temporarily-offline/
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