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  1. They certainly do and there's no Canon I.s. lens I've used that has the same level of stabilisation as dual IBIS coming from Panasonic and Olympus and now it seems Nikon (Sony's is not so great). Canon need to get their arse into gear
  2. Sony's implimentation of IBIS is about as 'good' as Panasonic's AF. Choose your poison. The NIkon looks the most well rounded of the bunch so far to me, be interesting to see how Panasonic goes with the new FF
  3. Judging from the few examples I've seen the Eos-r video is not very good and definitely not worth the £2750 they're asking if I want to use my ef and efs lenses (with variable nd adaptor). I could buy 2 more c100's for that, and am really not wanting to invest in a new set of lenses on top. I'm better off keeping my Canon 750d for stills and using Panansonic gh2 as b camera for video (easier to match with c100 due to 750d video being soft and mushy) - was just hoping that by now Canon would offer a decent reasonably priced hybrid so I wouldn't need to carry so many cameras
  4. thanks for that - I did check it out but from what I've seen is still soft compared to c100 and was hoping to be able to use clog on both cameras. Could you point me to any decent examples of m50 footage? Sorry for the off topic
  5. Been looking, hoping, waiting for a decent b camera (that also takes stills) from Canon to cut with the c100 for what seems like forever - watching that video the EOS-r is still not it. Come on Canon, it is getting embarassing I've used that 10-18mm EF-S lens on the c100 and it is plenty sharp enough
  6. Was this shot 4k or 1080p, got to say it does look like good old soft Canon dslr footage - bit disappointing
  7. Note's work is great but it's not with the new Pocket 4k
  8. You 2 should get a room. So much sexual tension
  9. Have you actually used touch to focus on a GH5?
  10. Has there been any testing of the rolling shutter in hd, it's awful in 4k even with the crop? Also if the hd is sharp enough to cut with c100, the usual Canon dslr hd is soft and mushy. Am trying to like this camera despite its limitations and price
  11. Has there been much feedback on how the AF is with ef lenses and the adaptor for video and photography? As quick as native mount lenses or a bit clunky? Not interested in getting a whole new set of lenses
  12. This is amazing news, and from what Kholi has said about his test footage with the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K , 12:1 will be very usable... Stuff you'll probably find exciting: - Pixel Peepers will find a hard time locating differences between 3:1 and 12:1, tried breaking the compression at 12:1 and Constant Quality options with pretty intense scenes and was unable to. Believe it can be broken in post with heavy grades, but if you're planning that then just shoot 3:1 or 5:1. Genius. - About an hour of footage shooting 8:1 or 12:1 to an 128GB card at 4.6K - no more raw complaints - Just as much flexibility to beat on the image in post as Cinema DNG - New update in camera has cleaned up my image in a massive way, FPN nearly vanished with a firmware update. - New Noise Profile is very pleasing, never used NR before anyway, but profile is extremely awesome. - Blackmagic cameras are all about motion, color, and defending the cameras on various forums. The new update has changed the motion in the camera to something even more buttery yet still cinematic. Check out how objects are rendered despite my horrible handheld shots. Motion Cadence nuts like myself will be pleased, detractors will say it's fake. Note: takes film grain beautifully. - Raw controls in new Resolve for BRAW are awesome, very simple. Hard to mess up haha. Favorite little details: sidecar can be saved, export BRAW still, set black point
  13. Ha this place is turning into a baiting zone
  14. seems legit from their thread at bmcuser http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?22226-P4K-Footage-quot-Seoul-Zoo-quot
  15. 10 bit can definitely help if you want to maximise dynamic range and shoot in log mode - most versions of log (other than the original clog1) tend to fall apart in 8 bit as soon as you start grading.
  16. this is great for us in 25p land, tried it with a friends GH5 and it is a huge improvement. Doesn't work in 24p though apparently
  17. As always it seems everyone has different needs in a camera. There is quite a difference when grading 10 bit log compared with 8 bit, and with the C200 you are giving up dynamic range sticking to their 8 bit codec. For me the fs7 seems to have spoilt many of the production companies at least in my world, and so they are now asking more for 10 bit not 8 bit. You can argue they should instead just leap to dealing with RAW but that is not where they seem to be at, for better or worse... There is a lot to like about the c200 and even though I do prefer the EVA1's image, the c200 ticks most of the boxes for me, I come from the c100 so it would seem like a natural step - but for that pesky 8 bit (or RAW). Canon are trying to push me towards the C300 mk2 but that's another jump in price (and has its own niggles for me) - am swinging towards the EVA1 with GH5 or GH5s as b cam, a lot to be said for having cameras that can easily be graded to match
  18. Yeah we get it - your needs are different to others, isn't choice a great thing, move on, keep your camera and be happy instead of trying to think up other spurious reasons why not to get this one. Life can be simple...
  19. And that is a big deal for many - that the GH5s retains the 12 stops of DR at iso 2500 whereas by then the GH5 has dropped to about 9.5 stops
  20. That DP Review chart is comparing photos, this is a video centric forum - when you compare the video of GH5s and the A7s from what I've seen up to iso 12800 maybe even 25000 the GH5s is a cleaner image and the colour doesn't fall apart in the same way the Sony does. From 25000 iso and above the Sony clearly takes over but how many people shoot at those crazy high isos? The Gh5s is better at iso levels where 99% of users will be using it
  21. that's the problem, you can only imagine
  22. the Sony 35mm 1.8 oss is a great lens for the a6300 .Use the kit lens for the wide and use the image zoom on the 35mm to get a pseudo 50mm field of view
  23. yawn - are you also user Satoshi who has just repeated the same fanboy talk on another thread....
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