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  1. Thanks for all the feedback am liking what I'm seeing, definitely looks the best FF mirrorless to me. When it gets full V-log the camera will be a beast. Has anyone tried the S35 mode and compared it to full frame for image quality, I've got a lot of ef-s lenses that could still be useful?
  2. Fanboys and girls of any inanimate object seems utterly bewildering to me - not sure what this thread is hoping to achieve other than giving fanboys of other cameras an opportunity to join the party
  3. Thanks for the honest appraisal of the Eos-r Andrew, kind of how I felt with only a short play with the camera but confirmation is very much appreciated
  4. Yes funny how the S1`is the only camera that ticks all of the boxes from the OP and yet folk then feel the need to move the goalposts and ignore it. I think the S1 is by far the most compelling of all the recent mirrorless 'full frame' cameras, and the image is looking lovely to my eyes. Here's another little short, love the colours
  5. From the cinema 5d dynamic range test the Panasonic S1 had more DR - 12.2 than the Sony FS7 - 12, and that was without V-log for the S1 so I would expect it trumps the A7iii
  6. Beautiful little film, great work as always from Filippo Chiesa
  7. Looks great, full sensor 4.6K images up to 120 frames per second is pretty impressive, always loved the image the Ursa pro gives out
  8. Yes for video at least until the full frame cameras can tame RS at 4k (or even give us full frame 4k eh Canon), and get 4k 50p up to speed - then crop cameras and their smaller lenses will still have advantages.
  9. I've got the eos m50 which has slightly sharper hd than the usual Canon dslr mush but still looks very soft when I cut with the c100, and the limited dr and lack of c-log or wdr, zebras and waveform is frustrating. Would be happy with an updated version of the m50 - bit sharper and with c-log, am ok with crop camera for stills
  10. OK after some misplaced excitement due to early spec leaks - it's pretty clear the EOS-RP is not going to be of much interest to most of us here who want a hybrid camera for decent video as well as stills. It just seems to have got us all snarling at each other For me if they had just added 8 bit c-log at FHD which was sharp enough to cut nicely with C100 then I would be interested. 4k and 10 bit would be lovely but Canon don't like to give you what you want or even what its competitors give you. But I would overlook all that for decent FHD with c-log. Feel like I've been waiting 5 years for Canon to give me a b cam to my c100 at a decent price but still hasn't happened I realise the EOS-R has that but for me it is way too expensive with such a crippled 4k - crop and bad RS. At that price I would also want 10 bit internal. Maybe there is room for a more video oriented budget camera that sits between the EOS-RP and EOS-R. For my needs anyway
  11. Sorry I thought it was obvious I was responding to your certainty that the audience prefer the imagery of Canon. I don't think that matters at all it is the story that makes films successful or not It's probably just me but this winners prefer Canon thing you keep saying comes across like some naff marketing spiel (and I use Canon cameras)
  12. No it's totally about the story. Nobody cares if one image has slightly nicer colour than another if the story isn't compelling. I haven't seen any of them but I bet all those nominated documentaries have good stories. That's what makes them successful
  13. This. Particularly true for documentaries All the other stuff in this thread has gotten silly.
  14. He's getting the shot but I bet it wasn't enjoyable, looks very unwieldly - was thinking more like the old Aaton ethos
  15. I wouldn't say the c300 II is perfect for run n gun - like all the cXXX cameras (I have the c100) they only work well handheld if you use it completely barebones, just lens and either use the viewfinder or cradle it. They are horrible cameras ergonomically to set up for shoulder use, they are too high and unwieldly, the c300 II being the worst of the bunch especially with where the audio ports are. The c200 is a little better but still. I wish they would (and this goes for all the other manufacturers too) create a camera with a lower centre of gravity like some of the old 16mm film cameras that would work better for on the shoulder work. It would also eradicate such a reliance on lenses with IS. Actually the c700 is better in that regard but is obviously aimed at a different market
  16. I think Canon will sell loads of these but not to people who care at all about video quality - it is definitely aimed at photographers and frustratingly for us with Canon fit lenses, almost all of their dslr and mirrorless cameras are too. There still isn't a decent spec (on the video side) cheapish Canon hybrid. We are probably a small niche market they don't really care about which is annoying but best to just accept it and move on to a company that does cater for what we want. There are plenty of other companies that have reliable and relevant products with good support. (and have decent AF and colour etc)
  17. This is all pre-production, let's see what it looks like when fully functioning and with proper v-log, AF has looked pretty good on latest firmware and hopefully NR can be turned completely off on production model - there isn't enough footage to make any solid conclusions yet but the lowlight performance, and DR along with IBIS have got me intrigued
  18. you seemed to be slating it a few pages back but I agree let's wait and see how it unfolds, I think there is potential for a decent camera here especially if they can get the AF up to speed 4k 60p and no crop are a pretty big deal for many folk, and with full v-log coming later, the DR could be very impressive. What makes the EOS-R more interesting, genuine question? The EOS-RP looks the more interesting Canon offering to me (for video anyway) if the specs are as reported although the new R lenses are not exactly aimed at the same budget end
  19. I had a play with a friends EOS-r and the RS is bad in 4k, and I could see it just from normal handheld no need for whip pans as you keep on saying - reminded me of the a6300 I used to have, am sensitive to RS and I'm not alone. No need to defend what is an obvious drawback with the EOS-r. I find that hard to stomach on a £2300 camera - if this new cheaper camera is $1300 with clog and less of a crop then I may be willing to put up with the issue
  20. probably why the IBIS on Sony cameras is not very good
  21. Yes unfortunately I can't see Canon giving us clog and a better 4k crop than the EOS-r for £1000 less, that's not the way they work.
  22. The point being that he has gone out there and made a 'good enough' looking film with an older generation hybrid whilst you're wishing and waiting for a camera that has to all intents and purposes (as far as 99.9% of the audience is concerned) been available for quite some time. Whether that film is worth watching will come down to the script, acting, sound etc - it won't be the camera that is holding it back
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