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  1. this guys stuff is pretty good https://vimeo.com/123625593
  2. the footage looks wonderful - although everything from Wyatt shot with the old bmc camera is great too, his other documentaries are worthy of a watch
  3. A used C100 with DPAF is a good deal these days
  4. I'd get one you can use your gh4 on, quite a few to choose from, will obviously cut seamlessly On a slight tangent it looks like DJI have slashed the price of their X5R RAW camera that's coming out soonish
  5. Lighten up people, some unnecessary venim here, it's a bit of fun - thanks Ed
  6. the black spot happens on alexa too.....just saying
  7. the tokina will work on full frame at 16mm
  8. slog with s-gamut needs to be delogged with a proper lut and then it works well. Most of the problems folk are having with slog is just trying to grade without delogging 1st as jfr alluded to
  9. and do you really want a successor to make the older version left with no support & obsolete, and then the same again next year - one year cycles for cameras is a nightmare, and Sony seem to be pushing that - be careful what you wish for
  10. good deal for UK buyers at the moment, £449 with £50 cashback & 5 year warranty - ends at midnight http://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-DMC-LX100EBK-Digital-f1-7-2-8-VARIO-SUMMILUX-Black/dp/B00NLFJ2KU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427363511&sr=8-1&keywords=panasonic+lumix+dmc-lx100
  11. yes it's a great feature, makes apsc lenses like the pretty cheap sony 50mm 1.8 with image stabilisation useful in full frame mode
  12. I got the Sony 28-70 kit lens you mentioned initially, can be picked up for very little. Not much slower than the zeiss 24-70 and little difference in performance. I use the cheap commlite adapter for my existing canon lenses and it has worked fine, no problems so far although as mentioned forget using af with any of these adapters. The I.s. Works with the commlite once you start recording, threw me at 1st but I guess it saves battery a little. I also find myself using canon fd 50 1.4 a lot with this camera for stills and video, gives a lovely creamy image on full frame Am tempted to get the Sony 50 1.8 oss for crop mode, oss is nice to have at that focal length - tried it in a shop on full frame and with zoom function at 1.3 and the image quality is great with no obvious vignette. Worth a look
  13. whats the audio quality like using xlr? thanks
  14. i have a world version, bought from panamoz - i think they get theres from Hong Kong, best price in the uk when i got it
  15. what is the hdmi lag like between sony a7s and shogun, it looked quite bad on the gh4?
  16. Great work, both camera and edit This is so true - and sorry to mention this on your thread but DanYELLLL please give it a rest on your Nikon v A7s obsessive diatribe, you've been copy and pasting the same angry little rant on every forum there is over and over again for months now.....................
  17. seems it's an issue with most Sony cameras - check out this work around http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?327633-A7S-colored-highlight-peaking/page4
  18. for hand held shooting, image stabilising can be utilised with Canon glass - Nikon has no electronic connection
  19. mine arrived today, all good - is a world camera with both pal & ntsc
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