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  1. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Its good to know about the clear zoom. Its great that it works in 4k too, as it means I can get a pretty decent overall zoom out of the shot if I crop to HD, which is my final resolution anyway. Noted about the HD quality though. Ive heard its pretty horrific. Lets hope it gets fixed with a firmware update. Im looking to get the 16-70mm f4 zeiss lens. But Ive seen the Sony has a G 18-105 f4 lens for almost half the price. I dont expect it to be as sharp as the zeiss. Can anyone give a rough comparison whether or not it is worth it? Would the autofocus respond as well as with the faster, newer lenses? The zeiss should be sufficient, combined with the clear zoom and post cropping. It comes down to lens performance itself, and whether it will be too much of a step down?
  2. Hi there! Im looking to buy the Sony A6500, but I can't seem to find some info I'm looking for. 1. I'm currently shooting video with the ancient 5Dmk3. How does it compare in low light? On the 5d, once you go past 3200 iso the color noise becomes unbearable. Denoising does help, but the underlying footage is muddy. I know the sony has a much sharper image, so at least if it's as good in low light, it will be a step forward. 2. Does it have 1:1 digital crop on the sensor for shooting in HD? For instance, to double the focal length of your final shot. 3. If it has this 1:1 crop, does autofocus still work in this mode? Thanks! Corrie
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