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  1. Build quality/weather sealing on the Canon DSLR's (and I would assume Nikon, though I've never held one) is highly desirable for me. So add that to the list :)
  2. Thanks for sharing! Trying to wrap my head around all of the picture profile options available in the C100 has been daunting for me. Anyone else using Film Convert in conjunction with their C100 shooting?
  3. Absolutely, I do this all the time! If you google almost any composers name along with midi (i.e. Mozart Midi's, Dvorak Midis) You'll easily come across a nice library of midi files. IMSLP.org is another great resource for searching composer catalogs, that often have midi tracks attached. Garageband has a wealth of great sounds built in, from decently good piano sounds to really quite good synths. If you can find multi-track midis making arrangements is pretty easy. Better yet, if you live near a university with a music program, you can always find musicians who are willing and able to perform and gain exposure. The best thing is that most of them will work for cheap, sometimes they'll even work for free pizza :) While it might not be feasible to gather orchestra of college students, string quartets and other smaller chamber ensembles are easy to find. There are dozens upon dozens of them at larger universities
  4. Legitimate question to you Andrew, not trolling here. Would you be okay with me downloading footage that you have shot and re-editing it or repurposing it somehow for my own creative use without permission? Uploaded to vimeo for as a personal or experimental project
  5. As a musician turned video guy I'm not at all opposed to this. I hope that this encourages cinematographers/film makers to go find local musicians and work with them. I sincerely hope that it does! I started shooting a personal documentary on a local coffeehouse about a month ago, and two local musicians were practically begging to help score it. There are tons of musicians out there, just as there are videographers. Much like the video industry, it is now easier than ever to create music at home on a limited budget. Of course having the ability to write my own music makes this a non-issue for me, so I do understand why it is frustrating to so many. The way I see it though, the opportunity for more collaboration should only lead to better creative potential!
  6. I just received a C100 about 2 weeks ago and am loving it so far. I've been shooting a personal documentary on a local coffeehouse to get more time with the camera before my next run of weddings and real estate videos. So far I've been sticking with the stock picture profile and have used the Wide DR in cases where the highlights get a little out of hand. Unbelievable amounts of detail and just an ove great feel to the image. The amount of tweakability in the picture profiles is ridiculous, and I know I've barely scratched the service. I'm really going to dive into this this week
  7. Lol! I know the C100 is probably the most hated camera here, but I just love the image out of that thing. Weddings and real estate videos are not fun but they pay the bills. I'd rather shoot the great image in camera than spending twice as long grading a real estate video, yuck! Still, I am intrigued by 4K. Just haven't seen a camera that is a must have for me yet
  8. Nope! I just ordered a C100 :) Fantastic 1080p, super easy workflow and turnaround time. Great image, sound, and NDs. If by some off chance I do ever need 4K I'll probably give the A7S a rental
  9. I can't help but think using something like a C100 would give you a better quality image with a similar price and setup with a lot easier workflow. The full-frame look is hard to beat, though.
  10. Buy me a plane ticket and I'd be HAPPY to shoot it :)
  11. Andrew, I haven't read the review yet but that is some of the best looking footage I have seen you shoot. Well done my friend
  12. You have not even linked to the campaign anywhere on this thread. Not doing yourself any favors here
  13. Don't drink and post.
  14. I hope the in camera 1080p footage also sees a drastic leap in quality, as your write-up seems to imply it will.
  15. I hope hard drive prices continue to go down :wacko:
  16. The bare essentials for me: 2 DSLR's, one on a tripod for the ceremony recording the entirety of the ceremony, and one on a monopod, shoulder rig, or tripod with me the entire time getting different shots. 1 or 2 Zoom H1's, one lav mic. I always stick the zoom h1 in the grooms jacket pocket, and if there is amplification during the ceremony I'll record an out from the mixer to the other recorder. In one case, i just stuck an H1 in front of a speaker and it worked surprisingly well. At least 1 fast lens, like a 50 1.8. You'll likely need it at some point, probably during the reception. Some kind of video light. Even if its on camera during the reception. I like to stick an ice light on a light stand and place it off camera during the reception during the bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc. I think that would do it for me. Everything else is a luxury!
  17. Is there something you want to do in FCPX that you currently can't accomplish? I believe it already has many of the Logic EQs and compressors built in. Some FX as well.
  18. Looks like all but 1 shot is back focused on the gear rack to the left. Could just be me?
  19. Best of luck on ebay...hope you have better luck with buyers than I have recently!
  20. LOL! I thought you were being serious for a second! It was very enjoyable. Well worth the time/money. Its not a technical masterpiece but it is well shot and tells a very enjoyable and cohesive story
  21. Saw this. Seems like a cool idea but I feel like it sort of defeats the purpose of owning and shooting on a Super 8 camera
  22. I would have agreed with you until I actually used a 70D at a wedding. The AF really is brilliant. For cinema? Of course manual focus will be the way to go. But for weddings/docs, I am seriously considering picking one up
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