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  1. Ugh...so true. Nothing annoys me more than just abysmal test footage or photos. How can I get Sony to send me one for testing? Have a website?
  2. It does indeed have optical stabilization    "   Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization Optical SteadyShot image stabilization works to minimize the appearance of camera shake when working in low-light conditions or with greater zoom magnifications. The system can counter the effects of both vertical and horizontal movements, and, furthermore, Active 3-Way stabilization adds digital rolling control that balances both clockwise and counter-clockwise movements while recording videos. "
  3. Agreed - RX100 or the RX100 mk2 seem like a perfect choice to me. I've used this at concerts, airports, etc. where my dslr would otherwise not be allowed. Image quality is great, and plenty of functionality. Right in your price range
  4. Thats pretty hilarious. I use a t2i as a b-cam when I photograph weddings, and I take about 50% of the ceremony shots with it, assuming theres plenty of light. I'd feel comfortable photographing a wedding with nothing but canon or Nikon crops if thats all I had.    Definitely an interesting parallel, thanks for sharing
  5. Heres an RX10 promo video, I'd say take the images with a grain of salt   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOx0KfbmZTY   This camera is interesting to me. Throw on the XLR pack and you've got a decent all in one portable camcorder replacement   Weather sealing and built in ND's too? Dang!
  6. I had my hands on one at a convention about 2 weeks ago. So at least they exist. As far as large scale production goes, who knows
  7. A week ago I would have said otherwise, but I really hope the 7d mark 2 has the autofocus from the 70D. I went to the Canon booth at a conference last week and picked up a 70D just out of curiosity.  I was blown away by the autofocus ability, and could absolutely see myself using it in a documentary situation. I hope that the 7D has a touch screen just for this feature alone.    I realize cinema shooters won't care about that feature much, but for documentaries I really think it is such a help
  8. We can only hope. The 7D was a bit of a step up in video features when it came out.    As it stands, an iphone can record higher frame rates than most dslrs. Think about that for a moment :)
  9. Given the radio trigger on top I'm sure they were on some kind of photoshoot.     I'm excited for the next season and hope it sucks less than season 2 and 3. 3 was a slight improvement, but I feel like neither of them was as entertaining as season 1. 
  10. I got to play with all 3 Blackmagic cameras at WFX conference in dallas this morning. I was surprised at how light the pocket cam was. The amount of Bokeh I was able to get out of the panasoinc 45-200. Even at 5.6, depth of field seemed plentiful. Really does seem like the perfect video camera to always have with you, excluding the battery issues. The menu is also a bit fiddly...
  11. Can you then explain how the 5d3 does it just fine, with or without raw recording?
  12.   Just curious - what do you usually offer the couples? I'm not sure of the file size difference after converting to ProRes but that seems like a TON of footage. 
  13. You might get a variety of answers here, but for my line of work I do try to get it as right in camera as possible. I primarily shoot weddings, and it is a huge time saver to not have to grade footage after the fact. Of course there are almost always slight exposure or contrast adjustments for me, but for weddings I never shoot a super flat image.    If you're shooting a short film, many folks want to shoot a flatter image so that thy have more creative control in post. However you are correct in that editing the codec of that camera will likely degrade the image. It'd be good to shoot some footage with it, spend some time trying to grade it and figure out the limitations of the footage
  14. I'm not sure of the math and I can't figure out how to get final cut to tell me the amount of footage in each event, but at a quick glance it appears to be on average an hour and a half of footage, give or take. Probably closer to 2 hours If I film the entire ceremony. Pretty rough estimate but I know thats in the ballpark at least
  15. Some numbers and thoughts for you. I have shot about 8 weddings now and feel comfortable calling myself a "professional" wedding videographer:   The first wedding I ever shot I came away with 23.61 GB in footage. I used the Sony RX100 to record the entire ceremony (surpisingly short, only about 15 minutes) and a few second angles of the first dance and cake cutting. I shot the rest of the night on the t2i. I did end up with a lot i didn't end up using    The second wedding I shot: I found out I was shooting literally the morning of, and I did it for free. I ended up with 20.13 GB of footage. I shot between the 5D3 and t2i. Probably shot 75% of the ceremony continuous, and didn't stay for quite the entire reception. I only came away with a 4:30 highlight reel (didn't want to do too much work since it was free) so I obviously had a ton of extra I didn't put into the film.    The third wedding I shot was 20.52 GB, and I just used the 5D mark 3 on that one. Only had to deliver I highlight reel but it was about 8-9 minutes. Turned out great.    Most recently, I shot 27GB at a wedding. Used the t2i to film the ceremony and the 5D3 the rest of the night.    All of this is without audio or photos. Even when filming, I do take about 100 photos at each event for facebook, my website, and portfolio. Hope that helps!
  16. I would consider buying 2 bags....all of that in 1 bag would be insanely heavy. I like the rolling think-tank bags, and my lowepro backpacks are good for smaller loads
  17. Same here. Really baffling. I would love to move to a more compact system but nobody has really given me a reason to yet
  18. http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/digitalcameras/omd/e-m1.html?icn=homepage&ici=billboards_em1     Still only 30p.     
  19. They'll care if the footage is shaky and the audio is bad. Use a tripod and get good audio and most brides will be crying regardless of overall IQ
  20. Thanks Ron! Double thanks actually...I live about 15 minutes from there! Going to have to swing over to dallas and check that place out :)   Mind if I ask what lens you used? Definitely looks good enough for my tastes 
  21. Hello EOSHD folks. Pretty simply question for you all.    I am a 5d3 and t2i owner looking to get into the micro 4/3 platform. The more I use my 5D the more I dislike lugging it around. Paired with a 24-70 or 70-200, my wrists begin to hurt after a long day of shooting.    I'm currently looking into the GH3 (price just dropped to 998 on amazon) or the olympus om-d. Has anyone used both? It would be great to have the excellent video performance of the GH3, but I'm wondering if the photos match that of the OM-d. Can anyone compare the autofocus (in stills mode) on the GH3 to the canon cameras? This is primarily for stills as I photograph weddings and engagements often, but having great video is obviously a huge plus. 
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