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  1. Really late reply here, but I've finally been able to save up enough and I've decided to go for a GH3. I'm slightly tempted by the GH4 but I know I won't need 4k filming and over $1,000 is just not affordable so I'm restraining myself. Thanks everyone for their help! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi everyone! So I need help on picking a camera, I've also sucked at deciding in general. Basically I need it to film videos for my vlog, some of me at home and others me filming protests. If it was just videos at home of me talking I wouldn't care that much, but filming protests means the camera has to do well in different lighting, specifically low light, and it has to deal with a lot of people moving around. Another important thing is audio, because during protests I might ask someone some stuff and I'd like the viewer to be able to hear them. I know DSLR's don't do very well in that aspect, although you can buy a separate thing for that. I'm not sure about budget yet, I am a student though so don't suggest anything more than $800ish while I figure what I can afford. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you :)
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