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  1. I feel bad for people who didn't enjoy interstellar. I thought it was epic, loved every second of the experience. Gone girl I found to be pretty predictable in comparison, and sort of perverted to a fault. Just though the sex and violence was a little over the top and found it a bit distracting. Great story though
  2. Get an A7s, D750, or D810. Buy some nikkor lenses. Shoot to your hearts content
  3. Are the speaking at the same time, or separately? If they're speaking at the same time your best bet is just to try cutting various EQ frequencies. Probably in the 500-800hz range. If separate, why not just fade out the cheapo mic track while the other person is talking?
  4. The 1080/60 footage I've shot with the A7s is beautiful, I'm really loving it. Shot the majority of this at 60FPS. Its pretty heavily graded but theres plenty of other examples out there. I'm liking it much more than the D750 60p footage, as its a little more flexible in post with more dynamic range.
  5. Dude! Congrats on the Vimeo Staff Pick!
  6. Don't forget theres also an excellent 1.5 crop mode on the A7s
  7. Definitely don't go if you can't get through it without going into debt and taking out student loans. Otherwise, its probably a great place to learn and network
  8. If you push the info button the histogram will eventually pop up, but i'm failing to find a way to enable the basic meter available in live view in photo mode.
  9. Just came across this on Nofilmschool. Looks pretty fantastic, color especially. Nice behind the scenes video too http://nofilmschool.com/2014/11/creating-high-concept-sci-fi-short-film-no-money
  10. Andrew or anyone else shooting with this camera, do your initial impressions hold up? I'm shooting with the A7s for video and the A7r for stills. Very happy with the A7s, but autofocus on the A7r is abysmal. I've already got a lot of nikkor lenses and was thinking of picking this up as a B-camera
  11. I really got a kick out of the Dog video. Great writing and some beautiful shots throughout
  12. Yes, really worthless in about %95 percent of shooting scenarios. occasionaly in run and gun type situations at weddings, after I already had exposure and focus nailed using the LCD screen, I could use the EVF just for framing and to help with stabilizing a shot. In daylight though, forget it
  13. Thank you! I shot this entirely in PP6. I edited in FCPX using film convert along with the Cine 4 gamma preset in film convert. I'm not sure if this is the correct preset for PP6, but I loved the look I ended up with. I'm finding that the footage is just so easy and fun to play with. So many different looks achievable due to the great dynamic range and flexible codec. Its just fun to shoot with from start to finish
  14. Heres another short I shot today using the A7s. Opening shot is using the time-lapse app, which is pretty convenient! This was a difficult assignment. Had to arrive at the stadium at 7am and have the thing shot and edited by the afternoon before the finals show started. The a7s didn't get in the way, and the lightweight was a huge plus since I was used to lugging the C100 around. Overall Im incredibly happy with the camera
  15. Just shot some 120 fps this evening. Not the sharpest but dang its fun!
  16. How's that for a change - instead of an on camera light, it's an on light camera :)
  17. Which shots? Other than the shaky whip zoom, I'd love to know what stood out to you. I won't be offended :)
  18. Heres a short clip from a documentary i'm working on. This was shot probably 50/50 full frame and crop mode. The opening slider shot was in full frame mode. I am not finding the rolling shutter to be an issue at all
  19. The rolling shutter argument is blown out of proportion. I don't find it any less usable than any other rolling shutter camera on the market right now, especially in S35 crop mode
  20. For the record, I sold my C100 and 5D3 and went with an A7s and A7r. Way happier with the results for stills and video. I'll have a review on my site next week that I'll share here
  21. Just keep in mind, the downside about the FE lenses is that the focus is controlled my an electronic focusing mechanism, which basically detects how fast your are pulling focus and adjusts the speed at which it focuses accordingly. This is a pain as its pretty hard to do repeatable and controlled focus pulls. That being said, I do own the 70-200 F4 FE lens and love it. Stills are absolutely amazing out of it, and the image stabilization is really useful. Sharp as can be and nice colors + contrast. I'm a fan. I haven't used any other FE lenses
  22. I just listed mine today. We'll see I suppose.
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