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  1. I've not used any black magic cameras but I absolutely love our C100 Mark II. I owned the Mark I which I wasn't crazy about, but the mark II solves all of the problems I had with it. I can't overstate how much I love the AF. More often than not when I want to grab focus on a static shot now, I just enable AF for a moment and let the camera grab it. Much faster than me punching in. The image is my favorite of any cameras i've used, and while it might not be the most gradeable footage out there, its certainly better than the Canon DSLR's I've used. I much prefer working with the image in post to the A7s and a7rii. I've seen some people get great color from those cameras, I just couldn't do it. At least not consistently.
  2. They also just announced a 360 camera. Keymission 360 its called.
  3. Just announced a D500 crop sensor body as well Streaming live
  4. Got it! So it essentially helps fight youtube compression. I'll definitely be attempting this on my next upload!
  5. Why'd you choose to upscale the footage to 4K? Does it really make a discernible difference?
  6. Gosh...that was too real man. Haha, great work.
  7. Go have a look at the companys Facebook page and see what their customers and pre-order folks are saying, and see how the company has (not) responded. That'll give you a little insight.
  8. Well, prepare to be slightly disappointed. I guess I should've read up on this more, but it actually doesn't do servo AF at 1080/60. It'll do it at 1080 24fps and 30fps, and 720 60, but not 1080 60. I am a little annoyed because while this is somewhat documented around the web, it doesn't appear to be on the specs list of B&H. Alas...maybe in a firmware update. Initial impressions are good though. Nice to have a camera that actually responds quickly when I press any button.
  9. I found batteries to last about 1-2 hours, closer to 1 if shooting 4K. Your mileage may vary but that should give you an idea on cost for an 11 hour day. If you really do want solid 4K internally and all day, GH4 might be a better option.
  10. Personally, I hate the a7rii for documentary work and ended up selling it. Overheating will definitely occur in 4K, though the 1080p image is nice. Battery life is terrible, and you'll need several and will have to switch often. Beyond that, the menus, ergonomics, and usability of the camera are just a pain to deal with. If you can deal with all of that though, the image and features are certainly great.
  11. I'd got with the C1002 over the C300 any day of the week. Aside from the image, the layout and ergonomics have some nice improvements. Its a lot more compact and easier to use in the field. I'd definitely not pick up a C300 just to impress anyone.
  12. Appreciate the thoughts. I went back in my archives and reviewed some of the footage I've shot on the 5D3 over the years, and was really pleased with how it looked. The only exception really is landscape shots, or wide exterior/establishing shots. Overall though I find I like the image more than much of what i've shot on the a7s and a7rii, and I'm not entirely sure why that is. All this to say, I've got access to a C100MK2 at work so its there if I ever need it! Mine is arriving today, and I'm really looking forward to the dual pixel AF on the Ronin-m.
  13. What didn't people like about Jurrasic World?!? I loved it. Maybe because I saw it on my wedding day and I was just so dang excited about everything, haha
  14. I'm so excited for it. If its as good as the trailers have let on Its going to be a blast.
  15. I've got one arriving monday. I also shoot wildlife and nature stuff, but it'll take over on video duties as well. I'll shoot a variety of things when it arrives but based on all of the footage I've seen it looks about on par with the 5D3, if not a hair sharper
  16. Nothing to do with 4K or 1080p really - manufacturers have this smoothing effect on 1080 TVs as well. And yes, it looks horrible.
  17. These look great. Lens? You may be onto something with this color chart nonsense
  18. Hey All! Selling my A7RII. Purchased brand new from B&H about two months ago. Used for stills mostly but still sparingly. Shot 2 videos on it. I think its just a little too much camera for my needs so I'm downsizing to something simpler. Comes with original box, manuals, chargers, and batteries. Also includes additional Watson battery which works with Sony charger. Plenty of photos below, but its essentially brand new. Let me know if you've got any questions. I'm sure this will go quick Asking for $3000 or best offer. Free shipping to the US - will need to tack on a bit extra to cover international. I'm located in Dallas, Texas. Would love for this to go to a fellow EOSHDer
  19. My biggest frustration with color is just the difficult of grading video vs. raw stills. I feel like I have complete control and understanding of my images when I open up a raw file in lightroom. When it comes to compressed video files its an entirely different story, theres just so much less I can accomplish with ease. It seems like the new lumetri interface in premiere is pretty similar, but still not nearly as flexible unless you're shooting raw. Looking forward to the day where its practical from a space/processing perspective.
  20. Everyone has their own preference of course. For me, the a7rii does feel like a piece of technology, whereas a Canon feels like a tool. When I pick up a hammer, I know how to use it very intuitively, same with Canon DSLRs. I find myself looking at the camera (often the menus!) more often than at my scene or subject with the Sony, and that frustrates me. Maybe I'm just getting too old
  21. I agree for the most part on features. And I definitely don't want them all. Don't need built in ND's, XLRs, clear scan, Clog, etc. All I want is a sharper image and a little more dynamic range
  22. As a (primarily) short documentary/small commercial WORK shooter, I think Dual-Pixel autofocus is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It works so well on the C100 mk II and is a dream for what and how I shoot. Since picking up a Ronin-M I've been dying to use it on the gimbal. Alas, the a7rii continuous AF is an improvement over previous models but it just isn't in the same league as the Canon tech. If the 5d mark IV simply had dual-pixel AF, and comparable 1080P to the C100, I would be a happy camper. I don't need 4K, I don't need 120FPS (though it'd be nice), just really nice 1080P at 24 and 60FPS. Throw in a wide-DR profile while you're at it. For stills, while Sony seems to be quite proud of their 399 AF Point Phase Detect system, the fact of the matter is that I still trust the AF on my t2i to be faster, more reliable, and better in low light than the AF on my a7rii or a6000. I still can't get over the feeling that I'm trying to operate a computer every time I pick up a Sony camera, whereas Canon just feels so intuitive that I literally can adjust any setting on the fly without looking at the camera. Are these requests unreasonable? Will Canon "Get there" one day or will we forever receive mushy, soft 1080P footage from Canon DSLRs?
  23. The latest tech from Canon: "We know you want 4K, but at least we started giving you 1080p 60FPS. But then we realized that was too much. All you really need is a battery."
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