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  1. I'm pretty active on Instagram My Account: https://www.instagram.com/zach_ashcraft/ Side Project: https://www.instagram.com/SurviveAndShoot/
  2. I just ordered an LX100 (arrives tomorrow) for similar reasons. 4K video, nice stills and very versatile lens. Also easy to throw in a bag or jacket pocket and not have to worry about extra lenses and such. Probably much cheaper underwater housings available for it than the other options you mentioned, as well. Not necessarily an endorsement since I haven't actually used it yet, but seems to tick a lot of the right boxes
  3. Maybe Netflix compression has something to do with it but when I watched it (via iTunes) I thought it looked fantastic
  4. So I sort of missed the LX100 trained when it was released, but I've recently stumbled upon it and am very interested in picking one up. At just over $400 used I don't really have a lot to loose, I don't think, but I did just have a few questions for those who have used it. 1. Does it overheat? I had the Rx100 IV for about 2 weeks. Loved the image, hated using it because I could only shoot for less than a minute here in the Texas summer. 2. Can it charge via USB? Not a deal-breaker, but would be a nice feature to have since I've got a few portable USB chargers on my everyday. 3. How gradeable is the image and is it easy enough to match to a C100 MKII or vice versa? I don't do anything too crazy grade wise and typically stick to more natural looking footage, since I shoot a lot of documentary work. 4. Is it "fun" to use? I know this is subjective, but its important to me. Its probably going to be with me everyday, and I want to enjoy using it. 5. Biggest drawbacks?
  5. I'll say this. Its getting harder and harder for us to come up with excuses for not making films
  6. We've had very different experiences it seems. I found the AF unusable in video mode. Not anywhere close to being in the same league as Canon's dual pixel offerings, at least in my experience. Maybe i was going about it wrong
  7. Heres a sample video. Another one of those cliche scenic videos with lame music. Lots of detail. Noise looks decent
  8. Wonder if it will handle rolling shutter well. That would be one of my biggest concerns
  9. I've got a $250 rental gift card i've been saving for a rainy day. Looks like I'll be waiting for a rainy day in April to give this a shot
  10. I am dying to see how the 120FPS footage holds up
  11. Somehow I see a class action lawsuit or something of the likes in this companies future. Really shady stuff going on with their customer service
  12. I dont trust the NYTimes either. Or any major media outlet in America for that matter. I think most crew members would be pretty happy with $600 a day. I would be.
  13. When you're shooting with a wide angle lens on a glidecam, its going to come up.
  14. Have you tried the clear scan shutter speed mode? Where you dial in the frequency? Not sure if that would help or not. If it persists I'd probably email Canon and see if they can help. Their Cinema line support is pretty great
  15. They've got to update their entire infrastructure from compatible switchers to displays, cameras, computers and hard drive space that can handle it all. I could've give you any numbers but it is indeed a very costly upgrade for broadcasters
  16. Thats not many AT ALL! Shutter should be rated for close to 100,000. I've had a Canon t2i going strong since the end of 2011. You just got unlucky with yours. The d750 is an incredible camera for stills, but the D5300 is great as well. In your situation, I'd probably go with the D5300 and save up for some nicer lenses this year.
  17. Looks like footage shot on a vintage iPhone app
  18. I'm certainly biased as a lifelong outdoorsmen and hunter, but I enjoyed every second of the landscape shots. I completely understand how many may find those sections to be slow paced. I agree there may have been one or two dream sequences too many. The reveal of Glass killing the officer was the one underwhelming point of the film for me as well. Even with the cultural implications of killing an officer to save the life of a native american, the moment just seemed to come and go without much weight to it, and seemingly without consequence to him.
  19. A single C100 would be more than sufficient, unless you are wanting multi-cam. A used FS100 might be cheaper these days. I've worked in Church production before and we used some sony ENG cameras, though they're definitely not a necessity if you're just capturing sermons.
  20. Well that's a first. Simply hoping for you to justify your claims of it being a "bad movie" which I don't think is too far out of line. Carry on though
  21. How one can come onto an internet forum and claim that a massively successful film by any measure was a "Bad Movie" always blows my mind. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. I loved every second of it, truly
  22. Lets talk about it. This film absolutely blew my mind. I could rave about the story, pacing, and acting for days, but I'm sure most people here would like to talk about the camera and the images they produced, which were equally incredible! The way they harnessed natural and practical light was the first thing I marveled at. The use of fire, in particular, created some wonderfully dramatic scenes - namely the conversation between the chief and the french trapper. The one thing that will stick with me for a while is the way they moved the camera, how close they got to the actors, and how immersive it all felt. Clearly they learned a thing or two while filming Birdman, and that same steadycam technique is put to masterful use in this film. Also worth noting, whoever the focus puller was, I hope he got a nice Christmas Bonus.
  23. Warmer white balance and some soft lighting is probably a good place to start. What kind of conditions are you shooting in?
  24. Heres a short shot on the D5 - all in 4K supposedly. Hard to get an idea of how much its been compressed for vimeo. No file download available either
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