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  1. Thanks so far for your answers! That's true and I know that it can be avoided (zoom in, different angle, slightly out of focus, softer lens ...) but for Run & Gun shooting I prefer "just taking the bus" and often don't have the time to look for aliasing/moire - especially on the Glidecam. Yes I tried it (it's very clean) but unfortunately no 50fps which is important for me (GH5 expected to come out later this year - maybe then we get 4k50p :D) Thanks - the color science of Nikon looks great indeed! Is there much difference in terms of sharpness/detail between the GH3 and D750? I never thought of that little camera. The X3 looks like a "mini GoPro" with gimbal - the X5 sounds quite nice with MFT but I still tend to something like a RX10ii / D750,...
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for a new camera for a while and can't decide which one I should buy - I hope you can give me some advice. Here some information: Purpose: Glidecam-work (mainly nature and friends with wide-angle lens) >1080p 50fps (PAL) - as there are not really affordable 4k50fps camera around right now Budget: max. $ 3.000 what's very important for me is handling of Aliasing/Moire - I hate it!I already tried out the GH4 and A7s(mark 1) but was not quite happy with the results (1080p50fps quite soft on A7s, 1080p on GH4 has a lot Aliasing/Moire) so these two I don't want to buy I also found the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera very pleasing but the release date got delayed so often since July 2015 (it's not out yet :/) and due to no OLPF I expect some Aliasing/Moire-issues. According to Andrews reviews I found that the Sony RX10ii and Nikon D750 could be an option - they seem to have great 1080p quality and (almost) no Aliasing/Moire. The RX10ii seem to be a bit sharper but the "downsides" for me are that 24mm is the max. wide-angle you can go and the lens is focus-by-wire. On the Nikon it is - in comparison with Sony - the low bitrate and no internal focus-peaking. Can somebody can recommend me a camera when sharp, aliasing/moire-free, 50fps video is my goal (or maybe another one besides these two)? Thank you! Regards Peter
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