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  1. I truly hate the A7s and original A7r for photography. So slow and clunky. I'd go with a Canon 6D and cheap prime, or maybe a Fuji Mirrorless line.
  2. Just watched the trailer. What about the look is it that you are liking? If I had to guess it has a lot more to do with the lighting than the grading. Everything looks pretty natural, lots of practical lights and windows.
  3. Probably because you're being quite obnoxious about the whole thing
  4. Not a single photo worth looking at in this article. Of course if you photograph a black surface at night its going to look like crap no matter what camera you're using.
  5. My biggest disappointment comes in preferring and needing the small body size. I was essentially using it as a go pro replacement, mounting it to thinks like rifles, vehicles, etc. And it actually works great for this, when the camera actually works. The RX10 is bordering on too big for this, and I know wouldn't work in some of the ways i've already tried shooting with the RX100 iv. Maybe the mark 5 will be an improvement
  6. Just submitted a request for a return at B&H on this guy. I knew it was going to overheat after continuous use but WOW, not like this. I know its summer, but literally within seconds of being outside an 30 seconds of a single take in 4K, it overheats and shuts off. Same story in 1080p 120FPS. Even in 1080p 24p I've got the overheating indicator on the screen, this is just after minutes of use. Even indoors in close proximity to photoflood tungsten lights it gave me an overheat warning, and shut off in 4K mode. Battery life is also ridiculous. I had 3 batteries and still found myself wondering if I would make it through an evening of shooting. This is incredible disappointing since the image is really incredible in the right conditions.
  7. Thats what I would call a crappy, poorly exposed, poorly processed image with a giant crop on the darkest part of the frame. Its like you want the camera to be bad!
  8. Compression be damned - I've taken incredible landscape photos on both the original A7r and the A6000. I've got a 20X30 (which happens to be a long exposure) hanging in my office that I took on the original A7r, and its sharp as a tack. I raised the shadows roughly 2 stops in post as well. I've seen plenty of long exposures with a body cap on, but not a single legitimately good photograph that shows a real issue. Here are some long exposures by Philip Bloom and they look fantastic given the ISO - https://www.flickr.com/photos/philipbloom/sets/72157654505454403
  9. Keep in mind this is one single persons experience on the internet. And for the record, its published on a website that has a pretty proven track record of posting large amounts of BS at least once a week. Give the camera a rental. Get it in your hands and see how it actually performs.
  10. Heres a quick clip uploaded in 4K! Shot in slog2, graded with film convert. Around 70mm F/5.6 or so. I think I'll typically stay away from SLOG as it generates so much noise on this tiny sensor. I was using hot fluorescents on either side of the camera, and the camera did give me an overheat warning while shooting, but never shot off. I was sweating! Added a gradual crop throughout the length of the video.
  11. I believe this was shot all at the widest angle, and mostly wide open. I think theres one shot in there zoomed to roughly 35mm (equivalent) I loved shooting with the original RX100 this way. Widest angle and very close up. Very immersive feel in my opinion, and its just fun to film in this way. Nah, definitely wouldn't call it that. Growing up in Texas I've been a firearms advocate for the majority of my life, and I currently work for a Firearms retailer down here. Great company with an endless supply of cool products to photograph and film
  12. Just received the RX100IV today and I'm dang excited to create some things with it. I had the mark 1 and despite its limitations, had lots of fun shooting with it. I created a 15 second instagram video at work today just as a means to try out the 4K mode. I was in a hot warehouse in Texas right next to an open door. After 1 take, it began to display the overheat symbol. After two takes, it told me to let the camera cool and shut off. Switching to 1080p mode and I was just fine. This is by no means an A Camera, but I do think it is an absolutely incredible creative tool. Its so versatile! The 4K is sharp and clean, and the image grades well. This particular short was shot in Picture Profile 4 and graded with film convert to add a lot of punch. I'll continue to share my thoughts and include more video after I've had more of a chance to shoot with it. General light coming from a nearby open door. A bit of spot from below added by a pair of Lumos Trip Pro LED's. Cinevate Duzi V3 slider.
  13. You seem like a good intentioned guy Zach (and you've got a great name!) but I think you're making a big deal out of nothing here buddy. He just wanted a little advice on cameras for a particular situation, and he was given it. No need to go on an artistic-merit rant!
  14. I've got this lens and an A6000. Can give it a shot today and share my results with you. I'll have an a7rii in the next week or two so I can check on full frame as well. I've only shot stills with it so far and for that its really incredible.
  15. Which likely had massive amounts of resolution and dynamic range compared to a 1080p camera. Not a great example.
  16. I owned the 5D3, A7r, D750, and D810. All 3 of those cameras crush the 5D3 in stills, and likely the 5Dsr. No surprise to me that the A7rii is no contest
  17. I enjoy being a part of this community, and would love to hear more about the films you are creating and/or are wanting to create. What do you think are your biggest obstacles to creating the content you want to be creating, if you aren't making it already? I'll start - I started with documentary work for a non-profit, shooting on a canon t2i. After about 2 years of weddings I've wanted to move to bigger documentary projects and commercial work. My biggest struggle having not gone to film school has been connecting with other filmmakers to collaborate with, though i'm making more friends with each project I work on.
  18. Looks great! This reminds me so much of the VHS tapes Nintendo used to mail out in the 90s featuring whatever new games were hitting the market. Can you talk about the picture profile you used with the C100? Curious to know what you started with. We just picked up a Mark 2 at work and have got a little left over. Considering a Ninja star
  19. I prefer to mount it to objects which stay static in the frame as the camera moves. Cant stand the look of head/chest mounted stuff
  20. Genius, had no idea this existed. Thanks for the link!
  21. Hey all. Going to pick up an RX100 iv this week, I think. I had the version 1 back when it came out, and loved how it enabled me to be more creative in my camera placement. I'm wanting to mount it to a number of objects to get that cool POV/object in use angle, though I'm not sure whats out there in the way of rigging. I know gopros have the benefit of their propiatary mounts and clamps. Does anyone have experience with various small mounts, clamps, bits and pieces with a camera such as this? Specifically I'm wanting to mount it to a variety of rifles at work.
  22. Looks like rolling shutter in super 35 mode is fantastic at 1080p however. If shooting 4K looks like we can stick to full frame. Seems like a lot of flexibility. Can't wait to see a few more tests. I have a feeling I better start offloading the rest of my nikon gear
  23. I will be refreshing your website frequently!
  24. Fascinating. Definitely interested in this for fixing the awful focus of the Sony FE lenses.
  25. I thought the article was hilarious. Great writing Andrew, very dramatic. The box is equally funny
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