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  1. Thanks all. I've got access to a C100 MK II and I own a 5D mark III. I love the look for both of these cameras, just was trying to make my life easier by filming with one. I'd love some sample shots if anyone can provide them! Any 4K talking head stuff (or anything really) would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey Everyone, could use some advice. I'm thinking of purchasing an XC10 or XC15. I'm currently shooting a documentary, and for the interviews I was considering shooting in 4K with the XC15 to simulate a multi-camera setup with cropping for 1080p delivery. Would the lower bitrate 4K provide good results in a controlled, well lit scenario? Just seems easier than dealing with two cameras shooting 1080 and having to sync audio. Thoughts? Anyone else done something like this with good results?
  3. I purchased an original a7s from then about 2 years ago. Great company and service!
  4. 60 FPS RAW stills with no AF. Holy poop.
  5. What evidence have you seen that has led you to this conclusion?
  6. I've owned one. Its a great camera, perfect for my video needs. As Andrew pointed out, it doesn't do stills
  7. As long as the 1080P footage is sharp, I'm not too concerned about the 4K crop factor. I still rarely if ever shoot in 4K, and really have no desire to for as long as I can help it. 4 years from now might be a different story of course but as a hybrid stills/video (mostly stills) shooter this camera ticks a lot of boxes for me.
  8. I'm still rocking a 5d Mark 3 with H.264 and its performing just fine for most gigs. More detail and Dual Pixel AF is all I need. A moderate upgrade in the slowmo department is welcome too.
  9. Honestly for product photos, lighting is everything. Lens choice is a close second. If I were in your shoes I'd probably lean towards Nikon - something like the D3300 is more than sufficient even as basic as it is. Combined with that Sigma glass and you should get great results. that being said - GX85 will more than get the job done as well, especially with that 12-35 you have. You might get more use out of this with video work too as stated by Mercer
  10. I truly don't understand why everyone is so adamant about having C-Log on the 5D4. I've got it on the C100 mk 2 and rarely if ever use it. Its just a massive pain in the but when shooting and grading. Images are just great using Wide DR, or even some of the more basic profiles.
  11. Looks good to me. I hated using Cinestyle on the 5d mark III but it seems to play much nicer with the 1DXII's codec.
  12. Yes its plenty good for that, nice usable image and AF is really helpful in that situation. I've filmed deer at nature preserves with mine and loved the footage
  13. Seems a bit unfair to completely leave the Dynamic Range information they presented out of the equation. Looks like the 1dX mark II performs markedly better than the D5 in regards to post processing files and dynamic range, particularly at lowers ISOs. Given that most have complained about Canons lack of dynamic range in comparison to their competitors and not color performance or low light, I think their claims are at the very least reasonable.
  14. Agreed. I'm primarily a photographer (80% of my business) and for my video work I'm looking for a camera that makes my life as easy as possible while still delivering a quality image. This camera seems to be just that.
  15. What I don't understand is why the 1DC is still more expensive
  16. One day, when Canon finally releases a 4K shooting camera with Canon Log and an ideal codec, I'll be able to make a film. Until then...
  17. Hence the qualifier: "If I had the money" :D
  18. If I had the money I'd buy a 1DXII in a heartbeat. The image looks beautiful and in terms of usability, I love the form factor and touch + DPAF combo. Hoping some of this functionality makes its way to the 5d4
  19. I have the rare fortune among the filmmakers I know to have a music performance degree, so I typically write tracks myself. But when time doesn't allow, I usually search The Music Bed or Premium Beat for more budget conscious projects. "Cinematic" is likely the genre you'll want to be searching for
  20. Or lets say you make 85K last year. This year you make 85K but spend 39% of that on things that ensure the future success of your business and position. Paints a different picture doesn't it?
  21. "It does 30p with moire and aliasing. Its retro and trendy"
  22. Please invade the Canon booth in full SWAT gear and demand a 5d mark IV release.
  23. Its a prequel to episode 4 detailing the team that stole the plans to the original death star. Darth Vader is supposedly going to play an important role.
  24. Thats more like it! Lots of deep depth of field, plenty of detail, great color. I'll take it. From the video description: "This video was shot entirely on the Canon 1DX Mark II in less than 12 hours and edited in 3. I have to tell you this camera is everything that we have been waiting for and so is this clothing line."
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