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  1. I wish more talented DP's would be given access to these cameras.
  2. I have used the Think Tank Shapeshifter for about a year and a half and absolutely love it. Built like a tank, plain black, and holds a metric ton of stuff while still being comfortable.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that this forum has an *ignore user* function for those of you who would like to wade past the nonsense a little faster
  4. Looks like Canon's $20K low-light box camera might have some competition. This one only costs $7,500 http://blog.sony.com/press/sony-introduces-industrys-highest-sensitivity-4k-network-camera-snc-vb770/ http://petapixel.com/2016/03/03/sony-unveils-full-frame-e-mount-4k-12mp-security-camera/
  5. This camera is so dang exciting to me. Didn't realize how small it was until I saw the picture of it in Andrew's hand. Only thing keeping me from purchasing it now is the lack of a monitor, which I need to get for my Ronin endeavors anyway. But the "In Stock" tag on B&H is calling my name
  6. You need a recorder with built in XLR Jacks and 48 Volt Phantom Power. The PCM-M10 only has "plug-in power" for small mics with a 1/8 inch jack like the rode videomic. I know the NTG2 has a battery option, but the PCM-M10's preamps are likely not sensitive enough to drive the NTG2. You'll want to look at something like the Zoom H5 or Zoom H4n.
  7. The answer to that one is "it depends" but typically, its best to get the strongest signal from the source possible, and turn down the preamps in camera as much as you can. Typically due to the fact that the preamps built into cameras are (while not bad in the C100's case) not the greatest. That being said, it is possible to over modulate the source if the transceiver/receiver is too hot. Just kind of one of those situations where you need to spend some time playing with different combinations of settings to see what sounds best.
  8. Hey dude - not sure how much you've tried but once you plug in a VideoMic Pro or something of the like, the appropriate options become available.
  9. They seem really keen on promoting their mobile app 'Cameo' which seems strange because I think its pretty useless for actual filmmaking. The platform and content have always been their strong points.
  10. Zach Ashcraft

    Nikon DL

    I'm watching on a 27 inch 5K iMac, so maybe thats the difference because none of what I'm seeing looks remotely "fine." lol
  11. Zach Ashcraft

    Nikon DL

    That looks horrendous. Terribly over sharpened, digital, and just plain yucky. Could be upload/export setting, but looks like they have in camera sharpening set way to high.
  12. Since the 18-35 works on full frame from about 29mm-35mm, I wonder if this will work to some extend on full frame as well. I also wonder if it'll fill the frame of the 1DX II with the slight crop it has on 4K recording. Either way, as a 7d mark ii owner with a C100 II at work, I can't see myself not picking up this lens. It almost eliminates the need for a full frame camera for stills for me.
  13. I think its pretty terrible how you continue to post videos here, all the while your actual customers on your facebook page seem to be completely unable to contact you and ranging from annoyed to furious. Is this what you consider good business practice?
  14. Not sure how this flew under my radar. I've been wanting a product like this for ages. Definitely going to pick one up
  15. Yeah...I'll stick to Sound Devices haha.
  16. Agreed. Reminds me a lot of my K1000 as well which I'm fond of. It photographed my about 5 seconds after I took my first breath
  17. That is incorrect. Only does up to 30 fps in 1080p. 60fps is only 1080i according to BH product listing and Pentax press release
  18. It also has focus peaking, according to the B&H product page. So thats a nice surprise
  19. Ricoh Imaging's president is doing a Q&A at 6PM EST responding to Facebook comments! I'll be asking quite a few about the conservative video features and future plans for the platform
  20. Pentax releases their long awaited Full frame K-1. From a stills standpoint it looks incredible with some very innovative features (Astro Trace is pretty cool). Video only does 60i/30P at 1080. 60p at 720. In body 5 - Axis stabilization, though not sure if it works in video mode. Will be interesting to see if they put any effort into this long term http://us.ricoh-imaging.com/product/k-series/k1/ My thoughts: Its a little on the conservative side for how late this release seems, but I have a feeling it will be bullet-proof and reliable if their recent medium format and crop efforts are any indication. I'd also be really interested in using my old Pentax K1000 lenses on this. Built in headphone and mic jack is a nice addition, but there is really no mention of video quality at all anywhere. The price seems right.
  21. Additional cost, size, and weight for folks who don't need the feature would be the most logical answer I think.
  22. Kind of a cool product here. Not something many of us really need but it is good to see Canon release an innovative solution to something! http://www.canonwatch.com/canon-ef-s-18-135mm-f3-5-5-6-is-ums-lens-canon-power-adapter-images-leaked/
  23. Thanks man, I agree I did. I've been sitting on the idea for awhile too. Sort of my new years resolution/hustle for 2016. Need to get to creating content as I'm already behind!
  24. Ha! Me too :D Though I did just post a picture of a latte so I suppose there is truth to it
  25. Mostly pictures of people pretending to be happy and eating food
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