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  1. I understand that film schools certainly aren't for everyone. I have thought it over a few times whether I should just attend community college and then transfer or just not do the college at all and use the contacts I have, but I like to have a backup plan. I really want to be a filmmaker, and I feel that I really need to learn the studies and what not of film. It's hard to make a decision because I know that it's all about your contacts and who you know and what kind of experience you have. I just don't know how long it would take to be a filmmaker if I don't go to college.
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    Film Schools

    So lately I've been building up my portfolio for some film schools such as Calarts, Chapman, and Loyola Marymount University. I know that the schools look for the "inner you" so to speak, but how interesting must a five minute film be to really capture someone's attention when there are hundreds of films being presented?
  3. I apologize for the really late response. I have started working on quite a few projects, and that one about the silhouettes sounds like a fantastic idea. Right now, I'm finding a bit of difficulty really being creative. I mean I have had some ideas, but the colleges want to see the inner me I guess you can say. I don't want to overdo it though.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this site. It seems like something I should be part of, considering my interests. I am currently a senior in high school and I have been learning photography and film for a while now. I have made little 2-3 minute class videos in the past but it's time that I apply my knowledge to a 5 minute film. I have a problem with starting something and not finishing it, which I'm sure is probably common. I need to begin applying for some colleges in November and I can't think of a good video that would be different than others. I want to make something that shows the schools w
  5. It was really cool!! I like the whole lighting technique and everything. Haha I apologize. I am also a newbie. In fact, I've only been learning about photography for a few months. My main interest is film but I know that the two go hand in hand in a way. You seem to know how to add a nice touch to a video!
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