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  1. I finally got my crane to work today, but only briefly and only after I plugged a micro usb into the port up near the motors. Im pretty sure my unit is defective and I'm not sure I want to wait three weeks to get a new one shipped to me, very dissapointing
  2. I've tried holding the joystick down and initializing the device but it still doesn't activate the motor. I also can't get any readings from the device when I sync it to the app. I'm hoping it's still something simple I'm missing and it's not defective
  3. I just received my crane today. After charging the batteries and balancing my camera on the mount I turned the device on but the motors of the device never engaged. I tried looking around to see if I was missing a step but it seems like it just turns on without powering the motors. anyone else have this problem?
  4. I've been using my a7s with a metabones adapter and my rokinon cinema primes since I bought the camera, and they work great, but I've been looking into buying a native lens for the camera for when I'm traveling and want to use fast and reliable auto focus when taking stills. The 24-70 FE would be ideal because of the zoom/fixed aperture, but the only lens I've ever really heard good things about is the 55mm. Anyone use any of these lenses and have one to recommend?
  5. What is the main difference between raw magic lite and the paid version? The free version has worked great for me so far, but I have a paid shoot coming up in a few weeks and I was wondering if the paid version is essential. I'm not worried about the 30 bucks so I will probably buy it regardless just curious.
  6. Deciding on a new A camera is a very hard process, I also may have the chance to get a used pmw-F3 (without log) for around 3k, this seems like an amazing deal but I'm not sure
  7. I've just started using my 5DII as a raw machine recently and I love it, this night stuff looks really great and natural. I need to get the anti aliasing filter for mine so I can do more wide shots during the day without it getting too moire-y. I shot a bunch a couple weekends ago just to test it and love the look. http://youtu.be/--umjPBUqFU
  8. Right now on BH the fs100 with a free metabones EF adapter (after rebate) is only 2500. I've been using a 5d mark ii for the past 4 years as my main camera and although I still love it, it is a pain to use sometimes in a corporate video/documentary environment. I figure the fs100 at this price with an adapter that will work with all my current glass seems like a great deal for the type of work I've been doing lately. anyone own one and have some thoughts?
  9. I use a fader ND mark II when I should outdoors in the bright sunlight with my 5D, I find it does add a certain look to the image but I think it looks really nice and has a nice looking flare when hit with direct sunlight. I always kick myself when I go to a shoot without it.
  10. http://youtu.be/--umjPBUqFU I'm still holding out on buying a new camera body so until then I'm still trying to pump the best image I can out of my trusty mark 2.
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