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  1. Thanks. Lenses: Helios 44-2 and kit lens(16-50)
  2. Here is a simple cinematic test using my new a6300 camera.
  3. Here is little test with my Sony a6300 and Zhiyun Crane
  4. Beqa

    Damaged SD Card

    Hi there, My SD card died about a month ago. It is Sony 128GB Class 10 UHS-1/U3 SDXC card with full of media(videos and pictures of 1 month eurotour in 10 countries). Computer can`t detect it. So the hardware is dead. I tried professional file recover service and they also failed to recover my files. Is there any other way which I can try? I`m not a tech guy but theoriticly is it possible to move only the part of the card from inside where the files are saved and move in to another card(which would be visible to computer) and access it that way? Also I`ve read some info about putting it in freezer about 15 minutes.. Does it really works?
  5. Thanx. What about the battery time? I`m thinking about getting extra batteries so any battery with the search name ``26650`` will work or do I need some special ones?
  6. Hi there, I`m waiting for my Crane and thinking of getting monopod too. I just saw this video, it`s kind of amateur but the idea of using monopod to place gimbal on top for getting big jib/crane like shots looks interesting. https://youtu.be/tlhNrbGQfas?t=32s What do you think? I`m still trying to find monopod which is strong enough to have crane and camera both on top.
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