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  1. For the record - the Canon 6D gives almost identical still image quality as the 5d mark 3 for a fraction of the price. Just something consider if you do want to go the full frame route
  2. I've shot portraits with both, pretty low light downtown in a big city. GH3 holds up fairly well to about 800 ISO. 5D3 I shoot with to about 1250. In a controlled environment such as food photography, i'd doubt that would really be an issue though. As mentioned above, the smaller sensor is probably more beneficial for food photography. Generally extremely shallow depth of field doesn't work so well in food photography. The GH3 should give you fantastic still quality. Just do some research on lighting for food photography - tons of resources available!
  3. Great discussion and thoughts everyone, thanks for chiming in. For the record, this thread was mostly birthed out of curiosity more than anything and not a huge desire to become a full-time videographer in some regard. Photography is more my calling and I'm enjoying the heck out of weddings, but I do also enjoy creating documentaries and other short stories. Thanks for your thoughts
  4. I'd love to start a discussion and just see where it goes. Personally, I'm just curious as to what the people on this forum do, and what kind of careers are available for freelance videographers. I have a music degree so am pretty unfamiliar with the landscape of video careers. I work part time as a production intern as a church, and additionally film and (mostly) photographic weddings for additional income. I feel like if I had to go full-time freelance I could, though it would certainly be a scary prospect. Is there part-time/full-time work readily available for skilled film-makers outside of hollywood? Do corporations usually contract out or do they have internal media teams? What kind of work have you all done in the past/present?
  5. Yeah, being from Texas and having a dad who works around heavy machinery all the time I'm probably a little more familiar with the existence of steel toed boots than most!
  6. The blacks look deeper as well, so I'm assuming it is just slightly underexposed compared to the Fs100. I doubt it has better dynamic range, but would love to see a comparison on that specific trait.
  7. The microphones have different capsules and pickup patterns. One is a cardioid and the other a hypercardioid. They are both directional in nature, meaning the pick up what you point it at and to an extent reject sound from the sides, but the hypercardiod is more so. Where did you have the microphones placed in relationship to the people? Mic Placement is a huge contributing factor the sound of a recording.
  8. Oh man - what a clever ending! The entire short is very well conceived and looks and sounds great. Soundtrack fits it perfectly as well and the lead actor was great. I smiled from the time he flipped off his boss till the end. Regarding the steel toed boots at the end - I realized that they were steel boots without the use of the flickr or ding sound effect. I would have preferred a more subtle indication that the boots were steel, though I do think what you did also fits with the somewhat goofy nature of the character. Great job and thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Buy expensive computer capable of editing raw. Buy tons of hard drives :) I agree with you that it isn't all that daunting to shoot in raw. Just too expensive for me!
  10. Your hopes are far too high. Would it be reasonable and possible for Canon to put these things into a new body? Of course. But i've learned in the last 4 years they are just going to disappoint once again. Andrew I think standard DSLR video is still very much a need for people like me who shoot stills at least as much as they do video. I've borrowed a friends GH3 for a week and just can't bring myself to like an EVF. Maybe soon, though. I really want to love the OMD
  11. Can't wait to see some footage or play with some DNG's! I've been holding out on purchasing until I saw the RAW capabilities
  12. How do you store your gear when its not in use? I have a number of bags and backpacks, though not all my gear will fit in these and I find that leaving a think tank bag out in my room is not the most sightly solution.    All my shelves accumulate dust making the surfaces hard to clean, and thus gear will get dusty if I put it there.   So, anyone have any great solutions for gear storage? Pictures are welcome! I'm not opposed to building something if you have ideas
  13. Having used this in a 70D, I can safely say I really want a C100 now 
  14. Maybe not a simple question, but I am curious. Why does the market seem intent on going straight from 1080p to 4K? Why no 2.5K in between? Has this been out in the consumer market for a while and I've just been oblivious to it?    Just curious
  15. I'm going to rent some sound devices gear for my next documentary and experiment with running that into my H4n. If that isn't too my liking, i'll probably pick up the R26. I've had some success with that in the past. I do want something that can record great dialogue, but also pristine stereo music recordings if need be. Thanks all for the thoughts and suggestions thus far people, and if I learn anything useful along the way i'll let you all know
  16. No way?! I used to read that section all the time! I always desperately hoped they would continue to create content as I could never quite get enough out of it, and the folks over at the gearsluts forums weren't too knowledgeable when it came to cameras.    May seem like a small thing but just wanted to say thank you - those articles where very helpful to me when I first picked up a camera about 2 years ago. 
  17. http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/
  18. http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/digitalcameras/premium-compacts/stylus-1.html?icn=homepage&ici=billboards_stylus1     Amazing feature set. Pretty large sensor, built in ND, crazy zoom range and constant aperture, EVF.   All this, and still only 30p. It does 120 and 240 at standard def. Why bother adding this in but not 24p? 
  19. May not last you as long, but the quality of light will probably be about the same! I'd say pick one up and just try it out. Stick it in TTL mode and practice bouncing it off walls and ceilings on to your subject.    I was scared buying my first flash, but the moment I stuck it on and took my first bounce flash portrait, the way I photograph things literally changed overnight. Let us know if you have any more questions after picking up a flash, and feel free to send me a message if you have any more specific questions as this is a more video-oriented board. 
  20. Also rifle scopes and rangefinders. I worked at a Cashier at both Cabelas and Bass Pro (my dreaded day jobs when I was pursuing photography) and Nikon was one of the best selling brands in optics at both stores. 
  21. I LOVE sound on sound. Used to go to barnes and noble monthly in college just to read it.    I do like those roland recorders though they are a bit pricey. I definitely have no interest in the tascam units being mentioned. They are just as bad in my experience, especially the dr40.    Never thought about running a mixpre into an ipad. That seems like a great solution. I would be a little worried about software though
  22. Not a huge amount of discussion on gear/techniques used to record audio on this forum, though its not totally neglected.   I have a background in classical music recording, and am used to a laptop audio interface rig with great preamps and nice mics. Needless to say, I'm not happy with the preamp on the H4N and the rode videomic type shotguns.    Anyone have any experience with the Roland R26? I've heard good things, but is the noise floor really lower than something like a zoom? If so I'd be interested in picking one up. If not, I feel like I'm going to need to invest in something like a sound devices mix pre to feed my NTG2 and NT4
  23. We all need a good laugh every once in a while    http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/20/james-cameron-avatar-video/  
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