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  1. The guys from ColorGradingCentral have a very good reputation among FCP X users. Let's hope this isn't just hot air ... PS: Wrong forum.
  2. I've spent the last several months in Dubai doing work for Etihad Airways. Directed/shot/edited these pieces, plus several more coming up soon. RawRec --> Rawmagic --> Resolve, export flat (BMDFilm) --> FCP X (Apply LUT + EOSHD 5dMKIII LUT) Rokinon 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Canon 16-35mm Canon 24-105mm Lighting: 2.5k HMI 1k HMI Litepanels 1x1 LED Panels Titles were done by the agency. Music by my friend Steve Davis at Trevor Morris Music. Cabin Showcases: Launch video for "brand ambassador" Martin Kaymer:
  3. Quick question: I recently bought the latest FCP X and was thinking about getting Logic Pro X as well. However, I've also been playing with Reaper and like it. It's only $60 for a license and Logic is $200. The more I delve into DAW software reviews, the more it's clear they're mostly targeted and designed for musicians. For filmmaking, are the audio tools already built-in to FCP X sufficient? Perhaps Garageband and FCP X are really all most of use ever need? Or, are there very compelling reasons to also have Logic Pro or Reaper DAW software? ProTools is out due to the higher cost. I could go for Logic Pro, but I'm beginning to think it's likely more than I really need. Thoughts and opinions for indie filmmaking sound design software?
  4. The goal here was to use the Sony RX100's Active Image Stabilization + the plugin Lock & Load to get steadicam-like fluid walking shots without too much CMOS jello wobble or digital zooming on the image. You be the judge...   http://vimeo.com/57910477
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