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  1. You can download two cdng stills from cinema 5d , one 8 bit and one 12 bit.

    I played with them opening the dng directly in photoshop raw and it looks amazing.

    You can sharpen all you like or turn it to 0, you can change exposure and white balance, and even the adobe profiles look great for getting a quick grade

     the dynamic range is great !

    And the best thing for me,  no compression, so really nice filmic grain structure.

  2. 2 hours ago, Martin Kuipers said:

    I am so excited for this camera. Realy like the concept of the hybrid camer re-imagened. 

    Also a big plus that is doesnt need a external recorder, but goes directly to a ssd for its DNG recording. 

    This way I can see a small m2 ssd enclosure (like the tilta bmpcc 4k mod) snugly against the side becoming a big hit. 

    Had it in my hands at IBC and its not as imbalanced as I first thought. However, the loupe is not usable as an evf alternative for me. 

    Why is the loupe not usable compared to evf?
    It worked wel when I tried it.

    It does give an extra point of contact when handheld and its pretty decent optically

  3. Yes it was great to see the Fp, and nice to meet you too Andrew!

    My request was to add lossless compressed CDNG this would save 30 percent or more of the data, and might be able to make 10 bit internal possible.

    Magic lantern added lossless compression on the Canon 5d3 and it made a lot more possible.


    And I would like to see 4k DCI

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