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  1. Yes I noticed the shutter delay too, And its really annoying to see your shot that you thought you captured suddenly missed.

    I wonder if this can be fixed or that it will be a flaw that will stick.

    And the other thing I noticed is that the brightness on the lcd is changing in manual focus mode with exposure simulation on. This is also not expected and annoying.


  2. Thanks for the tip @paulinventome to expose to the right more with 10 bit.

    And yes I could speed up the 23.97 to 25

    I also wish there was true 24 fps

    In the 8 and 10 bit I'm just a bit concerned about the green in the last bit of the shadows, it seems that perhaps the black level is interpreted wrong, I have had green issues on the canon 5d with magic lantern raw before when the black level wat set wrong.


    @KC Kelly

    I use a SmallHD Focus Oled and there is no noticeable lag.

    Other monitors may differ.

  3. Because it causes aliasing and loss of resolution, basically you are alternating lines, one high iso, the next low iso.

    And when you combine them you have less resolution as if you would have shot at one iso only.


    Here a worst case sigma Fp test, lit with some little energy saving light that outputs horrible color.

    Iso 6400, 8 bit cdng.

    manual focus85 mm lens handheld 




  4. 5d Mk3 is 14 bit, and sigma 12bit at 24 fps UHD or 1080.

    But that's just theoretical numbers, the sensor also matters, and I know for sure that the 5d has much more shadow noise.

    In determining dynamic range, noise is also a factor.  that said I would love to have a comparison with the same lens with the 5d and the sigma in raw.

    I cannot make it as I sold my canon.

  5. 44 minutes ago, paulinventome said:

    As an aside, i did a quick bit of comparison with an SSD plugged in now. I think it was pretty expected:

    12 bit DNGs, the best quality both in Shadows and Highlights - the shadows are also not biased green
    10 bit DNGs, these are identical to 8 bit in the shadows, band for band. However the highlights roll off with more data in so they match the 12 bit and work with highlight reconstruction better
    8 bit same shadow performance as the 10 bit and the highlights reach the same overall range but the values in the highlights are less tonal and this yields magenta tints. So highlight reconstruction not so quite as good as the others.

    In all cases i found it near impossible to 'break' the midtones

    I wonder whether that linearisation curve in the 8 bit is a little off with respect to each of the channels, with green tint in shadows and magenta in highlights or (more likely) that's a result of just not enough discreet steps.


    If only sigma could allow 25 fps at 12 bit I would be really happy

  6. Here's my list:


    • allow af-on butwton when in manual focus mode
    • Allow 2 second timer for movies. To disable shake at the beginning of the shot when on tripod
    • Allow manual focus override when in autofocus mode
    • let us change focus direction 
    • linear mode for focussing
    • magnify during movie recording
    • magnify time after touch lens 0.5 second
    • LUT support / Bake LUT in camera
    • zebra and focus peaking at the same time
    • 10 bit non linear raw internal
    • non linear raw 10 bit external
    • lossless compressed raw
    • 12 bit raw at 25 frames per second
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