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  1. 15 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    No this is not the point where DNG "fails".

    I am happy to grade in sRGB just as I am happy to grade any sRGB 14bit RAW photo file in Adobe Camera Raw.

    I never open a RAW photo in Lightroom and think "damn this limited colour gamut, it looks terrible, what a failure..."

    You guys really need to come into the real world and stop bitching.

    Hey Andrew I'm actually happy with all the technical talk here, because with the input technical users give to sigma,

    It is improving things in the firmware, like the flickering and the exposure preview problem.

    Please let us bitch a bit more until those issues are all sorted.¬†ūüėé

    And yes lets make separate tread about resolve DNG no problem with that.




  2. Happy to report that both these issues are indeed fixed :



    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby the brightness of the monitor changed depending on the subject even when the monitor exposure in M mode was set to "on".

    It has corrected a phenomenon whereby the monitor exposure display in M mode was not displayed correctly when using a mount adapter without an electronic contact.


    I'm so happy that I now can finally use the camera for stills with my manuals lenses with correct exposure preview!

  3. https://www.red.com/red-101/bayer-sensor-strategy

    Those with a video encoding background may want to try and apply the 4:2:2, 4:1:1, etc. categorizations to a Bayer sensor, but this terminology is intended for compression methodologies and final images, not the sensors themselves. A 4K Bayer sensor is capable of producing full 4K 4:4:4 RGB files, for example; 4:2:2 is what could be applied to this file afterwards.

  4. 10 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

    Still beyond me why Fuji dropped their best LCD hinge implementation - the XT100. That one and the S1R are the best LCD hinges, pleased everyone - flip and flippy at the same time.

    Yes it makes the X-T4 much wider.

    I had the xt100 and would prefer that screen.

    It's funny they call the xt-4 screen fully articulating when in fact its not, the xt-100 screen was fully articulating.

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