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  1. It's moire, Its more obvious when playing the whole clip. 

    The dress has fine lines that create this effect.


    Here' the full clip, I developed it with sharping quite high because I wanted to see what was going on

    I did notice that when I open the files in adobe camera raw the moire effect is almost gone, so it may also be something todo the way resolve handles this

  2. I downloaded the shot with the girl next to the water and when I push the exposure a bit you can clearly see moire in the dress around her hip.

    good thing I plan on using some vintage lenses that are not that clinically sharp.



    Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 14.42.34.png

    I'm happy with highlight recovery in resolve, it gets back some very hot spot on her arm.




  3. I always wonder how those test charts look when the camera is moved slightly, like normally when you have moire you could move the camera a bit to change the  moire appearance to a different pattern.

    Also its clear that 6k without downsampling is the winner, to be expected.

    My conclusion on the sigma image quality:

    - dynamic range is not the best but still very nice because none of the pixels are compressed

    -The downsampling algorithm in combination with no antialias filter can give some moire artefact and loss of resolution.

    -some data is lost because its not 14 bits raw, this can show up in parts of the image when pushing.


  4. I read on amazon :

    Read and write speeds of over 850 MBps, when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1 Gen 2 port.

    Over 40% faster read speeds and over 200% faster write speeds than leading SATA SSD external enclosures and USB 3.0 flash drives, make long wait times a thing of the past.



    This is the big B meaning megabytes

    your stating it in megabits

    850 megabytes equals 6800 megabits


  5. Yes it would be, and thats what we should ask sigma, Log for compressed video does not interest me as much.

    But would love to be able to bake LUTs for compressed footage, for the quick turn around projects, to be able to grade them in camera. and those LUTs would apply to a log input better than without.

    -So ok Log internal with a grading option of LUTs, and a log to linear table for the Raw.

    -External recording to pro res raw does not interest me so much on this camera, but its good to have options.


  6. 2 hours ago, Llaasseerr said:

    Agreed, slimRAW is a great workaround even if it does add a step to the ingest process. But it's a shame the Sigma probably won't see a lossless or lossy DNG variant that may have allowed 12 bit internal recording. Still, external SSDs are cheap and it allows for fast offloads. I do hope Apple ultimately prevails here though.

    For me 25 fps with 12 bit would have been the icing on the cake,  as I live in europe where 25 fps is the standard.

    to have to go down to 10 bit for just one frame per second seems a bit of a miss

  7. On 11/10/2019 at 9:33 AM, rawshooter said:

    Unfortunately, not. The patent is about any form of compressed RAW.

    First I don't think this is true, and even If it is, then it also applies to a compressed raw in a still camera. 

    When the next generation stills cameras from Nikon or canon can shoot stills at 24 frames per second with compressed raw red should start a court case against them.


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