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  1. Thanks for posting this so more awareness is created, I also hope the next firmware will come soon.

    Fixes I look forward to:

    1: exposure preview bug in stills

    2: assigning the record button to a custom function

    3: cdng playback

    4: faster panning the screen in playback when zoomed in ( with the wheel control )

    5: Use the Af-on button with auto focus as the Af button and when using manual mode as the magnify button.

    6: turn off noise reduction

    7: display the hdmi with overlays in 16:9 ( right now its outputting 4:3 when using overlays )

    8: make 12 bit uhd with 25 fps possible.

  2. 1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    There's no noise reduction on/off switch in the menus so LCD is showing a JPEG or proxy still image with NR added. And it's a very clean sensor anyway, even at ISO 12,800 you have to zoom very very far into the image to see the slightest hint of noise.

    I have tried every combination of setting to try and get the exposure to match between stills M live-view and final image when taken, and it's no go... Very strange as it's fine in Cine mode or with a lens that communicates aperture to the body. So I assume it is a bug where the lens aperture is unknown, and that will need a firmware update. For now, I do advise Auto ISO and Exposure Comp in M mode, or use A mode, as a workaround.


    Actually since Exposure Comp (effectively ISO) does not work in M mode on any of the dials and can't be assigned (have to dive into menus for it), here is a better workaround when using lens with manual aperture and you want full manual control with matching LV / stills.

    - Use S priority mode instead of M

    - Set ISO to Auto and control it with Expo Comp.

    - Set aperture manually on your adapted lens (aperture ring)

    - Set shutter speed manually

    That is pretty much it. Now the problem is gone.

    Interesting workaround however I don't like auto iso, when I make a noise reduction profile in resolve I like the noise to be consistent and not change during the shot.


  3. In stills mode with exposure preview ln the camera is doing lots of things it should not be doing.

    For example its adjusting the frame rate / display refresh rate when in low light ( lower frame refresh )

    and in bright light faster refresh rate.

    On canon cameras m mode is much easier to work with.

    there the display refreshes faster in preview mode and makes the final shot with the same visual exposure.

    Another thing that bugs me is at I cannot turn of noise reduction for the previews.  I want to see the shot without noise reduction. even when shooting in raw it noise reduces the preview image in camera

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